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Found 5 results

  1. Good Afternoon All, On the verge of upgrading kit. What are your thoughts about keeping my 302 as a backup and to use as a channel expander with a SD633 when required? Or, would it be wiser to just move up to a 664, though budget would probably dictate selling 302. With the 302 as a 633 expander, is it possible to get 3 separate channels from 302 into 3 line-ins on 633 and record 6 simultaneous discreet tracks when needed? I can see feeding sd302 LR XLR outs for 2 channel expansion - how do I best get the 3rd channel out of the 302? Having a backup/second bag 302 rig seems prudent though. I very much appreciate your thoughts and experience. Thanks kindly. Cheers, Dave
  2. Does anyone know of any place to rent a basic field audio kit in St. Louis? A place similar to Trew Audio?
  3. Hi all, First post...needing advice. I have a little cash and want to upgrade gear. Im a run and gunner vidiot for 10 yrs or so. Current gear is SD302, Sennheiser ME66 and 3 or 4 Sony wireless lav things. (Gear is limited and costly here in ZA), recording from mixer to camera and out to a Zoom h4n for some safety. I have maybe $5000 at a push to spend. I was thinking SD633 + bag, batteries, chargers, bells n whistles (cables&bag) + new MIcs for the sonys to replace the shitty stock ones and a Sennheiser 416. However...I would like to be able to connect maybe 4 or 5 mic level items to the mixer on occasion (cant afford Lectrosonics (which can output line level??)) So...can I keep the 302 and have the tape out or L+R out and feed that into the SD633 for 2 more channels which it can also record OR should I try and sell the 302 and bite the bullet & get a SD644 (or shoot myself with the bullet and get the SD688) and then not replace lav mics and rifle till much later? I do like the idea of the compact nature (lightness too) of the 633 and it will probably be fine for most applications and the price (633) means I can get some other goodies too (mics) Any suggestions?
  4. Hello everyone. I 'm afraid I've fried my SD633. I was testing a non- original external DC power supply. After connecting the mixer it worked perfectly for a few minutes, at some point I disconnected the power supply. The unit switched to batteries flawlessly. But when reconnecting the external power supply, It abruptly turned off. after that it doesn't turn on anymore. Not any LED lights up (anyone) and does not respond to power cycles and hard resets. Anyone of you ever suffered a similar problem? it is possible that the equipment has been damaged? or there is a possibility that possess some kind of protection and possibly react after a while? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all. I've now got my new 'all singing and dancing' SD633 and I must say that it is brilliant. For the nearly the same money, in number terms, that I bought a four channel mixer ten years ago, I get this versatile mixer/recorder. There are a few changes to the software that I might suggest, though it could be that I don't fully understand how to use it yet! First: The headphone monitoring allows listening to stereo, mono, left, right etc. but flicking to return from the camera, it reverts to 'as is' two channel. Perhaps I'm sending only one channel to the camera or maybe a voice on one and fxs one the other, so have selected Left on the monitoring. I would wish it to keep to that when switching to the return rather than going one eared. Secondly and rather more involved: I have occasionally find that I have to feed audio into a Cannon 5D. This needs a pad of about 25dB from line level. On my old mixer, I have a set of tails with a built in pad, so it is normal operation. The 633 has the ability to pad down line level, but it is not that simple. If I do pad the output down, the L/R output meters barely move as they show this level and the headphone level has to be wound up to compensate. Don't try prefading as this is now +25dB, as are the record gongs and this is deafening! Ah, brainwave, I'll set the aux tracks to mirror image the L/R, so now I have the sum meters of both tracks but something strange has happened. I cannot match the headphone levels of the aux out to the camera return. Maybe I'll make up tails with a pad! I know that tone should be at the final stage of the output, but, if I was sending mic level, tone (in my case) would be 8dB below peak at mic level, not 40dB above. So I suggest that the pad should be after everything as though in the output cable and the meters, headphone and recordings are relative to line level. Maybe an indication on the display warning of a padded output might be welcome. Finally, I could then use tone to line up my mixer with the camera's input. I'm probably missing something. I would welcome any ideas, suggestions, threats etc. Chris.
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