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    Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. was founded and created in June of 2002 and is located in the heart of New York City’s garment district. Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. is a full service pro-audio sales and rental house. While Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. primarily caters to the film and television industry, they welcome business from all no matter what the budget range. In addition to serving New York City clients Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. serves clients throughout the United States and the world.
    We know firsthand that our customer’s productions are top priority in the fast paced environment of film and television production. Our client’s questions and challenges are always welcome; last minute and after hour’s requests are never a problem. Our customers know we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via our emergency Hotline. We know what production is like – that’s why we support our customers 24 – 7.

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  1. Just a quick note that Wisycom's Massimo Polo will be at Gotham on Monday May 5th at 2:30. He'll be there for employee training, but we're opening it up to anyone interested in attending. For more information, please visit: https://www.gothamsound.com/event/words-wisydom Thank you, Peter
  2. Hi Simon and Felipe and all, We shot a video of Joe's new recorder at IBC with a much improved iPad interface: https://vimeo.com/75714488 The new recorder has 24 mic preamps and so of course the GUI has much more to do. For me, the key to making the iPad an even remotely professional piece of kit is that it NOT rely solely on wireless or battery power. Philip - I agree that metadata entry is ok - and could be geared more towards film and tv scene and take. Peter
  3. I haven't used it, but it looks interesting: http://www.dev-audio.com/products/microcone/ Multi-microphone array with some kind of "intelligence" tailor made for your Dad's application, if it works... Peter
  4. Right after I graduated from SUNY Purchase, I got hired to record sound on a feature ("Burnzy's Last Call") made by a bunch of Purchase alumn. It was a smartly produced low-budget feature - 90% of it took place in one location, a bar. They took over the whole brownstone building and put the editing rooms on the second floor. I bought an old MTE? 16mm dubber from Matt Price and installed it on the second floor. After each shooting day, I would go upstairs and transfer the 1/4" to mag, and give it to the assistant editor (also a friend from Purchase). It was grueling but incredibly grati
  5. If memory serves (and it's become alarmingly unreliable lately) that was a 1 volt AC line frequency(50/60 Hz) output for driving a transfer machine,etc. Peter
  6. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement! It's been almost 9 months of earnest development and we still have a ways to go. We are working with local developers who share our passion to bring a depth of information for each product - manual, firmware - in addition to prices. And of course we're open to ideas and suggestions! Sincerely, Peter Schneider
  7. We've sent out the PIX260i, JoeCo, MetaCorder and Boom Recorder audio recorders on reality shows and set up a few production sound mixers recently with the PIX260i. All have their quirks. Some caveats with the PIX260i: It's BWF-P only. This is likely to change, but that's how it is right now - which may be an issue for post. It only monitors channels as stereo pairs - meaning "1.2";"3,4"; etc. We include a little headphone switchbox with the unit so mixers can solo individual tracks to both ears. You can't check menu settings while recording. Not that big of a deal since a lo
  8. It works well with Boom Recorder, although we had an issue with MetaCorder at 64 tracks. Depending on your set up, it may be tricky to monitor the "return" from BR or MC - and remember you have to "subscribe" the audio in both directions if you do want to monitor the return. Peter
  9. I really like the JoeCo recorder - up to 64 tracks in 1 RU with ltc/iXML BWF-M files to a USB harddrive all on 12 volts! The one thing I found lacking was metering - it's just too much information to fit on a 1 RU chassis. That's been addressed handily by the newly released JoeCo Remote, which provides metering and control to the much larger iPad screen. One of the issues that iPads have are that most apps that interface to "real world" hardware rely on Wifi, which we know can be problematic in congested areas. The JoeCo Remote solves this by giving you the option of using it hard
  10. The RIO preamps are only compatible with those Yamaha mixers that can accept the Dante mini-YGDAI cards (obviously) AND are capable of remote head-amp (HA) control. The 01v96i fails on this last point. You need to go up to a DM1000 to get them to work. The funny thing is that because the are both Dante, they'll happily see each other, but the preamps won't pass audio. As a workaround, I was going to build an iPad mini app using Touch Osc (http://hexler.net/software/touchosc ) to send midi commands to the mixer (or serial commands to the RIO via the serial in on the DANTE card), bu
  11. Thanks Jeff and CrewC. Incidentally, we're already starting to see bridge interfaces between MADI, AES, ADAT and even Aviom16 and Dante. They aren't particularly location friendly (rackmount A/C boxes) , but they are ideal for allowing current location recorders to participate in a larger Dante network. Peter
  12. Thanks Scott. I'm working on a bigger written piece and video showing tips and tricks in the setup. Here's one tip from Inkmaster: We ran the LTC through the RIO preamps, so that audio and timecode would be subject to the same latency. A few additional notes: Its early so I know things will get smoother. Since each manufacturer can pick and choose Dante features a la carte, single manufacturer implementations tend to be the most straightforward, but here's one exception: The Yamaha 01V96i with the Dante card cannot control the gain of the Yamaha RIO1608 preamps, even though t
  13. We (Gotham) have jumped into the Dante waters head first. We've grown to like it, but it wasn't always smooth sailing. We (along with Sound Supervisor Martin Kelly) designed and installed a system for the reality show Ink Masters that tied the following audio products together with Dante: Yamaha CL-5, with Yamaha RIO 3224-D x2 Yamaha RIO 1608 Lectrosonics ASPEN DNT Lectrosonics DANTE BOB Sound Devices PIX-260 JoeCo DANTE Dante Virtual Sound Card It's worth noting that for some of that gear, Dante was the only common interface available, and without it, we would have had to g
  14. Take a look at our video we shot at NAB of Directout - https://vimeo.com/64044025 They have a lot of great location friendly MADI products. In particular, I love their MADI headphone amplifier! Peter Full disclosure: We sell and use Directout products.
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