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  1. Ya, I was thinking a used SD 302 or maybe a MixPre-D (the model before the current generation). The 302 offers Peak, VU, Peak Hold, and a couple combos. There are four or so settings. On the brightest setting, those LEDs will burn a hole in your corneas. 😉 But you'll be able to read them in sunlight. You adjust the brightnes through the little * button under the left end of the meters. (As you probably recall). Also, the LED dance when you power off still impresses people. Trey, you mention bright. How bright do you need? Dorrough meters are totally cool, but I've only seen them inside; not sure how bright they get. Same with iPads (at least, my older one isn't great in the sun). Do you need something bright enough for sunlight or shaded sunlight? Is that an issue for you?
  2. I'm expecting to be impressed by the bang/buck ratio. But I'm also impressed by the responsiveness of the company and dealer.... With COVID-19 and everything... might be a while before I know how these sound with an ensemble in front of them. Also, recording music ain't my bag. My opinion will matter less than that of someone who records a lot of music.
  3. Just wanted to say that a few days ago I bought a couple Line Audio CM4 mics. I first contacted Line Audio, and Roger there directed me to their Belgium-based dealer NoHype Audio. I had a good experience buying from NoHype. https://www.nohypeaudio.com/lineaudioproducts.htm J-P Gérard at NoHype and I exchanged a couple emails discussing how COVID-19 measures might affect shipping from Belgium to the west coast of the United States. In the end, I chose to go with DHL express, which cost 36 Euros, not cheap, but not terribly more expensive than the standard 18 Euro shipping charge. But here's the cool part: I ended up placing the order on Saturday afternoon (my time), March 21. J-P got the mics into shipping on Monday March 23. I just received the mics now, Friday March 27 around 3pm my time. So Belgium to the west coast of the US in just a few days. Nice. I'll fire up the mics this weekend and see what I think... Sure, stock and shipping times may change in the coming days as COVID-19 affects supply chains and shipping everywhere. But regardless, I'm really happy with the service from NoHype.
  4. It could be a marketing issue. Perhaps Neumann decided to spend the money instead promoting their studio monitors, which seem fairly well received. Would be interesting to compare the marketing budgets for the studio monitors to that of their digital mics. Or perhaps their digital mics didn't address a real need for enough people. As people say, perhaps they were a solution in search of a problem.
  5. So much great information. Thanks everyone!
  6. Yes, I've looked through GS. LOTS of information there; too much for me to absorb right now. Basically, I'm looking for a stereo bar or mount, with preference for bits that make it easy to set up an ORTF and possibly NOS pair. Not looking for a windscreen solution at this moment. Some that I've looked at (online): K&M Microphone Bar but it's pretty bare bones. Rycote InVision Stereo Pair Kit gets closer, but still leaves more work (and room for error) for me. Rode Stereo Bar looks fairly clever (with guidelines for angles, and offset mounts), but has anyone here used it with success? Shapeways appears to have a lot of interesting ORTF stuff, but is there anything (or any designer) there that people here recommend? What else should I consider? No, as great as it undoubtedly is, I'm not going to buy a Schoeps MSTC 64 U. This is more for CM4-level stuff. Maybe Rode... Any thoughts?
  7. Jim Feeley

    First Film

    Totally. But my hunch was a first film with that many speaking parts... Either the script calls for tons of overlap, or if sequential, the scene might roll in an "improvised"/nonscripted manner that makes booming difficult. Also: "Let's shoot the rehearsal!... What? You didn't get all that? Why not?" It's not a sound problem. It's a script problem. 🤒
  8. Jim Feeley

    First Film

    Maybe get a Scorpio or something like it... And have the film hire a second soundie for at least that day (or days...how long is the scene?). And a couple more people for your crew. Tell them the alternative is having the entire cast and crew wait around for a couple/few hours while you get everyone wired and then get ready to roll. Or suggest ADR. Sincere good luck with this.
  9. Thumbs up to Constantin's post. You may also want to reach out to some nature sound recording groups and forums. I'd imagine those people have sussed out all these issues. Here's one group, though I don't know if it's the best or leading group. Check out their resources page. https://www.wildlife-sound.org And if you poke around the internet, you can probably find more info on how the filmmakers behind The Cove configured their unattended sound recorders. It's a great documentary. They happened to use Sound Devices recorders, basically placed in waterproof cases (as in Pelican cases), with batteries, standard mics, etc. IIRC there are pictures of the setup floating around, and again IIRC there's pictures of the setup in the film. Here's the text version of the press release: https://www.sounddevices.com/recorders-used-for-oscar-winning-documentary/
  10. I will confess to having missed his performance in Mall Cop. Or anything else. But seems like YouTube is providing a great platform for his take. Fun stuff!
  11. So sorry for R and all of her colleagues, and all the audiences who are missing out.
  12. One thing I wonder about: How often would one need to be tested? As in: I could be tested this week and be clear, but then get exposed the following week. Not trying to spread FUD (or COVID-19 😀), but I don't think the test will be one-and-done. Rather, that we'll need to figure out how to handle making sure we're each clear and don't become a vector to more vulnerable populations. Also: Our local K-12 school district is closing at noon today and will be closed for three weeks (two "regular" weeks + one week of spring break). Good luck with this everyone!
  13. Jim Feeley

    Jay Rose

    We can each now sign a guestbook his family set up on Jay's website. The link is at the top of his homepage: http://www.jayrose.com In Memoriam Jay Rose, 1948-2020 Our beloved father, husband, friend, colleague, mentor, and audio guy, Jay Rose, passed away on Monday, March 10, 2020, due to a sudden illness. Please leave your thoughts for his family and your memories of Jay here
  14. More info directly from the NAB at the link below (same link Ric provided), including the full statement attributed to Smith, and a FAQ that includes: Do you have a new date and location or other details? Not yet. We have a dedicated team reviewing a number of potential alternatives to create the best possible experience for our community. We are still working out all the details and want to thank you again for your patience as we take the time needed to get this right. https://nabshow.com/2020/attend/onsite-services/coronavirus-update-and-resources/
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