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  1. Announcing new Remote Audio NP-1 battery cups with improved back plate design. Please see for further details.
  2. Announcing new Remote Audio NP-1 battery cups with improved back plate design. Remote Audio is now implementing a new back plate design on all of its NP-1 battery cup products. The new back plate is made of ABS plastic and custom molded to fit our NP-1 cups. It affixes to the cup with self-tapping screws and is designed to be a permanent replacement to the previous adhesive back plate. If you have an existing back plate that is peeling or needs repair, we are offering new back plates at no charge for a limited time. You have the following options: 1) You may send your peeling NP-1 cups to Remote Audio for upgrade. We will remove the old adhesive back plates and install new ones at no charge. Please contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513 for a Return Authorization number. OR 2) You may request an upgrade kit that contains the new back plate and mounting screws. The screws require a Torx #8 driver for proper assembly (not included). To request your kit, contact us at info@remoteaudio.com or call 615-256-3513. We will ship the kit with instructions via USPS at no charge. Limit two (2) kits per person. Additional kits are $3. Newly manufactured units will include this new back plate design and be available to dealers shortly.
  3. If you have questions about your unit, please e-mail us or send me a private message and I'd be happy to look up your serial number.
  4. Remote Audio is now offering an update for all Meon LiFe units manufactured before April 15, 2013. The update ensures reliable switching to/from battery power in the event of a brown out or similar AC power irregularity. The update is also beneficial in certain circumstances when the Meon LiFe is used in conjunction with a gas powered generator or power conditioning device (e.g. Furman). Parts and installation will be free of charge. Customers will be responsible for all shipping charges. Service will be performed at Remote Audio’s main office in Nashville, TN. Customers in the Los Angeles, CA area may alternatively bring their unit to Trew Audio’s LA location, an authorized Remote Audio service center. If you are interested in getting the update, please contact our main office first for a Return Authorization number and further information. You can contact us at 615-256-3513 or info@remoteaudio.com. Please have your unit’s serial number ready when you contact us. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for asking. We've upgraded our build procedure for new units and we believe we've solved the problem for the time being. Initial testing of an alternative back plate has gone well. We're still finalizing the details.
  6. Yes. We will announce the complete details once we've completed our tests.
  7. Hello everyone, We at Remote Audio are aware of the peeling issue some of you are having with our NP-1 cups. I want to apologize on behalf of the company for any problems this may have caused. We take quality control issues very seriously and are thankful to each of you for reporting this problem. It holds us to a higher standard and helps us improve our products. We are working diligently to create a permanent solution. As soon as we have one available, we will announce it on this forum. Thank you again for your help and patience. Sincerely, Phillip Schullo General Manager Remote Audio
  8. Marc, when the master fuse trips, it sometimes requires that you disconnect and then reconnect the DC input to the box to "reset" the fuse. This is normal. In your case, it could be that the master fuse needs to be replaced but we can't be certain until we run a few tests. Also, the master toggle switch in the v3 has failed on occasion so that may be the source of the power up issue you describe, but again it's hard to diagnose. Bernie, your issue is also difficult to diagnose. You could have a conflict with your power source, there could be an intermittant short in the system, or you could have an issue with your master toggle. If it is causing you headaches, you can send it in and we'd be happy to look it over. Just give us a call for a return authorization number (615-256-3513).
  9. Hello everyone, We've been working hard at Remote Audio to determine the source of this issue. We appreciate everyone's input both here on the board and via e-mail. After a number of tests and after communications with other equipment manufacturers, we believe the problem lies in the battery's ability (or inability) to provide adequate power to the setup. In our tests, we connected a 552 mixer, four wireless receivers and other equipment to our BDS box. We used a number of power sources including a fully charged IDX lithium ion NP1 battery and two different regulated power supplies. We tested a new unit as well as Mr. Denton’s BDS (which he graciously sent to us for inspection). We were unable to duplicate the fault in a variety of different setups. This led us to believe it had something to do with the power source. We contacted technical support at Sound Devices and they confirmed the in-rush current of a 552 at startup could exceed 2.5 amps. This week, Mr. Denton forwarded a response he received from the manufacturer of his NP1 battery, GlobalMedia Pro. They had this response: The current requirements of the 552 combined with other equipment in a bag or cart may be enough to force a battery into overload protection at startup. Check your particular battery's specs for this information. Sound Devices was aware of this issue prior to our call and has been recommending that users power up the 552 on internal power then switch to external. That workaround seems to be helpful for most people and may be the solution for anyone without an alternate power source. If you have further concerns about your particular BDS box, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help. Thanks again to Ed, Pat and everyone here.
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