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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I've been a long time observer of JWsound, this is my first post. I'm a NonUnion freelance mixer based in NYC thats been working here for a couple years on mostly independent and commercial work. Lately I've been mixing and boom operating a webseries thats now starting to gain some serious traction and great press. From what I understand, the creatives have been given an offer and the show might get picked up and unionized. Honestly, I don't know enough about the unions to know how I should handle this situation. How should I best prepare myself for potentially making that transition? I believe I have enough working days and call sheets...are there any other prerequisites that I need to have solidified before its too late? Any advice from union mixers (especially in NYC) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. DK
  2. Hey, I am getting more work and have begun writing out a formal contract that stipulates my rate, hours worked, OT, etc. I searched here and did some googling before, but it's a pretty small topic so I was wondering if anyone had a copy of their non-union contract they could send me to work off of/compare against my own? The few areas I'm focusing on are: -base hours for a day rate -designated break time -overtime costs -damage to equipment -half-day costs -breaking contract fees -rental fees I have a good start but it's not coming out as official-sounding as I'd like. I'm a small fish out here but I'd also like something to cover myself against damage to my equipment, non-payment, etc. Especially interested in rental agreements for my equipment that fully cover damage. As always, thank you guys! And you can PM me and I'll drop my email address if you are able to help.
  3. Hi all I've been browsing through the forum for a few months now, and thought it was about time to actually post someting! I'm a London based sound recordist, and have been working as staff sound recordist / technical manager for the past 3 years in a large facilities company, with a previous 3 years working my way up the ranks. I know some of the members on here personally from previous jobs i've worked on, and some i know purely from reputation. Im soon to be making the move to freelance, buying my own kit and going on my own. I've decided on a sound devices 664, a peice of kit i fell in love with when i got to use one ( i currently use a mk4ive SQN) and have yet to decided what radios to purchase (i currently use Audio Ltd 2040's, but i feel there are better investments out there) So before asking any advice, I thought it would be polite to introduce myself. So hi, i'm Alex! nice to meet you all.
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