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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with using the Phonak Roger in a situation with multiple talent on discreet channels? I have 6 talent that production wants to talk to independently on a live internet broadcast with earwigs. I plan to use some Phonak Invistys, but don't think I can get more than 4 to work reliably in the same location, at least that is the best I have done with the Invisitys in the past. Rather than trying to load up the 216 band, I am looking at supplementing with the Rogers, and it would be nice if I could access more than one discreet channel in the 2.4ghz band. I am just trying to come up with the best combination to make this work. I made add some ear loops with Lectro IFBs, as that would give me more options. But the ear loops are sometimes not very pretty with t-shirts. My preference is still the Invisity and/or the Roger, though. Any input would be appreciated. This was dropped on my on a Friday afternoon, and I am supposed to come up with a plan by Monday. Fun. Fun. Bruner Dyer
  2. I have a project coming up where talent will need in ear monitoring with an earwig. I know that different discussions on this topic have been discussed before, but I'm not finding my answer. Can I use a Phonak with a Lectrosonics R1a using some kind of neck loop? I'm thinking that the R1a will give me a better range than the Comtek. Have any of you used an earwig in this way before? Or is there another way to get good range with the Phonak? Any advice would be much appreciated!
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