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  1. Jim Feeley

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    @Laurence T, Hope the job went well. You up for sharing any details?
  2. Jim Feeley

    Advice on selling used Location Sound gear.

    My take: This is a good place to sell used location-sound equipment. Especially if you and the buyer are frequent and long-term posters or have someone who can vouch for you (ie- it might take some convincing to get people to send you money). I've bought stuff from people here and I've had good experiences (including this week; thanks Tom!). And many of our go-to location-sound dealers will also sell equipment on consigment. It seems like they offer, in exchange for a cut of the sale, security for the seller and buyer. I've bought a fair amount of used kit from several solid US-based dealers. One of several options would be Trew Audio, who have locations in Toronto and Vancouver: https://www.trewaudio.com/company/branch-hours/ eBay and Reverb and the like can work, but it takes more attention to avoid scams and just general problems. Seems like Reverb, which is mainly focused on music equipment, provides fewer sales-gone-wrong experiences than eBay. But I personally know a couple people who've run into problems (though I know more who've had positive experiences). Personally, I'd go with one of the first two options (here or a dealer).
  3. Jim Feeley

    RIP - Malcolm Davies, Amps, CAS

    Simon, thanks so much for sharing your memories of Malcolm. Best wishes to you and everyone who knew him personally.
  4. Jim Feeley

    Recording from nightclub House AV - any tips?

    Can you get in touch with the FOH guy or gal today (or depending on the call time, tomorrow AM)? Just as springing this on you doesn't help, if you show up without advanced warning, he/she might not have the time and/or inclination to help you. I've been on both sides of that. Uh, this assumes there is a human FOH person... And "six performers"? So it's all singers or comedians or something? Or open mic? Or a band with instruments? All instruments mic'd or just vocals and then let the backline rip it up? Anyway, as others here said, cover yourself. A feed from the desk or whatever would be good. But also a room mic or stereo pair seems like a good idea in case not everything's going through the desk. Even a little handheld recorder somewhere... Just don't know enough about what you'll be doing (condolences since production hasn't told you). Geez; good luck. Let us know how it goes down.
  5. Jim Feeley

    Are Sennheiser HD 26s worth the price?

    Garfield Headphone Softies come in two sizes. "Normal" for 7506 and their ilk, and "Small" which I think are designed for HD25-sized headphones. I use and like the normal-sized Softies. Your LLAD (local location audio dealer) should be able to tell you if the Small size Softies will work with HD25 and 26. Or perhaps PSC, a/the distributor: http://www.professionalsound.com/specs/garfield.htm
  6. Jim Feeley

    Noise canceling headphones on set?

    I agree with Dan and FerrousBeard. What I want isn't noise cancellation, but isolation. I want to hear certain noises to know if they're going to degrade my tracks. Totally nonscientific anecdotal goofing around suggests that noise-cancelling headsets don't eliminate lav/clothing rustle, mouth clicks, and such...but they can remove passing trucks. As in: if the sound acoustically can reach the noise-cancelling headphone, it will try to eliminate it... and then I can't tell if it's also reaching the microphone. But that was with a producer's Bose headphones; maybe other models will differentiate between local (at headphone) and distant (at microphone) reception of the sounds. Anyway, that's my take. But I use over-the-ear 7506s, so I have a touch more isolation than you do with HD25s. Maybe some non-noise cancelling over-the-ear Sennheisers will work for you? Or can you turn off the noise cancelling on your PXC550 and see what you think (factoring in the bluetoothyness)?
  7. Jim Feeley

    416 Windscreen/Basket to CMIT conversion

    Didn't Rycote buy Lightwave like 15-20 years ago?
  8. Jim Feeley

    Camera Mic recomendations for a DSLR

    I have one. Won it as a door prize at a long-ago RAMPS/JWS NAB party (more about those soon, I hear ;-)). I like it. The mic: https://ambient.de/en/product/atm216/ The accessories: http://ambient.de/en/product_custom_cat/tinymike-accessories/
  9. Jim Feeley

    Recommendations for Recording Exercise Audio

    I've only done a few, but headmounted and headsets/earsets have worked well.
  10. Jim Feeley

