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Found 3 results

  1. 2 questions if I may... I have found this on second hand pages here in ZA sennheiser mkh816t about $150 I have an old 302 which can handle it I think being T-Power. I dont think my SD 633 will though. Do converters work, is there a 'trusted' brand to get a T-Power mic working on P48 gear? Secondly, Im a sucker for a bargain and love 2nd hand trawling. Is the MKH816t worth a shot at 816? At that price its almost, never mind the quality, look at that length. Im sure I can find a use for it one day....
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for a cheap/diy solution to power 2 neumann KM184 out of 9v batteries. The goal is to ste up a wireless ORTF couple. The couple is going to remain on stand, so I don't need a compact/superclean box, but I need a sound quality comparable to this : http://www.areitec.fr/areitec-pico48-phantom-power-adaptor-zaxcom-wireless-produit-395.html even though I can't afford an audio transformer. I have 2 lectrosonics Smqv transmitters to feed but according to Lectrosonics datas I can't draw sufficient current from it. I recently used one of those gadgets http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/840641-REG/IK_Multimedia_IP_IRIG_PRE_IN_iRig_Pre_Microphone_Interface.html , sounded like ok I guess I could solder a TA5 plug instead of the 3,5mm jack. Someone ever tried ? For a complete diy solution, my first google prospections lead to that kind of things : http://www.geofex.com/circuits/+9_to_33.htm But I lack the advice of professional ears ! thanks in advance, Pierre
  3. Anyone aware of or ever had custom built a AA p48 supply? The Denecke PS-1A or the PSC box of the same variety are fine but in certain situations it'd be really handy to have one in a tube, so you could throw a AA in there and be done with it. Much like an ME66 or Rode Ntg-2. Does a standalone external one exist? if not, why?
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