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  1. I don't know. As I mentioned above, I doubt iFake on YouTube started with unretouched camera footage. She or he most likely ripped the film from Netflix and thus was building on ILM's heavy work. What they did is cool, but more along the lines of the Phantom Edit. (and to be clear, the quote in your post is from the Esquire article, not me...no worries IronDave).
  2. Did you all see this? Some Deepfaker on YouTube Spent Seven Days Fixing the Shitty De-Aging in The Irishman And you know what? It's objectively better. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a30432647/deepfake-youtube-video-fixes-the-irishman-de-aging/ Here's iFake's video, though I presume he basically polished ILM's work:
  3. I travel with some camops who use Think Tank cases (and I have one of their Mind Shift sling bags). Nicely designed and made stuff. I wouldn't bury a Think Tank under a bunch of Anvil cases, but they're pretty rugged; just get placed near the top of the pile in the vehicle. As in two friends put their class and camera bodies in them, then fly. And IIRC, Think Tank keeps says which of their cases fit US and which fit "International" carryon restrictions. Good stuff: https://www.thinktankphoto.com Also, I have a Tenba Cineluxe bag for some of my camera equipment. Not quite what you're looking for, I think, but very well designed and made, ime. So makes me think their other stuff is also good: https://www.tenba.com For hardshell carryon, I have a Storm iM2500 and a Pelican 1510. The Storm I've had, I don't know, 20 years? The Pelican for a couple. Both are dandy. But one thing I've noticed at airline gates: If the overhead bins are getting full, attendents seem to assume that my hardshell case will be just fine in the checked luggage chamber. I can usually convince them that the equipment inside is too fragile for that handling, but anecdotally, the looks-like-luggage bags from Think Tank and others aren't seen as the first choice to gate check.
  4. Focusrite says their USB-powered Scarlett interfaces can drive headphones up to 200Ω, and their mains-powered Scarlett interfaces can drive headphones up to 250Ω (and some of their other interfaces can push through 600Ω cans). So if he looks at BD, I guess he'd try their 80Ω versions. Or go with something else. NBD.
  5. Nah, he's spent enough time in recording studios to be both jaded and to know that it's the composition and performance that matters. 🙂 He's 22, did super well in college, and is starting to make his way in this big world. The 7506s were placeholders (I have several pairs of course). I do truly appreciate everyone's suggestions here. Thanks everyone!
  6. HD25s for now (there was a pair sitting around). Plans to check out the Beyerdynamic and perhaps a couple others. Hopes to drive them directly from his Focusrite Scarlett to keep things simple(ish); not so interested in an additional/external headphone amp. Thanks everyone!
  7. B&H doesn't list a price or availability date, but I guess it's getting closer.
  8. That'd be better for holding snacks. Yes, it does look cool. I wonder how performance compares to a Lectrosonics SNA600 dipole.
  9. This is a cool seven-minute radio story from our local public radio station: ===== New Year's Day Music That Hasn't Been Heard in 500 Years The Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul is incredibly reverberant — a sound will echo around and remain audible for eleven seconds. That reverberance shaped nearly a thousand years of music written to be performed inside the cathedral. But no one has been able to listen to what it's like to hear a church choir sing inside the Hagia Sophia for over 500 years. That is, until now. ===== Some more text, and a link to the audio story here: https://www.kqed.org/news/11754695/california-sounds-new-years-day-music-that-hasnt-been-heard-in-500-years The whole project started a few years ago (but an album was just released, hence the news peg). There's a bit of background here on Stanford's CCRMA site: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/groups/iconsofsound/auralizations/ And a five-minute video (aimed at a general audience): Check it out!
  10. 1) Don't worry. Beats are so so so not under consideration. He has good ears, after all. 2) This looks like a good list! 3) More suggestions welcome, if you think something is missing.
  11. My son's 7506s broke and he's looking for a new set of cans. He's a musician and not wedded to, and in fact isn't a big fan of the 7506s. He's also planning on moving to NYC fairly soon and trying to keep things small, so the NFMs he's using will not be going with him. He's not planning on mastering or anything; he's not an idiot and he just wants to hear what he's laying down, mainly at fairly low "bedroom" volume, while getting tunes and tracks together (some jazz, some filmtrack stuff, some more experimental). Again, for composing, not tracking in a studio with a band, so I'm thinking isolation isn't a huge issue. And he's not interested in $1500 Focals, $3000 Audeze, or anything like that (re: Musician; NYC). Under $300 would be great. Significantly under would be extra great (so maybe he could get two pair). He checked out gearslutz, but their main heaphones topic has over 4000 posts so that's a bit much. So he asked if I had any ideas (sniff; just like when he was a tyke). Hell if I know. But what about all you? What's a good set of headphones that a musician will find tolerable in general and actually helpul when composing?
  12. What headphones does your boomop like to wear? If Sennheiser HD25 (or something close to that), then I'd think what Csaba Major points to in post #3 might be a good place to start. If Sony 7506 (or something close to that), then perhaps the Remote Audio Universal Headsets. They have a high-noise version that David points to in post #4, and they also have a modified "regular" 7506 with a headset mic. And they have some adapters for various rigs. And there are options with little gooseneck mics and with cable chin/neck mics... Check out the page; it's clearer there: https://remoteaudio.com/products/hearing/remote-audio-universal-headsets/ Or you could probably rig up something with a detachable boom mic designed for gamers and voip users. For example: https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/accessories/4a5e9c8232ec6206/index.html
  13. Maybe Mozegear Flexbox? I haven't used it, but have used other Mozegear stuff with success. (Sorry if it was mentioned earlier in the thread) https://www.mozegear.com/phantom-power
  14. In the US, at least, a number of dealers sell these individually, so you don't have to buy six at once. Are there Point Source dealers in the UK? Or do you mean that you need six?
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