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    I once had, but have since lost a little latch pryer/key designed for Pelicans. Something like this US$8 opener. Mine was plastic/resin, but this one is also bottle opener! https://nalpak.com/Peliease-Latch-opener And you can get after-market replacement latches... I'm not sure if they have models/sizes that fit cases with the old-style Pelican latches, but I might poke around (unless someone here already knows). Also available in a bunch of different colors. One set as an example: https://nalpak.com/pelican-handle-latch-color-set-for-1610-1620/
  11. Jim Feeley

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    I too have a Storm im2500. I like it, but the carry handle and all that reduce interior space. And yes, the latches are really nice. But on a couple Pelican's I've bought in the last couple of years, also have nice easy-open latches...Not as nice as on the Storm, but much better than the old fingernail-ripping ones on Pelicans of yore.
  12. Jim Feeley

    Taipei Taiwan frequencies

    A friend will be traveling to Taiwan fairly soon to shoot some travel stories for his station. This is a news/magazine-style gig. He's checked around, but was wondering if anyone has --recent- on-the-ground experience there. I'm thinking things may have changed in the last couple of years (or not). Main three questions: 1) What frequencies/blocks currently seem usable, both legally and practically? 2) Is there a power limit for transmitters? 3) Any changes looming for 2019? Thanks!
  13. Jim Feeley

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    Here's a list of the four cases Pelican considers to be carry-onable. There are four, two Pelican and two Storm: https://www.pelican.com/us/en/products/cases/carry-on-cases Like most of us, I have a bunch of Pelican cases and like/tolerate them. And I sometimes use them for carryon. But the thing is they give up a lot of space to ruggedness, handles, foam, etc. So there's not as much storage space as in some fabric+foam cases. And a few times I was forced to gate-check my case. I tried to schmooze my way out of that (usually I can), but the airplane crews; thoughts were, and they all said this, that case is rugged enough to withstand being checked into the hold. It was, and everything was fine. But both times I wasn't thriled. So I'm looking at some of the fabric+foam(+sometimes some caging) cases out these days. I own a Tenba Cineluxe bag for my C300 (soon to be replaced with... I don't know what) that I like a lot; really thoughtful and rugged design, imo. Available as a roller or shoulder (I have the shoulder version), and I think there's a carry-onable version: https://www.tenba.com/collections/cineluxe/shop They also have the Roadie line which has (IIRC) versions that fit both international and US carryon size restrictions. I guy I work with likes his (it holds his RED camera): https://www.tenba.com/collections/roadie/shop I also see Think Tank Photo bags on jobs (I don't fly a lot, but when I do, it's usually with a camop who also wants everything in carryon). Here's at least one of their lines that aim towards carry-on status: https://www.thinktankphoto.com/pages/rolling-cases And I need to revisit Porta-Brace. In general, I like their stuff. Not necessarily as fancy a design as some of the other companies, but their cases have always worked well for me (even if a couple of their audio bags haven't): https://www.portabrace.com Porta, and I think the others, have size calculators on their sites so you can restrict search results to bags that fit US domestic and international carry-on restrictions. Also, the thing that has helped the most is to convince the client that you need to fly business or first class to ensure overhead space for key camera and audio kit. Not always doable, but I sure like it when it is...and not so much for the fancy food and big seats, but for the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed (IME, at least) overhead space. At least, that's my current thinking. Here's an article and chart that might be helpful, especially if you need to travel outside the US. Big chart with lots of airlines current restrictions. Well, current as of last month or so. I don't know if anything will be changing in 2019: Airline Carry-on Luggage Size Restrictions: What You Need to Know https://www.travelandleisure.com/style/travel-bags/airline-carry-on-luggage-size-guide Google, and a bunch of people here, will know more. HTH and I look forward to reading about other people's experiences and recommendations.
  14. Jim Feeley

    New to the Forum

    Perhaps Constantin's issue was that your video appeared as a link (as opposed to embedded in your post...probalby because the URL was shortened) with no indication of length. Just a guess on my part, Constantin is capable of speaking for himself, as you'll find out. You'll also find out that he seems to be a good guy and willingly shares lots of good information and ideas. ANYWAY, Mr. TreeAudio's video is seven seconds long. Silly, in a good way:
  15. Jim Feeley

    Winds of non-change

    Har har. 😀