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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm working on an environmental documentary mix and the editor/director did not include all the audio feeds into the timeline edit and resulting AAF. So I am trying to reconstruct the edited version of audio and replace the Lav Feed with the Boom. So I have all the original source RAW interviews that were recorded on location copied onto Temp tracks in the project. Is there any way to "match" by waveforms in Pro Tools 12HD? This would be similar to the way PluralEyes and Premiere Pro matches audio by analyzing waveforms. Ideally, I'd like to pull up some sort of plugin window, select my "Source" sample, and then Select the 1 hour long "Target" and hit a FIND button and it would search through and highlight the matching waveform from that long interview so I could copy and paste into the timeline. Is there any function in ProTools that does this or am I wishing for something that doesn't exist? Thank you, John
  2. Hi everyone, Has anyone been using an IMac with protools and a 5.1 system. If yes, what are the pros and cons of it? Been thinking of getting 21.5 inch soon. Please let me know your thoughts about it Thanks
  3. My PT session for a short film has several audio tracks, and at some point I imported an OMF from the foley department. I worked directly from this OMF (maybe the problem started here?) with editing, processing, etc. Now that I was saving a copy of the session to another location, I was surprised to see that it required around 250 GB, where the Audio Files folder only was 16 GB. Not knowing where the issue was, I still made the copy. Later on, checking the Audio Files folder of the copied session, I had over 400 instances of the OMF, all with the same creation date and most of them with the complete size. It seems that it´s an instance for every clip that was not processed. Trying it out, I moved all OMF files, except one, to another folder and tried to open my session. ProTools still needed to locate the OMF´s or else the audio clips associated with it, would be stated as missing files. I restored the OMF´s to the Audio Files folder, but ProTools is still not finding them. Why is ProTools doing this and could I have avoided it by duplicated the OMF tracks and work from the copied audio clips? I have ProTools 10. Thanks!
  4. I own Pro Tools 9 and have seen on HD systems the ability to write automation to a single clip and then write that same automation to multiple clips and I am wondering if that feature is available in non-HD systems. For example, if am trying to remove room noise using Waves WNS and want to apply the same noise reduction gathered from one clip, to all other clips from the same room, is there a way to in other words copy and paste that automation so that I don't have to be constantly re-running that plugin and potentially getting different noise reduction results?
  5. Hi all, So, I'm editing VO for some instruction industrials for the web. I'm using PT10 native to fix the dialog (removing ums, repeats, lip smacks, and such, but it's too cumbersome to actually bounce to disk for each of these regions (being that native does it in realtime only). So I've been consolidating the region, and the resulting file that shows up in the project's audio files folder is what I wind up importing into my video NLE. Does anyone know: is the quality lower on consolidated regions or the same as when you bounce? I don't think it necessarily matters for this application but it got me wondering about my feature film mixes and consolidating regions within my project, where sound quality is much more important. Thanks for your help! John
  6. So I have a project coming up in a few months (probably more like 6), that will require at least a 5.1 surround mix. I have Protools 10 native with the Complete Production Toolkit unlocked. I want to be able to encode the data stream for a blu ray and for a DVD as well. I see a bunch of encoders such as DTS encoder, Neyrinck Soundcode for DTS, Neyrinck Soundcode for Dolby E, etc. Bear in mind I know very little about the plugin I need to select (I have only done limited surround mixing in my past. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.
  7. Howdy everyone, So I am working on a post project for a feature and I imported my AAF/OMF data from a file exported by Media Composer/Symphony (not sure which). The re-recorded ADR timing is out of sync so i was going to use elastic audio to stretch/compress the takes so they fit better to the movement of their mouths. So, I made separate ADR tracks and copied my ADR takes over to new tracks and tried to enable elastic audio. It gives me this message: Could not complete your request because an audio file on the playlist is unsupported for Elastic Audio Processing as it is read only... Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Any suggestions would be great fully appreciated. Thanks!!!
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