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Found 4 results

  1. Has anyone tried charging SWIT S-8073N NP-1 batteries on the IDX JL-2Plus charger? These batteries offer higher capacity, 2 d-taps, and are cheaper than the traditional IDX NP-1's.
  2. Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade the power system I use for my current bag setup but wanted to get some recommendations? I currently use an Anton Bauer system which is somewhat heavy and I've built it all myself with 4-pin xlr but it was free so its what I got. I'd like to update to an NP style system for weight but also I'd like to get some sort of distribution system. Does anyone on here use the Remote Audio BDS system or do you just make a DIY system yourself?
  3. Announcing new Remote Audio NP-1 battery cups with improved back plate design. Remote Audio is now implementing a new back plate design on all of its NP-1 battery cup products. The new back plate is made of ABS plastic and custom molded to fit our NP-1 cups. It affixes to the cup with self-tapping screws and is designed to be a permanent replacement to the previous adhesive back plate. If you have an existing back plate that is peeling or needs repair, we are offering new back plates at no charge for a limited time. You have the following options: 1) You may send your peeling NP-1 cups to Remote Audio for upgrade. We will remove the old adhesive back plates and install new ones at no charge. Please contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513 for a Return Authorization number. OR 2) You may request an upgrade kit that contains the new back plate and mounting screws. The screws require a Torx #8 driver for proper assembly (not included). To request your kit, contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513. We will ship the kit with instructions via USPS at no charge. Limit two (2) kits per person. Additional kits are $3. Newly manufactured units will include this new back plate design and be available to dealers shortly.
  4. So the bottom of this NP1 cup has been peeling back over the last few months, but I've been taping it down as a workaround. Has this happened to anybody else? I'm wondering if it's worth returning it for a replacement.
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