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  1. Jim Feeley

    New toys from Klark Teknik

    Huh. They're making a knockoff Teletronix LA-2A that sells for $400 in the US. Umm... http://www.musictribe.com/Categories/Klarkteknik/Signal-Processors/Compressors-Limiters/KT-2A/p/P0CEA
  2. Jim Feeley

    "SD Media slow" warning with approved Media

    Three weeks ago, I had a "SD Media Slow" alert on a 664 rolling six 24/48 tracks to approved SanDisk media. I had reformatted at the beginning of the day with the 664's Erase/Format function... didn't fail until a couple hours into the day, had been fine the day before... Not my card, but yes: approved. Disconcerting, but the CF card kept rolling. So I became curious about formatting alternatives, card tech & structure. To be clear, I was just curious... I'm going to stick to formatting cards through the recorders I use. And I'm going to switch to SD-branded cards.... even if they do slow down over time, the cost over other brands is basically trivial. And maybe I'll end up retiriing cards after a set lifespan... I don't yet know what that lifespan should be, but I also don't want to see another "SD Media Slow" notice. Memory cards are expendables, pretty much. And once I encounter a problem, the card is retired... Perhaps I'm wasting money, but not much money... If you want to dig in and are willing to risk things not really working, this post I found a couple weeks ago looks kinda fun (though I'm not going to do anything like this for media I use at work): FORMATTING SD CARDS FOR SPEED AND LIFETIME JULY 21, 2014 Have you ever re-formatted an SD card and noticed the performance degrade? You formatted it FAT32 just like it came from the factory, but it runs slower. Except you didn’t actually format it like the factory. The following is a document I wrote mid-2013 about formatting microSD cards with a single FAT32 partition with a layout that is optimized for speed and lifetime. It also includes details about using this card as a bootloader source for TI OMAP3/4 processors. http://3gfp.com/wp/2014/07/formatting-sd-cards-for-speed-and-lifetime/
  3. Ya, "disrupting" the broke-ass musician world seems...challenging. So here's the page for their New York City location: https://deck.piratestudios.co.uk/booking/rooms?booking_enquiry[property]=brooklyn-new-york $20 an hour (or so) for a room and backline... Less for DJ rooms...maybe more for weekends? I didn't dig too deeply. But I wish them luck! My son's going to need rehearsal space in NYC next year... 😉
  4. Ya, maybe there's some why to make money in all this. Maybe... The local Guitar Center has rehearsal and recording spaces. Never been there (I still have quesy feelings about Guitar Center dating back to my teenage years). https://www.guitarcenter.com/Services/Lessons/Rehearsals.gc So I guess Guitar Center figures there's a way to make money off this stuff. On the other hand, they keep flirting with bankruptcy... On the other other hand, I hear the rehearsal spaces around here (and there are quite a number of rooms) have long waiting lists...
  5. Ya, I spent plenty of days in rehearsal rooms, recording studios, smooshups of both, and all that... What's new to me is a company investing $20 million into such ventures...
  6. This story covers the tech-investment angle, but huh... In my day were were lucky to rehearse in a warehouse with a leaky roof... 🙂 So I guess these are fancy(ish) rehearsal spaces? Anyone here know anything about these? Seem like an idea that could work, or taking the whole "gig economy" trope too literally and too far? Pirate Studios raises $20M from Talis Capital for its ‘self-service’ tech-enabled music studios [snip] The new funding will enable Pirate Studios to continue to expand across the U.K., Germany and the U.S., where it has been building what the startup describes as a community of musicians, DJs, producers and podcasters who need access to professional rehearsal, production and recording studios at affordable rates. The company charges as little as £4 per hour, depending on what kind of music studio space and facilities you book. [snip] Rest of story: https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/14/pirate-studios/ Company site: https://www.piratestudios.co.uk Gratuitous marketing picture:
  7. Jim Feeley

    ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 headphones

    Looks like they were just released. Also, in the US they cost $500: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SP5--adam-audio-studio-pro-sp-5-closed-back-headphones You probably already know that, but I think that may slow down the real-world bought-them-didn't-get-them-for-free reviews... But you're interested?
  8. Jim Feeley

    View From The Office:

    Phil and I are neighbors. We, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, are under smoke from the Camp Fire in northeast Northern California. Smoke from the LA fires is mostly being pushed out to sea. Here's a NASA photo from Friday: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/camp-fire-rages-in-california
  9. Jim Feeley

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    As others have mentioned, these sorts of posts from equipment companies usually end up in the Manufacturers & Dealers section, "a place for equipment manufacturers, sales and rental dealers serving our industry." https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/forum/24-manufacturers-dealers/
  10. Jim Feeley

    Sennheiser Scam

    What a complete drag. It's not like they sell all than many of those systems (at least compared to G3/G4 systems...or consumer headphones). Maybe start a new (or continue your old) incident ticket/claim? https://en-us.sennheiser.com/contact-center And perhaps your dealer can reach out to Sennheiser to figure out what's going on. I'd say even Sennheiser sub'd out the work, it's their responsibility to make this right. The old, "not you fault, but still your responsibility" thing we teach our kids. Good luck!
  11. Jim Feeley

    Remote Audio Phantom Lav Adaptor Thoughts?

    Thanks All. I now have two... Use'd them a bunch today. So far so good, I think...
  12. My location in a couple days (and for a couple days) has a whole heck of a lot of shifting RF. For a bunch of interviews (and a few panels), I may need/want to go hardwired. And I need 2-3 more lav adaptors than I have (I only have two). And like everyone, I'd love to save a few bucks. Has anyone here used the $50 Remote Audio lav adaptor with Countyman EMWs and Sanken COS11s? If so, did the adaptors work OK? Thanks! https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-lavpssp/
  13. Jim Feeley

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Maybe they aren't widely available, only a few are out in the field, and they're currently backordered. As seems to be the case.
  14. Jim Feeley

    time code box

    There was a discussion of that here a couple years ago. Not too long a thread, and some hands-on reports from people here:
  15. Jim Feeley

    Rycote acquired by The Vitec Group.

    Some camera people elsewhere on the web think Vitec has resulted in crappier tripods from Sachtler, and not just the low-end Ace line. Also, there's talk about LitePanels LEDs getting less reliable (but earlier LitePanel lights weren't super reliable. Luckily, I guess, my Astras are doing OK though they don't see daily use). So who the heck knows what will happen. My Rycote kit is still working fine. I have other things to worry about for now. 🙂