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Found 7 results

  1. Here we go again! Pre-Orders available now on our website at http://www.FUZETi.com! Pre-orders will end April 30th and will not be accepting any orders after that! Nearly a year after the first Kickstarter campaign we're finally ready to try again with the new design:-) Keep an eye out here for the link on Monday the 19th, 12:00PM PST. Link to the Kickstarter Campaign! :https://www.kickstar...-timecode-slate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9oXk7bziYw In the meanwhile, the website has also been redesigned with what you can expect from us after the campaign. http://www.fuzeti.com/ The new slate has been redesign and improved based on feedback from those who have used the first slate. The new timecode generator can be used by itself or coupled with clapper and panel. It is also designed to lower tooling cost and initial fund down to just $34,000 to get everything made. For our Kickstarter, one complete slate will start at $600.00 USD and standalone display generator at $450. After the campaign is complete the retail price will become $699.99 USD and $499.99 respectively. Features: - Timecode generator supports frame rates of: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, and 30DF - Drift between devices is less than one frame (~35ms) every 24 hours - Sync from other timecode devices (Runs on internal clock after jamming) - Jam or run off of an external timecode generator - Worry free rain or shine with Water Resistance (IP 55) - Standard 5-pin timecode input/output - 1/4" TRS timecode input/output - Easy to adjust display brightness knob - 16 hour run time with display continuously lit on maximum with 4 AA batteries (Batteries not included), or run indefinitely off of an external power source DC 5-16V. - Display can be removed from panel and clapper for standalone operation. - Solid wood clapper sticks makes a clear and sharp snap. - Solid and sturdy construction. The front panel is made of steel and powder-coated with white dry-erasable surface. The display module is black injection-molded ABS plastic and houses the electronics. Display only: 8.5"W x 2.1"H x 1.75"D, 12oz Display with Panel: 8.5"W x 6.5"H x 1.5"D, 33oz Extra sealing upgrade will allow you to take the display into shallow waters. Included will be a sealing cap for the 5-pin Lemo port. We won't be able to test up to IP66 rating with 3D printed parts, so final rating will not be available until production models are made. BNC available as a post-production mod, this option will not be weatherproof. Products available after Kickstarter Campaign: - Convenient LED front lit panel - Larger user swappable slate panel for front boxes Many many special thanks to Adrian Zaw, Bao Quang Pham, Kenneth Ho, Kyle Portman, Helen Kim, Nate Votran, Lily Pham, Nam Luong, and Sourita Siri for being part of building this Kickstarter campaign. My personal website can be found at http://www.gtsai.com, as well as my linkedin profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/piman All of the attached photos are of the prototype and as such the texture of the 3D printed enclosure is pretty rough. The final injection molded product will have a smooth finish.
  2. INTRODUCING THE Tig Q28 The Most Incredibly Small Timecode Generator Only 1.9 oz and 2.8 cubic inches Introductory Price $439 Pre-orders are being now being taken. Shipping to begin Monday of next week (8/4/14). KEY FEATURES NEW “Show” Position - This setting shows the current timecode in hours and minutes. High Level Accuracy Design - The Q28 has the same high quality TCXO (.5 ppm) and software as the Tig. Variable Timecode Output Level - Works well with all cameras and smart devices due to the 15 adjustable settings between 20mV and 3V. Flow Through Audio - It has an additional 1/8” connector that will combine audio & timecode into a single output. This allows the Tig to work well with devices that do not have timecode inputs (i.e. DSLR’s). LED Indicator - The LED shows many things including “low battery”, battery depleted, and if the unit is jamming. It also evaluates the incoming timecode rate and notifies the user if it is cross-jammed. Supports All Standard Frame Rates - 23.976, 24 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF. Long Battery Life - Two AAA batteries will support 16 hours of run time. Durable Design - The chassis is made from aluminum with a center support beam through the case. Batteries are housed in a battery tube and will remain secure even when dropped. Incredible Small Size & Lightweight - It weighs only 1.9 oz and 2.8 cubic inches, (size:0 .5” x 2.125” x 2.625”). Mounting brackets - Optional mounting brackets are currently being tested and will be available soon. Connectors - There are 3 connectors on the Q28. There is one 1/8” connector that is for the audio input. The second 1/8” connector is for either jam input, tc only output, or “flow through audio”. The Lemo 5 pin is for either jam input or tc only output. Made and Serviced in the U.S. with a Two Year Warranty
