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    I'm just a student that want to work in the film industry. I have chosen to specialize in sound when I realize that there are too many people who focus on the image and not the audio.

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  1. I watched the whole thing in one sitting. It was very informative to a newbie like me. Please remember to review the course.
  2. Thank you, I found it and he said that they perform the same. Thanks everyone. Happy I got a good deal
  3. So I just bought this for $125. The model is IDX JL-2 PLus but it's gray for some reason. Does anyone know if this will charge IDX NP-L7S?
  4. I felt bad for actors that have to loose chunks of hair when we takes off lav. So would Lav strap solve this problems? http://www.trewaudio.com/store/Lav-Strap.html
  5. So here's the deal. Currently I'm a wedding videographer. It's my bread and butter and how I make a living. I work under a company and I'm extremely tired of crappy sound quality or problems that we don't know of until we look back at the files. I don't know if this count as research to you Mike but I have spent 30 minutes yesterday browsing this thread: A year ago I was video first and audio second. As I learn more about sound I found out that I enjoy it more. My end goal is to make a living as a sound mixer and video can be a hobby
  6. Mike I have done my research sir. But reading all the specs does not mean I have the experience. You guys have the experience. Before I started this thread I was leaning toward SRB and SMQV. the 211/200c was in the back of my mind because of how cheap it is. I know 200 series is analogue and I understand it has some fallacies. I never worked with them before and can't compare them to newer lectros. You guys have the experience and through this thread I figure out that most of you do not think that 200 series are up to snuff for the type of work you do. Thanks to this thread, it confirmed my thoughts that the SRB and SMQV is a good combination to go with. 411/400a combo are also good for me if I can get it for a good price. This thread also draw my attention to the water tight lectros. I need to do more research on them.
  7. Anyway thank you everyone for answering. I now have a very good idea of what lectros I'm saving up for
  8. The thread is call "what lectros are you running" BTW, what's wrong with a video guy wanting to get better sound? I guess I'm an anomaly where I would spend more money in sound than video.
  9. and maybe not 24,25, and 26 for now right? heard they're in danger of being auctioned. It seems like I'll go for srb and pair of smqv. I don't understand the benefits of 411s. They only cost $400 less than SRB and they don't have dual channel.
  10. Very interesting Johnny. Do you use them with 200c or digital tx?
  11. Thanks Marc. I know with Wireless cost is proportional to performance and features. Cost is not that much of a hindrance for me. Like I said I'm trying to get a tally. I was hoping more people would use 211 series so far no one is using it.
  12. Let me guess... He's gonna tell me to go search previous post? I did that already... Now I just want a tally of what people use.
  13. SMQV are also much smaller than 400A correct? I think this will be the combo I'm going with LOL Why? You don't have to welcome me. I been here for a whole year... I just have a lot more to learn
  14. Warning: I'm a newbie so pardon the stupid question. I really just want to tally what's the most popular combo out there. Please list what's your Transmitter/Receiver and your opinion of how it's working for you and why you like using that combo
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