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  1. Not sure how many of you know about these already, but I thought I'd post about it anyway with some pics for those that do not as I think this is a very good solution for any that have been looking. I bought a Sennheiser MKH-416 last year and like many of us newbies dabbling in the DSLR video and audio world I started with the Rode NTG-3 as a first shotgun mic. When I decided to upgrade to the 416 and sold the NTG-3 I was sad to see the storage case that the Rode came with go. For those that dont know the Rode NTG-3 comes with a very nice aluminum, pipe bomb looking, rubber gasket sealed storage case. There is nice squishy black foam inside the barrel and in the end caps as well. And since the NTG-3 and MKH-416 are nearly identical in every way, the 416 happens to fit in the NTG-3's storage tube. So I began looking around to see where I could get just the storage tube alone. Turned out no one sold it by itself and most places I talked to didnt even know what I was talking about. Eventually I found myself contacting Rode at 1-925-548-9451 and learned that the case is called a Baton in Australia and a Storage Cylinder here in the states by Rode's customer service people and that the part number is: 310-001-1-2. After talking to a Rode rep here in the states, he was nice enough to just give me a storage cylinder for free! I didnt even have to pay shipping. While I cant guarantee they will do that for anyone that calls, I at least wanted to make those that werent aware something like this existed and will be MUCH less expensive and IMO better than cases made by say ALFA (LINK) or any others. And I figured even if Rode wanted to sell you one I doubt they would charge much. Anyway, hope this info is of some use to someone. Just trying to give back a little.
  2. Does anyone know where I can purchase those little semi-clear plastic boxes that most sound guys have to store their lavs and the clips/holders/etc. They are hinged and open lengthwise into two halfs, One on side is a main compartment with a closeable plastic flap, and the other has about 6 individual closing sections as well. I asked the guys down at Coffey sound and they said they were made in China and the manufacturer has discontinued making them!!! Ugggh. They are perfect and I need a couple. Any help would be great! Thanks, John
  3. Anyone aware of or ever had custom built a AA p48 supply? The Denecke PS-1A or the PSC box of the same variety are fine but in certain situations it'd be really handy to have one in a tube, so you could throw a AA in there and be done with it. Much like an ME66 or Rode Ntg-2. Does a standalone external one exist? if not, why?
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