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Found 4 results

  1. I really like the JoeCo recorder - up to 64 tracks in 1 RU with ltc/iXML BWF-M files to a USB harddrive all on 12 volts! The one thing I found lacking was metering - it's just too much information to fit on a 1 RU chassis. That's been addressed handily by the newly released JoeCo Remote, which provides metering and control to the much larger iPad screen. One of the issues that iPads have are that most apps that interface to "real world" hardware rely on Wifi, which we know can be problematic in congested areas. The JoeCo Remote solves this by giving you the option of using it hardwired, by turning the headphone jack of the iPad into an old-fashioned modem to connect directly to the serial port of the JoeCo. I hope other manufacturers take note. We (Gotham) should have stock within two weeks, selling for just under $500. More info here:http://joeco.co.uk/main/JCR_introduction.html Peter Schneider
  2. Hi all I'm curious to know if anyone has ever used any of the JoeCo products as a principle recorder on set? They seem to offer great value and many interesting features. Could/would you consider one of these products instead of the usual suspects? (788T, Deva, Fusion etc) For those moments when 8, 12 or 16 iso tracks isn't enough, these products appear to "tick-all-the-boxes". http://www.joeco.co.uk/main/BBR_introduction.html I'd be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on this... Rgd's Andrew
  3. Have any of you in this group used the JoeCo BlackBox recorder? The Mix Magazine Review gave it some good marks. It seems to have a lot of useful features, 24 tracks, reasonable size and weight, along with a number of input options. Has anyone played with one of these recorders yet? What do you think about it? Walt
  4. Have any of you used this little guy? It can potentially replace 27 RU in my record rig - and about 60 pounds of gear. I would love to hear of anyone's experience with it. It looks very promising! My main concern is how it syncs with timecode or video ref.
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