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  1. Byron, DPA lavs are great, but with a connector I think you're talking US$450+ for one lav (more for some models). Sanken COS-11 will run about $330 new. In the lower-cost range, I'd look at Oscar SoundTech and Countryman EMW & B3. Note that the prices on their websites might not be the same as those at dealers, but you'll get a sense of what's what. http://oscarsoundtech.com https://www.countryman.com I'm mostly running Sanken and Countryman lavs. Corporate, doc, some news mag stuff. The Deity W.Lav mics might be a good option, but we'll need to wait a while to see how they perform and hold up in the real world. https://www.deitymic.com/wlavpro/
  2. I may never have another opportunity to hype this movie without going off topic. So... Here's the trailer for a pretty fun 2013 film set in the world of VO artists.
  3. Here's an interesting comparison from 2005 of 18 different studio mics. This was made by and for a radio audience, and I see VO people using different mics and wanting different results than radio people (and I don't mean ADR); I've been in plenty of radio studios and VO booths, but my experience is basically anecdotal. One nice thing about this comparison is that the test was conducted by people who know what's what for their world, they talk about the limitations of the test, and they include samples from three different voices, two male and one female. So even though this test was done a while ago, it's still worth a visit IMO. Will at least orient you to some of the options. The Transom Studio Mic Shootout: Blindfold Test https://transom.org/2005/transom-studio-mic-shootout/ But I'd like to hear from our local denizens who have spent a lot of time as VO artists and as engineers who've worked with a wide range of VO voices. I'm thinking of Ty and Jay. Probably others, too. @Ty Ford and @Jay Rose, any thoughts?
  4. Jim Feeley


    I would --guess-- the Scorpio doesn't have Kashmir preamps. I'd think SD would say if they were, and I also think of the Scorpio as being a much higher-end device than those in the modern MixPre line. But I'd also guess the Scorpio's preamps are impressive. Just a guess at this point, though.
  5. Jim Feeley


    I've only used Zaxcom recorders a few times (a Deva way back when, and a Maxx a couple times). I got used to the interface fairly quickly (ie- I downloaded the manuals ahead of time, put in a little extra prep time). It was fine and didn't limit my abilities (I can limit those all by myself).
  6. Jim Feeley


    As you may have already seen, SD addresses this in their FAQ: ===== Can I control Scorpio from a USB Control Surface with linear faders? Yes. Sound Devices supports open protocols wherever possible. Scorpio supports the ubiquitous MCU (Mackie Control Universal) protocol which many USB-connected control surfaces use. At launch, the iCON Platform M+ (along with D2 Display) is supported. Why the iCON Platform M+? The iCON Platform M+ impressed us with its small footprint, DC powering, and bank switching allowing control of all 32 channels. From the iCON Platform, it is easy to adjust trim and fader levels of all channels and other functions, including channel soloing, mutes, record arming, bus levels, transport control, and more. This controller is being used on A-List tours and is a great value. Will the control be open protocol, so customers can program their own controllers for use with Scorpio? We conform to the MCU protocol, however Sound Devices cannot guarantee proper operation with anything other than the iCON Platform M+ due to the idiosyncrasies present in many controllers. While you are free to make your own controller, we cannot offer any technical support. ===== The whole FAQ takes a similiar reasonable approach to a bunch of questions. Worth reading: https://www.sounddevices.com/scorpio-faq/
  7. Kill Idiodic Sound Setups? 😉
  8. Those look pretty cool! For those of you who've already built cables with them, how'd that go? And how are the connectors holding up? Also, if you're going to NAB, if you can, swing by the Switchcraft and Neutrik booths. Maybe Neutrik has something similar coming out, and even if they don't I've always found the people at their booths just delightful; really smart and really engaged in what they're doing and helping their customers...even semi-dumbasses like me. Switchcraft Central Hall - C6928 Neutrik Central Hall C5721
  9. I too don't recall any distortion popping out at me. Maybe I missed it. What episode, scene, etc? Maybe the problem was downstream with your service provider?
  10. Cool! Thanks Daniel. Boy, he's really mellowed over the years. Remember his "The Problem With Music" rant/manifesto, and of course Big Black? The Problem With Music https://www.negativland.com/news/?page_id=17 But twenty years later... Steve Albini: the internet has solved the problem with music The man who produced Nirvana, Pixies and wrote the 1993 essay, The Problem with Music, has always been an industry outsider. In 2014, it’s his optimism that sets him apart (Link to video, text of speech, etc): https://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/nov/17/steve-albini-at-face-the-music-how-the-internet-solved-problem-with-music And finally, a video about his (heavy-duty) passion for poker and friends who play...
  11. The specs are intriguing, but until final production systems are out in the real world, we won't know how well they work. At least a couple people associated with the company hang out here so the can provide some details on specs and goals. But again, we don't know yet how well they work in the real world.
  12. Everyone's missing my hilarious allusion to April 1st. 😥 Stillweii, thanks for the heads up that this is a thing. Still a pretty oddball pursuit, IMO. But nobody's forcing people to buy those things...
  13. Christian, that joke is So Duh! 😉 (in case that doesn't make sense in Europe... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_drink)
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