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  1. VASI

    SD A20 Nexus

    Did I wrote somewhere about I don't like some of the aspects of the Nexus? I said that was a bad promotion to location sound, IMHO. What kind of attitude, is that sir? Anyway, Paul and Sound Devices have delivered-answered my questions here and somewhere else.
  2. VASI

    SD A20 Nexus

    Excellent! Thank you, Paul!
  3. VASI

    SD A20 Nexus

    Happy to hear this, Paul! Dante Output when attached to 8-Series recorder must be available IMHO. Let's say we have onset the 888 + Nexus, 888 performing as back-up - plus the ability to output the channels to main cart (Scorpio or Cantar X3) via Dante. I know that you can do already via two Dante outputs (one for 888, one for Scorpio), but will be faster setup if Nexus is being attached to 888 as an example.
  4. VASI

    SD A20 Nexus

    Got some answers regarding these: 1. Is not waterproof resistance. "Don't submerged in water", that wasn't my question, but clear need protection. Since when Sound Devices don't know when location sound people asking about waterproof resistance what we mean? Anyway. No word about dustproof. 2. - 3. No calibration tone if you don't use 8 series recorder. It's on feature request list. 4. Sunlight performance has the same as MixPre Series. MixPre costs 2K euros, while this one costs like a new car. Anyway. 5. Glass performance (durability) is like Gorilla Glass. 6. True Diversity across 16 channels. ==== Really extreme poor advertisement-communication from Sound Devices for Production Sound Dept. here. Anyway, starting to think that SD want to be in other market - industry since merge, but this is different conversation.
  5. Let's start with the "brains", SRb and SRc does not have AES output.
  6. VASI

    SD A20 Nexus

    There many key points for production sound, which Sound Devices didn't mention in their advertisement - lunch product. 1. Waterproof and dustproof performance. 2. Sound quality, there is only one mention in Audio section which says 130> dynamic range with A20 mini transmitter. 3. Can you send a tone for calibration? 4. Direct sunlight performance of screens. 5. What type of class is on the screens and scratching performance. Someone is gonna pay 15K+ for this one, but little-no info about this. 6. True Diversity performance for 16 channels if you unlock it via plug-ins? I really like the advertisement - key features of this product, but other functions is vital to the field. There is so limited information about that fields.
  7. Don't have used A20, yet; but looking forward to see about the upcoming RF product from Sound Devices. Also, here a review
  8. Personally speaking, I prefer something with double AA and longer battery life at 50mW for boom.
  9. Here in GR, no masks inside and no rapid - PCR tests. Only vaccination certificate (triple dose) is required.
  10. SC-08 is very sensitive according to specs. Kind very close to Schoeps CMC 1 / MK41 & Sennheiser MKH 50 specs (in some areas) which I would like to try it some day.
  11. Hi Constantin, The middle channel is for option to post production. It has already the ORTF (8040) available, so the middle channel is something extra to play the post production and do it whatever wants. We don't play it so often when we have dialogues scenes; since require a 3rd person (we are two) to operate it. It's something new as workflow for me as well as for the PSM; so we are "investigate" it and waiting feedback from post production.
  12. Currently working with ORTF with 3 mics, Sennheiser MKH 8040 at Left/Right and Sennheiser MKH 8050 as middle. Windshield is from Cinela Albert. We are trying to have it in all scenes, plus wild tracks for atmos. Usually point at direction - axis where the camera look (like being "ears"). So far so good and sounds nice. Wish if SD 633 had the option to link trim (not faders) for the three channels input, because now it's a little "guessing" if it's exactly the same level. An alternative opinion
  13. Stephan Bucher use the combination of A-10 Rack - Dante - Aaton X3 as shown below (lovely setup anyway):
  14. From first look: +1 for size +1 for bandwidth +1 for weight +1 for rounded corners -1 for battery options (only one type) -1 for battery life (8 hours in 10mW) -1 for audio input level (not a huge deal on this one) -1 for Bluetooth not being the long range (as MTP60) -1 for coating surface (both 60, 61) - MTP40/41 was by far the best I have found ==== Still waiting for full digital family
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