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  1. March 3, 2021 is World Hearing Day From the WHO, this years them is: Hearing Care for ALL! Screen, Rehabilitate, Communicate https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-hearing-day/2021 The WHO will launch their World Report on Hearing at 11h00 – 12h—CET https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2021/03/03/default-calendar/launch-of-the-world-report-on-hearing And in conjunction with World Hearing Day, Apple is releasing a study: Apple Hearing Study shares new insights on hearing health https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2021/03/apple-hearing-study-s
  2. Lenny and The Squigtones! That's the second time this week that band has come up in conversation. I agree with you Michael: They were ahead of their time, and not just in mic choice. 😉 In highschool I bought their live album...to make fun of it. But despite the intentionally goofy songs, the playing was pretty good. Here they are on American Bandstand playing a couple tunes. But the big win/reveal starts at 3:30, where between songs, they introduce the band. I think it was that guitarist's first public appearance.
  3. I think I'm done discussing the patent issues. Beyond my area of knowledge, and several people on this board whom I like chatting with (and who build products I depend on) are personally involved (as we all know). And even more people here have really strong opinions about all this. I think patents and intellectual property in general is fascinating, but I hope I didn't get carried away and contribute to vitriol. If I did, I apologize. But if anyone on this board buys a Rode GO II system, I'd love to know what you think of the system...
  4. There was also a Rodecaster (also a DA-40, etc) at the end of the first episode of WandaVision. Lots of people noticed: Fewer noticed the RF Explorer in a later episode. But I cracked up. As did someone else who grabbed a screenshot:
  5. Perhaps this should go in The Post Place? 😉 (I hadn't seen this before)
  6. Maybe. But we'd have to read through that long document I linked to as well as perhaps the documents in Zaxcom vs Teac and other cases, and through some of Zaxcom's other patents. I think this is at least some of them: http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=0&f=S&l=50&TERM1=Zaxcom&FIELD1=ASNM&co1=AND&TERM2=&FIELD2=&d=PTXT And then --this is the hard part-- we'd have to understand everything and view it all through lawyers' and judges' eyes.
  7. So again, I'm not an attorney, but I've covered courts and been professionally involved in copyright and trademark cases (luckily as an employee of a big corporation; in both cases we prevailed). That mainly means I have a PACER account and I know how to do searches on the USPTO website. Below is the conclusion from the decision on a motion to amend in a Lectrosonics vs. Zaxcom case that was handed down in Jan, 2020. In the case (as I understand it), Lectro was challenging a Zax patent. Is it the same patent that relates to Rode's new GO II? I don't know. But there is some interest
  8. If Rode enables simultaneous record-and-transmit on the Rode GO II transmitters available in the US (a feature that appears to require enabling through Rode's RODE Central Mac/Win software and may not be available at launch...just guessing on that last bit), then I'd guess that could be because of a couple of reasons. Disclaimer: I am not a patent attorney (just so we're all clear 🙂). Rode/Freedman is a lot bigger than Zaxcom, so they can probably "encourage" Zaxcom to talk. I'd think they wouldn't want to get into a bit legal battle where they'd have to spend a fair amount
  9. What's the real-world range and reliability of the TX as it deals with bodies, objects, etc? IIRC, for some earlier Rode wireless system, TX output was like 10mW. And that's at 2.4GHz, which used to have like half the range of UHF. Anyone: feel free to correct me; is 2.4GHz tech better these days? I get that it'll be less of an issue for hops, and geez the price is attractive. And Rode says their TX can record as they transmit. So we'll have to see how the Zaxcom patent issues play out, won't we? Again, not an issue for hops. Despite all that stuff, I'm really curious to see if the
  10. I'd guess SD makes a profit on their plugins. And that's good because it means they'll be able to keep making and selling plugins. But I'd guess Cedar, Dugan, and perhaps other companies are getting a decent licensing fee for each copy of the relevant plug-ins sold. And considering the cost to develop the plugins even with some licensed code, and especially the comparatively small market for their plugins, I'd guess their cost-per-customer is fairly high. I'd further guess this is all obvious. And I'd rather the tools I need cost less. But that's the way it is.
  11. I could see public-affairs shows and newsmags getting into this. You know how some of them say they don't have time for separate audio but also like to fold in late-breaking developments on their stories (esp. when the development is the peg on which their story hangs)? Maybe stuff like C2C will let them more easily accept and handle stuff like this. Or the last-minute bits for corporate pieces, such as a large company's big conference with "humorous" On-The-Road bits showing the execs driving from HQ to the offsite location... We'll have most of the piece finished, but need to fol
  12. In case you didn't know it was a Wired article, this line will clue you in: "Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’ve got an 8K RED camera on set."
  13. Bike commuting doesn't work for everyone, but it does for lots of people. This is a pretty cool 10-min video:
  14. It's really worth rethinking that. Maybe think of it this way: Since you'll have actors, you won't be doing everything yourself. Expand that into a circle of other people to work with you on your film. Maybe you work on their films in exchange for their working on your film. Even if you're all beginners, you can break up tasks. One person focuses on sound, one or camera, one on editing, etc. And you all get to write and and/or direct when it's your turn. Maybe be clever and put your film at the end of the line so you all have a bit more experience making films. But so many things need to be do
  15. Rado, there's been several studies on this. And many appear to be fairly carefully done and account for your concern (though of course, I'm not a scientist). One line from the abstract: "Therefore, even after taking the increased respiration rate of cyclists into consideration, car drivers seem to be more exposed to airborne pollution than cyclists." That's from this: Differences in cyclists and car drivers exposure to air pollution from traffic in the city of Copenhagen There was another study more recently that gets closer to your concern, but according to this news coverage of t
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