  3. Hi Everyone, I want to introduce our company MozeGear and announce our first product. MozeGear is a new U.S. company formed to design and manufacture unique audio products specifically for the television and film industry. We want to announce the “TIG” (which stands for timecode generator). Highlights of TIG’s feature list are: Miniature size (similar to a dollar bill folded in half) Accurate & high quality TCXO Sturdy anodized aluminum case with a hinged battery door Variable level output NEW FEATURE, “Flow Through Audio” combines audio and timecode by putting timecode on the tip and audio on the ring. This feature enables the user to input both audio and timecode into devices that were not meant for timecode (such as DSLR’s and some recorders). LED timecode discrepancy indicator Made & serviced in U.S. List Price $449 Introductory price $399 (until Nov 30th 2013) Our introductory price gives you a chance to get to know us. Expected Release Shipping should commence in one to two weeks. Where can you see a TIG? Pre-release versions of the TIG will be showing for the first time at AES this weekend in New York (Javits Center from 10/17 to 10/20). Both Professional Sound Services and Gotham have a pre release version of the TIG. You can speak to Christina Wittich from Gotham or Rich Topham from Professional Sound. For those located in LA, Location Sound and Trew LA also have pre-release versions. Feel free to call with any questions or look at our website. Laurie Webb 480-292-9060 lauriew@mozegear.com www.mozegear.com
  4. TIG Timecode Generator Durability Test I love durability tests and think they are so much fun. So we decided to do a video showing the TIG (timecode generator) being driven over by a truck and dropped off the back. It survived very well (especially considering we drove over it about 20 times and dropped it over 30.) So here's a TIG and a truck: https://plus.google.com/112281036772159173979/posts Laurie 480-292-9060 lauriew@mozegear.com www.mozegear.com
  5. Hello all, has anyone experience with the F55? We are going to shoot a TV series with 2 of those cameras for the first time. In the last few years we worked a lot with the Arri Alexa and this camera has a stable timecode generator (build by Ambient) Our workflow with the Arri is to sync them regularly (2 to 4 times a day or when there is a TC drop after a battery change) with our Aaton Cantar recorder that runs as TC-Master. The sync is done using a Denecke Syncbox. The Camera than runs in free-run synced on the incoming TC. This works very good and is really stable. I was wondering if the internal generator of the F55 is that stable. Or do we have to provide a Denecke Syncbox on every camera permanently connected to them? We know these sync-boxes do the job, but does the F55 it? Thank you in advance for the input! Kind regards from Belgium, Pedro
  6. Hey folks, In short (if you don't have time) What do you do when you have to record dialogue with a generator running in the background? Background story (if you have time) I had a shoot today and we had loud generator that we couldn't place too far away from where the action was happening (about 40-50 meters at most). This was due to budget restrictions on power cables. I hated it, and it totally interfered with getting a clean forest sound under the dialogue. We turned the jenny so that the noisy exhaust/engine or whatever it is was facing away from the shoot, and we put a semi-sound-blanket on top to tunnel the sound further away from us. I also had the actors talking, mostly, in the direction of the jenny so that the mic could face away from it. But I could still hear a significant generator underneath everything. What would you have done? I used a KMR 81.
  7. I'm about to work on a short film where there are some exteriors that as usual require the use of a noisy generator for the lighting. The normal solution is of course to put is as far away as possible and preferrably around a corner of a structure or similar, and maybe use some sound blankets, but this is on a road surrounded by open fields. I then thought about bringing my own "corner or structure", such as a heavy table or similar to put in front of the generator and block the direct sound to the set. Instead of absorbing sound, you make it reflect to another direction. I don't know if it will work, but I intend to try it out. This kind of approach might be good on any exterior with a small centraliced noise source. Has anybody tried or frequently made use of something like this?
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