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Found 6 results

  1. In honor of today's 4/1 holiday, NYTimes scanned its archives for weird stuff. This story appeared in its pages November 20, 1910 (link to collection: https://nyti.ms/2FNwvO8) --- A Dog That Talks. He’s a Setter and Demands Cakes in Good German, It Is Asserted. BERLIN, Nov. 19 [1910] — The scientific sensation of the hour in Germany is the talking dog Don, a dark-brown setter belonging to a royal gamekeeper named Ebers at Thiershutte, near Hamburg. Don promises to become as celebrated an attraction as the horse Clever Hans, which startled the zoological savants of Europe eight years ago with his alleged mathematical feats. Karl Hagenbeck, the world-famed animal dealer, has offered Don's master $2,500 for the privilege of exhibiting the dog in the Hagenbeck outdoor menagerie at Hamburg. The dog's vocabulary, it is said, already embraces six words. His alleged elocutionary power came to light early this week as the result of reports from the United States that Prof. Alexander Graham Bell had succeeded in teaching a terrier to speak. It was declared that Germany not only possessed a dog with similar gifts but a dog which had been talking for five years, in fact, ever since he was six months old. The story was first considered a joke, but Thiershütte all the week has been the Mecca of interested inquirers, who have come away convinced that Don is a genuine canine wonder. His callers included a number of newspaper men, who went to Thiershütte to interview the dog. The gamekeeper, Ebers, affirms that the dog began talking in 1905 without training of any kind. According to his owner, the animal sauntered up one day to the table where the family were eating, and, when his master asked, "You want something, don't you?" he stupefied the family by replying in a deep masculine tone, "Haben, haben." ("Want, want.") The tone was not a bark or growl, it is declared, but distinct speech, and increased in plainness from day to day as his master took more interest in the dog's newly discovered talent. Shortly afterward, the story goes, the dog learned to say "Hunger" when asked what he had. Then he was taught to say "Küchen," (cakes,) and finally "Ja" and "Nein." And it is added that he is now able to string several of these words together in sensible rotation and will say "Hunger, I want cakes," when an appropriate question is addressed to him. The New York Times correspondent has caused inquiries regarding Don to be made through trustworthy authorities at Hamburg. He is assured that the dog is an unqualified scientific marvel. Don's owner is overwhelmed with applications from circus and music-hall managers, who are outbidding one another for the privilege of exhibiting the dog.
  2. New York Times posts a photo today, to illustrate an article on new threats of government shutdown... I get why the capitol, and the boom mic could certainly suggest "news"... but why a wind screen? It seems like there's nothing moving in Washington these days, no matter what your political leanings, and probably not even the air...
  3. Was anybody else thrown off seeing this headline in today's NYTimes? Have questionable credits really reached scandalous proportions?
  4. How to Tell a Loved One They’re Coiling Cables Wrong Coiling cables is an everyday part of live shows. When done incorrectly, however, it can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one, or often time a band mate, make the same mistakes over and over again. Know that you are not alone and help is available. https://thehardtimes.net/hardstyle/how-to-tell-a-loved-one-theyre-coiling-cables-wrong/
  5. This was done for no particular reason, but I think it's funny... http://blogs.telosalliance.com/discrepancy/predictive-audio-processor or download directly from http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/319226/file-610345922-pdf/Discrepancy_Sheet/March_2014/PAP-Manual-1April2014.pdf?t=1395760298000 Funnier, perhaps, if you've spent time in a post studio or broadcast plant. But plenty of industry / techie gags to go around. It's based on an actual product line and manual series... http://25-seven.com/
  6. Ran across this today. Best regards, Jim
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