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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy People!, I have a set of Audio Limited 2040s which have been replaced buy my new Lectros [smqv and sbr] and i am considering using the 2040s as a wireless link to camera. Now i dont do very much wireless to camera so i dont have very much access to fiddle with a camera but i was wondering if anyone here uses the 2040s for that purpose and what tips and methods you peeps recomend. I have tried to find something on the site but i cant seem to find it but am more than happy to read off another link if someone knows where it is. Just so you know i am using a 744t 442 combo with now 2 lectros and 2 2040s. I have the appropriate cables and have tested them and they seem to be all good. Thanks in advance!
  2. Shout out to my UK Soundies! Hope you're having a busy year... I'm looking at buying a wireless link to camera and could really do with some advise, please. I've found a lot of info on here and in other areas but nothing that hits the nail on the head. My question is: what frequencies are people in the UK using (and plan on using in the future) for wireless hops, given that some frequency distance is required between the hop and the adjacent receivers? I'm currently using the Audio Ltd envoy system (channel 38) and although my 4 mic RX (microns) are in the low end of the band and the hop TX is in the 22-24Mhz area, Im still getting loads of spray on my Mic RX when in the bag (no surprise as the Hz are still quite close). So, I'm wearing the hop TX on my belt and using my body as a 'RF sponge' but my range is still radically reduced. The hop TX are also on low output power, which i believe is 30mw. Now im looking at buying a hop so id like to know if there are any bands i could sneak into that are far enough away from the 606-614 band so as my hop could sit happily in the bag with the mic RX? The new zaxcom TRX900CL camera link looks perfect for me but im sure even with their attention to reducing RF spray, im still going to loose a lot of juice from my mic systems if the hop is used in the ch38 block. What are you guys & girls doing? Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks, Doug
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