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  1. I just recently bought this from Amazon and it has been working perfectly.
  2. Could someone tell me what kind of wire is used/needed to make this modification (connect SMA adapter to the board). And possibly where it can be purchased in the US. http://imgur.com/wbPvQoV (Green wire pictured here)
  3. Trew Audio's Interview about the K-Tek Harness
  4. So it obviously sounds like Preview and Write to Selection are not available in non-HD versions, but these options sound like a perfect solution. Thanks!
  5. I own Pro Tools 9 and have seen on HD systems the ability to write automation to a single clip and then write that same automation to multiple clips and I am wondering if that feature is available in non-HD systems. For example, if am trying to remove room noise using Waves WNS and want to apply the same noise reduction gathered from one clip, to all other clips from the same room, is there a way to in other words copy and paste that automation so that I don't have to be constantly re-running that plugin and potentially getting different noise reduction results?
  6. I recently started doing post production mixing for a company. We mostly do commercials and short corporate videos, most of which require a VO. When available, the VO talent uses our booth and we record here. But often times we use someone out of state, which we have an ISDN line for. However, being a bit young, I've never done a VO session over ISDN and I'm not sure the steps to take in order to get things up and running. I'm hoping someone would be willing to write out a simple step by step guide to setting up a VO session over ISDN, assuming of course that there are some universal steps to be taken, that aren't unique to each studio setup. If thats the case, any info would be a tremendous help. Also I've read a little about Source Connect being a better/newer option, but it can also be quite buggy. Is that the case yet, or is ISDN still more stable?
  7. Wow, thanks for the great responses everyone. I love the DIY/budget ideas of BluTac, mouse pads and tennis balls. I might have to try those out.
  8. I have some monitors that are currently just sitting on my desk. I'd like to get some separation with some low cost isolators (as I'm not looking to invest too much money into my post production gear). I've found ones from Auralex and IsoAcoustics that seem descent. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with either of these or another pair of monitor isolators. What are the pros and cons?
  9. I am working on a film that is shooting on Red Epic using an Element Technica wireless follow focus. After troubleshooting all my gear I realized it was the follow focus motors on the camera that was the cause of a constant, high pitch squeal. I can't seem to find any information about how to fix it. I have even taken the sound files into Pro Tools and it doesn't seem like a simple EQ or noise reduction fix, so I'd love to fix the problem at the source. I've seen on other brands you can reset the calibration to solve to problem. If this is the case with this brand and anyone knows how to perform this recalibration that would be super helpful. Or if the solution is something else that would be great too.
  10. Thanks Jack, that's a relief. Can the proceas be explained in a response, or is it fairly complicated?
  11. Is it possible to remirror a folder that was originally recorded as mono wave files as poly wave files?
  12. I am looking to get a Zaxcom ERX2TCD soon to send audio and timecode to camera (most often a RED Epic) but I am having a difficult time understanding what type of cable I will need in order to send both signals to the camera. I have a Nomad 6 and will be using the onboard Zaxnet for IFB transmission. But for the ERX onboard the camera, I am wondering if I need just a basic 1/8" cable from the ERX to the mic input on the Epic or a 1/8" from the ERX to an 1/8" and 4 pin lemo split cable or some other configuration. Also wondering if this would eliminate the need to buy/make a traditional BNC to 4 pin lemo sync cable? Any information would be very helpful.
  13. I owned an R24 and eventually sold it as the preamps inside we're garbage, causing my signal to have a ton of noise just to get dialog at a decent level. I own an H4N and love it, but it seems Zoom dropped the ball on the R24. Ended up buying a Zaxcom Nomad and love it!
  14. I've flown twice in the last month or so and both times I carried my sound bag onto the flight with me. I had two NP-L7S batteries with me and a handful of NiMH AA rechargeables and though they checked my bag once at security, I never had any issues.
  15. I owned one for about 18 months, sold it to upgrade to my Nomad 6, and couldn't be happier. The preamps in the r24 are garbage. You have to crank the gain just make things decently audible, which of course introduces a ton of noise, if your intention is to record dialog on set. I have used H4N's plenty of times, which are great for recording sound fx, small projects, etc. and have decent preamps themselves, but as soon as Zoom decided to have 8 preamps instead of 2 they downgraded big time. Also the workflow on an R24 can be very annoying and tedious. It is, as has been said, an at home demo recorder and nothing more. I highly advise against field use.
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