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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I've had the privilege of knowing, meeting and working with many of you over the years and while I may have been rolling MOS for a couple of years now I'm happy to say I'm back as an Engineer for a University Television and Film program. One of the largest discussions along with proper rates, working the job appropriate for the experience and "learning the ropes" I hear is wanting the green ears to know what they're doing. It seems the days of apprentices have passed and in the modern era of YouTube vlog stars where even you can get great production in the comfort of your
  2. Hi, I am a university student currently working on my final paper. The thesis is based around DAWs, mainly Pro Tools, and whether or not it really is the industry standard. As part of the project, I need data in order to confirm or deny the various questions I am presenting. In order to achieve this, I have created a survey that I hope as many as possible will be able to answer. It should take no more than a few minutes, and is completely anonymous. Link to survey (Google Forms, link shortened): https://forms.gle/TMofNMN47bh5Giq48 Thank you to everyone who answers, your help is very m
  3. Hello All, Matthew Wilson here. Many of you knew me as the former beard of Pro-Sound in NYC, to those I keep in touch with I hope you're mixing well and to those I've fallen out of touch with let me hear from you! To catch you up, I run a production venue in Manhattan mostly these days and when I'm not day playing as a utility or doing field repairs on carts, I settle in for the winter at Montclair State University trying to impart any knowledge I can into the future ears of our legacy. I've decided in addition to my ramblings I'd like to share with my students the th
  4. Just back from judging the largest ever group of applicants for ATAS's real, highly respected, paid internship program in SOUND, one of the 41 internships to be awarded for this summer. There were 1381 applications for the 41 internships. Overall applications were also up this year, and making the selections was made difficult by numerous candidates showing strong interest and qualifications for being involved with "movie-television sound" for their careers.. I was pleased to note 3 of our jwsoundgroup family provided letters of recommendation for SOUND applicants, and these were given par
  5. What are You….Really??? Aaron “Cujo” Cooley Let us not beat around the bush. Things are tough right now. The marketplace is flooded, the jobs are far-flung, under-budgeted, under-funded, scarce, or just plain being run by fools. Add to that the fact that recording technology has advanced by light years in the recent past and it seems that the whole universe is conspiring against you and your efforts to make a living. Equally true though is the fact that there are many in the business that are doing just fine, with plenty of work for the foreseeable future. A fine lesson would be to l
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