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  1. Looks like a fun article. Thanks! And I guess the Ken Burns PR machine is spinning up to speed!
  2. I had a copy of that book and was lightly acquainted with his editor, Tom Wheeler. (My boss was best friends with Tom; I worked upstairs from Guitar Player and Keyboard magazines). I ended up giving my copy to a total Fender fan friend; It is a great book, but I'm glad it's in a fan's hands. And your friend Richard appears in a story in an issue of Fretboard Journal about a guy who bought an amp and guitar from a guy who bought it from Leo Fender in 1942. Out of print, but you may already have it. 🙂 https://shop.fretboardjournal.com/products/fretboard-journal-electric-annual
  3. CrewC, is it true you're in this film. 🙂 There are several versions of this posted, but IIRC, the comments by Richard Smith in this one are kinda helpful in figuring out what's being built:
  4. You all are probably way ahead of me, but have you seen and heard Surfy Industries SurfyBear reverbs? They have both classic and modern style tank reverbs. And a couple pedals I know there are lots of tank reverbs out there, but it's neat that they're so into the surf thing. And from Sweden, where thoughts of warm beaches and waves probably help get them through the cold months... https://www.surfyindustries.com A demo (which I stumbled upon because one of the guitars played is made by Grez Guitars, a local(ish) to me builder I like):
  5. Sustain. Well, someone had to post this, so it might as well be me. 😉 It's just a branch of your surf thread... 😉
  6. My memory is (and a quick Google search pretty much confirms) that Cripps used one of the dozen or so Filmosound amps converted by Bernie Raunig... Hence the "Bernie" moniker on some of the amps converted by other companies. Totally cool that you learned about them from Cripps! Ya, they're not my thing. But if I traveled or just gigged regularly (or hell, at all), something like an Axe-FX, Kemper, or whatever (I don't really keep up with that stuff) would be kinda nice. Remember all the heavy equipment we had to haul around in the old days? Yes, modelers are not the same, but my (younger than me) friends who do travel they're convenient, flexible and pretty decent. But not my thing; I just want to build a couple/few tube amps for some retro-modern fun.
  7. That's a rather asshole-ish response.
  8. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but what do you see those advantages to be?
  9. I'm looking for an old version of DECK or Sound Tools so I can get a more vintage sound out of Sansamp. There's nothing like the warm vibe of a 68030/68040 CPU... especially in the Combo 840AV with a 3210 DSP.... 😉 Cool that you're digging Sansamp! Have you tried any other plug-ins or modelers? Also: Great pix of your amps, Werner. I was a Kauer Guitars a few months ago for a little get-together (Not Kauerfest; something smaller but still a couple dozen people). There were like three Filmosound-based amps. One in a cabinet, a couple still in the projector housing. They were pretty fun, and a basic conversion doesn't look that hard (though something like what the serious builders/modders are doing is of course beyond me). Here are links to couple Filmosound(ish) builders I've come across. Really resonable prices, and cool looks: https://www.atmarsamps.com http://texamps.com And a couple quick pix from my visit to Kauer (not his amps, of course... he/they are busy enough making cool guitars):
  10. Eric, best wishes during this transition. Also: More Time To Fish!
  11. That Tremolux must have sounded great! And a 2X12 Bassman would be cool! What ever you do, don't click this link: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Bassman 2x12 Instead, buy local. Have you (or any of you) checked out Milkman Sound in San Francisco? Not Fender clones, but Fender inspired. https://milkmansound.com
  12. I think part of the deal is that those JBL speakers, though harsh when new, have, like many of us, mellowed with age. Also, how do they sound with a Mosrite? 😉 You know that old amp was pretty beat up. IIRC, it had been gigged a lot back in the day, then modded/repaired, then just stored at my boss's friend's house. Could be that it was some post 1960 amp where someone had replaced the tolex with tweed (I remember it looking kinda bad); don't know what else had been changed. It probably wasn't the exact same model that caused those English blokes to say, "I say old chum; we should 'borrow' this design for our own amps." I replaced some tubes during my time with it... But compared to other amps in my circles, it sounded cool. Again, late 1970s; we knew nothing. And no, not surf. I sold it in 1980 (have I mentioned we knew nothing?). BTW- I'm going to start a Guitar Amps thread (hope that's cool with you Izen).
  13. While working on a Spike Lee film, a friend got promoted from Cousin Bob to Brother Bob.
  14. Ya, perhaps a bit more surfy, but two things make me not want to attempt one of those: 1) Twins are complex, so more room for me to screw up. I am trying to DIY it and not just build a kit. A metalworker friend will help me bend/fashion the chassis, I making the cab, etc. No, I'm not making the tubes or speakers, wiseguys. 😉 But I need to limit the chances that I'll end up with nothing. 2) I'm from the era (or area) of school-age guitarists plugging their new Strats into Twins fitted with new JBLs. That harsh sound is still ringing in my ears. I've had an unfounded hate of Twins ever since. My first amp was something I "helped" my boss build during a summer job when in junior high; an old suitcase with some solid-state thing feeding a flat styrofoam speaker. It was fine for solo practice but I thought it sounded crappy when cranked (in retrospect, it probably sounded AWESOME. Sigh; youth). When I needed something louder, that same boss pointed me to an old Fender Bassman; I thought it looked stupid; 10-inch speakers and a dumb tan burlap covering... But it was cheap because who wanted Bassman amps back then? And when I plugged in... DAMN! I took it to practice; my bandmates laughed "that looks like my grandma's suitcase" the drummer said (sigh; drummers)... But when I plugged in... DAMN! I still sucked, but my tone --no thanks to me-- was awesome. Oh on topic: We played the Hawaii Five-O theme song (not well, but loud so that evens out). So anyway, if I get this first amp to work without electrocuting myself, I'll next try something like a small Gibson GA-5, maybe a Bassman, or probably something Britishish with EL84s... But that wouldn't be surf, would it? 😉 Fun thread Izen... Sorry for the diversion here...
  15. About 25 years ago, there was something of a surf music revival here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lots of interesting bands doing a lot or a little surf-style music with what seemed to me to be a healthy mix of respect and disregard for their predecessors. My favorite of those bands was The Hi-Fives ("We like suits from 1964 and amps from 1965," or something like that). But more straight-ahead instrumental were The Mermen. And they're still around, though less "pure" surf. Good stuff, imo. (Side note: I'm gathering parts to make a Fender 5E3(ish) Deluxe(ish) amp. The goal is to do as much from scratch as possible... that seems obtainable since people have shared SO MUCH information about that amp online, and if I need to bail on a complete DIY, there are lots of parts, cabs, etc. available. Should be fun!) Here's a tune from their first album. Dig it:
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