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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking for an EN2 DX2 receiver from Audio LTD in the freq. range of 614MHz to 654MHz. If anyone has a receiver they want to sell, let me know. I understood that Audio doesn't make them anymore but I use the EN2 series for IFB and need a small upgrade for a future project. Any help is appreciated. I'm sorry if this question should be in another section of the forum. kind regards, Reinout
  2. I recently dropped and NP1 on a shoot, and found a crack on the shell that exposes a bit of the battery near the connections. For now, I've carefully super glued the thing together, but I know that wont last. Is it possible for me to just buy another NP1 plastic shell to re-house the battery? Is that even possible to swap it?
  3. Hello all. It's been a while since I last got on this forum. I am halfway on one of Jay Rose book but I felt that even though I read it, I'm not understanding it. Maybe it's like working a camera where you have to use it to understand it better. So I'm wondering if I should just start buying gear, learn as I go WHILE reading Jay Rose's book. And should I buy the lower end and upgrade as I go or should I try for something mid range or higher so I don't waste money buying twice. Also for some perspective, I'm working minimum wage job at the moment
  4. Hey everyone. I've been a boom op professionally in NYC for about 4 years now, but lately have decided to start buying some gear. I have taken out a loan of $15,000 and would love to buy a really smart, modest kit. I just really feel like its better to make a jump for the quality of gear I know I can get good sound with than to scrounge with crap. This would, in my mind be a small, but really solid start, probably not meant for features, but rather short films/docs/interviews, stuff like that. SO, NOW, IF EVERYONE HAD $15,000 TO BLOW ON THEIR DREAM START UP KIT, HOW WOULD THEY DO IT?! This is what I'm thinking: Recorder: Think a Nomad 10 would be a good fit for me with its upgradable aspects and the zaxnet seems pretty perfect for the smaller 5d type shoots I imagine I'll be working on. So I'm willing to shell out the clams for it. Also, I think Prosound has a deal right now where you get a free ERX2 which I could use as a poor mans sync and scratch track - $5000 Wireless: Ok this is a really big thing I need advice on because I'm really torn here. My first desire is to just go all Zaxcom here. I've never really worked with all zaxcom before, usually just Lectros, and don't know how trusting I am in going with an all zaxcom wireless system, but am intrigued. Very intrigued. I also imagine I'll probably buy two sets of G3's just as a sorta shitty cheap 3rd and 4th channel (how well does that integrate?) So which option seems better: 1.) 2 zaxcom RX900S with 2 TRX900 2.) a QRX100 with two TRX900s 3.) Just go with 2 sets of Lectro UCR411A with some SM's or 4.) Cut my losses and realize I'm spending too much on wireless right off the back and just start out with like 4 sets of G3s $7200/$6800/$6200/$2400 Lavs: Would love to do COS11s, two of them, but might settle for trams. $900/$500 Boom: Like Loon a lot but will probably go Ktec for a little cheaper, would like around 12-15 feet. $700 Shotgun: Feel like to get quality sound with this kit this shouldn't be skimped on. Like the CMIT of course but also like the sanken cs3e so will probably go with that. $1500 Slate: I guess I can't be greedy and can't go with a timecode slate just let. So just a dummy. Comteks: Would love to have a set of these, though fear with my budgeting I might not be able to. Certainly don't need a collection of ERX's but just a crappy set of comteks used would be great, like 3 or 4. So with all the little pieces/cables/portabrace bag/etc I'm already pretty much at my limit if not probably over. Let me know what you guys would do and what advice you have on the stuff I've mentioned. Also, if anyone has a some old gear on the shelf thats just collecting dust and would like to sell any of it, let me know. THANKS
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