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  1. I'm slipping into producer mode, and I don't know what sort of relationship you have with the producer, director, and rest of the crew. But on an indie narrative, I'm thinking timing the fully-going fire and the camera, and multiple takes, coverage, and all that might not run smooth as silk. And if that's the case, I think a "real" fire might make it hard to get an edit with good continuity because of inconsistent flame size and such. With a good gas fire, even an off-the-shelf one, you all can sync the flame height to the shot (and possibly have more-consistent and not surprising
  2. You know, I think Henri's and Mungo's suggestions were out of stock when I needed something. I recall looking for one of those Rode i-XLR things and not finding one. Also, we had our iPhone on sticks and even without handheld movement, I taped the cable to the tripod handle for some strain relief; handheld, I'd probably want to tape the cable to the back of the iPhone case. So if you can make a solution like Henri's or Mungo's work (and really: the iPhone 11 Pro battery lasts quite a while), maybe you could attach the adapter to the waist (or somewhere) of the camera operator. And
  3. Is that back on? Oh look: Three weeks ago from an Oklahoma TV station: Filming expected to resume for ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ in Pawhuska I read the book earlier this year. Liked it a lot. Highly recommended. From the author's website: Killers of the Flower Moon "In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe. Then, one by one, the Osage began to be
  4. I've used this cable to get audio into an iPhone 11 Pro and out to Facebook Live and YouTube Live (though mostly to Facebook): https://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F8J212/ The Belkin site seems wonky right now so... https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HLJV2ZM/A/belkin-35-mm-audio-charge-rockstar See picture below. Typically feeding from a FOH mixer, sometimes from my bag (and sometimes from the FOH to my bag after a long cable run (so I can have some control), and then into the Belkin adaptor). A couple of things: Belkin tech support knows very little a
  5. That's fantastic Olle! And the old classic is always worth another look:
  6. She's really funny, John. Check out her other stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0Pr5u-MwGXXzp_GDd4m_g For example, there's this three-minute video from April:
  7. Mike, Jay passed away earlier this year. I know one of Jay's favorite books was The Responsive Chord by Tony Schwartz. It's not technical and it's not long. And not everyone agrees with its arguments (and it's often, I think, miscategorized). Jay recommended it to me long long ago. I'm glad he did. www.tonyschwartz.org/books/responsive-chord/ Others here will be able to recommend other good books that will help you develop your ear and craft.
  8. Thanks for the links Evan! I was going to make a joke that they should release the impulse responses.... but no joke, the researchers did (in science-y formats): Stonehenge impulse response measurements https://salford.figshare.com/articles/dataset/Stonehenge_impulse_response_measurements/12687554
  9. Not that I recall. Tenet is just the peg for the article...
  10. Ya, this doesn't smell good, huh? Would a legit company really hire someone they don't know and then take on the travel expense of getting that person to and housing them in Hawaii? Are they setting you up for an advanced-funds/check-cashing scam? From the Kansas City Film Office: Identifying and Avoiding Check-Cashing Scams Over the last year, we have had dozens and dozens of reports from the Kansas City crew base that they are dealing with scammers. There is a wide-spread check-cashing scam targeting people all over the country and now our crews. According to informatio
  11. That's discussed in the article. The writer talked to Ron Bochar to get his perspective. I gotta say, for and article in a general-interest newspaper/website, this was more thoughtful than I expected... Not too long; worth a quick read...
  12. The "he" in PMC's quote above is Matthew Price, which adds some serious weight: ==== "Mathew Price is a production sound mixer who has worked on The Sopranos and The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. “When they take the sound we record on set and kind of undermix it, it feels like, ‘What did we try so hard for?’” he says. Price believes the problem is partly that modern directors have so many more tracks to play with, causing “track overload”, the result being that “the dialogue gets short shrift a lot of the time” ====
  13. Oh ya, gloves all day (or for several hours or whatever), aren't the way to go. But gloves for several minutes during load in, or during other high-contact periods when we're all reaching for the same door handles and someone forgets and coughs into their hand right before entering, aren't such a bad thing. I have some disposables, but will be trying some of those low-cost washable/reusable mechanics gloves... bring several pair, quarantine them for a few days between use.
  14. I clicked on a few of the links (admittedly not all of them; some were behind paywalls, etc), but I must have missed the science. I did see some ideological arguments from people who want to view things a certain way, some people bending stats that don't appear responsibly analyzed, and some citations of "research" from bogus groups such as the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation. Could be I missed something. Here's what an Australian statistics prof who studies injury data had to say a few years ago: ===== Did Australian helmet law “kill” UK cycling to work? Pos
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