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Found 2 results

  1. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this little sound package I'm putting together. I have a corporate client looking to invest in a sound package for use on its various in-house and marketing shoots. They asked me to provide a preliminary quote for a package, just to get the ball rolling. A little background: They use a lot of different sound mixers, and travel all over the world to sometimes remote locations. So they are hoping this kit will help there be more consistency in the sound from project to project (as a lot of the time they can't afford a true post mix). Another reason is that the media team in the corporate office would have some proper sound equipment to start using for in-house studio shoots (which they are ramping up on). The media team would just be using the mics mostly, going direct to camera; that kind of thing. And lastly, for their budgeting, moving equipment costs out of each project's budget. And they got the budget to spend! (lucky them!) Again, they travel all over the world so it needs to be small and portable, but pretty comprehensive. The VAST majority of the shoots would be sit down interviews either inside or outside (thus the two boom kits and wired lavs). But there are also times when they want to do run and gun type work and a standard boom and 2 lav kit would work. I put together a little B&H wishlist of things off the top of my head. I only spent a few minutes on this and some things are just placeholders for now (like the cheap XLR cables and boom kits). If they get the greenlight I'll be taking this over to Trew and specing out all the details, this is just a start. Any glaring omissions or feedback? THANKS VERY MUCH!!! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/wishlistDetail.jsp/li/74A4C71258
  2. Having an issue with a new block 21 SRb. Once in a while it will randomly block out all frequencies (as in, if you scan, everything will be unavailable) and it sends a fairly intense feedback into the mixer, sounds almost like a fax machine. Only lasts for a few minutes then goes back to normal. Power cycling doesn't fix it. Currently on the road and it will be awhile until I can take it back. Any ideas welcome. Thanks
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