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  1. The "problem" is that we are two Vasilis and both in production sound dept. Haha
  2. Left Athens, Greece on the sixteenth of February for Stockholm, Sweden. Doing mostly replacements, since I am new here. I can't complain, everything went smoothly and very well for a newcomer. Now, industry seems pretty dead for me and everyone which I have spoke. I hope soon will start again, because it's not a city than you can stay for long without income. Especially for me, where I start from 0.
  3. Nice to hear that, especially for MKH70; my favorite long shotgun.
  4. Nope. I have used MKH 50 with Lectrosonics HMa Plug-On, Lectrosonics DPR Plug-On, Wisycom MTB40S Plug-On, Wisycom MTP40S + PHA48 Combination, Audio Limited (or Sound Devices) A10. No issues between these combinations. So far, no one has been gave me the Zaxcom TRX745 or ZMT4; so I can't comment for this digital wireless.
  5. I am using Ambient QS (not the new 5-series) for 5 years now, after using all kind of brands. There is one boompole which I don't like to use, and that is it the old VDB. The new ones, are better from previous versions.
  6. Around 4-5 years now, every sound mixer I have worked; they provided Sennheiser MKH50 to my hands. Some of them where afraid to use it outside, two of them have switched to MKH50 exclusively for indoors - outdoors. Only bring Sanken CS-3e if I am more than 60cm above the head. I would prefer slightly Schoeps MK41 capsule in some female voices, but you know, can't switch booms during the take. lol Never had RFI issues or humidity, even with MK41 - have used in salt water as well.
  7. IMHO, A20-Nexus Go it's the "answer" for Lectrosonics DSQD and Zaxcom RX-8; as I see it. From the other hand, A20-TX seems like SD continue to struggle with combination battery-size-runtime, but have some plus in other senctions. Interesting to see how tech is being developed 4-5 years now.
  8. You will be supriced if you hear a supercardoid without interference tube from a hypercardioid / supercardioid with interference tube (shotgun). All the shotguns out there, their directivity starts around from 1000Hz and above and below that frequency isn't directional at all, well, because of physics. All of them (shotgun) will perform better (better cancellation) if the background noise is constant. IMHO, will need a very good judgement when to bring out MKH50 or 416 (or Sanken CS3e) and when not, but this is another story. My advice is to start with Sennheiser MK 416 which is miles better from NTG4; and if you need to add something else, look to rent MKH50 for indoor situation. If you are "brave" and use MKH50 outside, you will never want to hear any shootgun at all.
  9. Thank you, Rado! Send him greetings from Greece (now Sweden).
  10. Does anyone found that is more noiser from Alexa Mini and Alexa in general?
  11. The Audioroot Li-96 & Li-48 NEO is kinda disappointment, I would say. I have seen at least 8 batteries not being charged in Audioroot eSMART Quad Charger (and Dual Charger as well); also display sometimes works - sometimes not. I have been told the same from three different sound mixers as well (Greece, Sweden, USA). The old ones didn't any issue. IMHO, I would go for Inspired Energy which is the original one; it's more easier to buy it if someone being located in USA rather than in EU land. The Audioroot eSMART Quad Charger is the best one I have found so far.
  12. Sonosax SX-R4+ https://sonosax.ch/product/sx-r4p/ Zaxcom Nova 2 https://zaxcom.com/product/nova-2/ Aaton Cantar Mini https://aaton.com/cantarmini
  13. Hej Koen, Assuming everyone has a style and technique for booming. The most important is communication, during the rehearsal - be a more "aggresive" and if the boom will be "in"; pretty sure you will tell you. Either from camera dept. (eg. focus puller) or your sound mixer (if has a monitor). 24mm is wide, 35mm can be either wide or medium or close up, 135mm is close up; this is the most case in my experience. For documentary is a different story. With time and practise you will learn it and remember each DoP / Director has each own style. Again, communication with other dept. is key and with your own sound mixer. Regarding booming & watching frame simultaneously: For me, it never worked. One second off to go down to watch the frame and the world has been changed. I prefer to have open eyes, particulary one in my marks (eg. on walls, horizon) and the other watching other things (eg. camera movement, camera pan etc). It takes time to learn this.
  14. I was looking into this for a while. Looks very neat and nice build along with Focal.
  15. I think the answer is the question. Both for show and useful, it depends of region - workflow etc. I have seen timecode to be fail, I have seen "end slate" and then there is no slate nor timecode; but camera is rolling to take the slate while sound no. Anyway, slate (digital and no digital) is necessary IMHO. It is also a good reminder for necessary dept. (cough!) there we are close to end of the shooting day.
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