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Found 4 results

  1. As an NYC based mixer, I'm a longtime Nomad 12 user. But when I'm off shooting my own docs, I want quality preamps/conversion/dsp in a SMALL 2track recorder. I prefer not plugging my MK41s into an h4n in certain situations. What are my better options? (priorities being size, pre quality and power consumption on a 2 track recorder that I often operate while I'm shooting). Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. Is the next step of microphone design; the 130V? Is something to consider from ours side? Should the microphone manufacturers to look further? I am open this conversation to see if we will get a benefit from 130V microphones; practical and theoretical. As far I know, only the DPA Microphones has 130V microphone versions. If the 130V mics become a norm in near (or far) future; what that means for location recorders? Opinions from manufacturers are welcome! Best V
  3. EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO UNDESIRABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS FOR AIRPLANE TRAVEL Hello JW Sound Community Members, Come check out the Roland Systems Group Audio-Video Showcase at our place, March 6th at 6PM. Along with the new R-88 8-Channel/10-Track Recorder, Roland will also be showcasing their M-200i V-Mixer. See how these new products impressively propel Roland's entry into the multi-channel field recorder market. As always, there will be food! Please register by clicking on this link: Roland Registration Cheers! C.Z. Wittich & C. Allen Sales Manager and Senior Nerd of Gotham Sound the greatest audio shop ever
  4. Have any of you in this group used the JoeCo BlackBox recorder? The Mix Magazine Review gave it some good marks. It seems to have a lot of useful features, 24 tracks, reasonable size and weight, along with a number of input options. Has anyone played with one of these recorders yet? What do you think about it? Walt
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