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  1. Hi All, I have yet to use the Wingman App with my MixPre 10T - need a more current iPad, unfortunately. I wonder how tightly linked the timecode shown on the Wingman display (iPad screen) is to the internal running timecode in the MixPre? Is what you see on the iPad screen frame accurate to what is current in the MixPre? Or is it a little "off" due to bluetooth lag? Could a Wingman enabled iPad act as sort of a basic slate of some sort? Just wondering about that since the iPad is showing the Mixpre's timecode. Thanks very kindly :-) Cheers, Dave
  2. Thanks kindly guys. Nice to know this is possible. The MixPre does have word clock - any advantage of this over standard timecode? Nonetheless, I'll hook up the machines and see how I fare. I thought if I was stationary and not working out of the bag, I might run the HD-P2 as a backup linked to the MixPre.... may be overkill, but just curious to see if the hookup functions. Appreciate all your help. Cheers, Dave
  3. Dave

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    Hi Allen, Thanks for showing your G3 mount - very inventive. I like the back angle so the G3 screen is easily view-able. You've got a knack for product design for sure! I noticed some lav mounts on the thingiverse site ..... going to check if they have any for DPA lavs. Keep well Allen, Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi All, I've hung on to my old Tascam HD-P2 as a backup machine rather than retire it completely. I am going to try jam-syncing it to a MixPre 10T. Any tips re: engaging HD-P2 timecode function? Can I just jam, untether and have HD-P2 hold decent sync for a reasonable time? As always, thanks kindly for your thoughts. All the best, Dave
  5. Dave

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    Hi Allen, Finally had time to visit your low-profile XLR design page - very cool. Thanks for your generosity - very kind :-)) Our local library has 3D printers so your design will be my first experience with the process - should be fun! Your Sennheiser G3 riser looks very handy too - can't quite see how you've rigged it. How does it sit up upright in your bag? Cheers and All the Best From Ontario, Canada. Dave
  6. Dave

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi All, Regarding fader panels for MixPre series - these would be nice. Not sure if they can be powered by battery or USB. Maybe pricey as compared to Korg, but nice though. http://www.jlcooper.com/_php/product.php?prod=eclipsemxl2m https://www.jlcooper.com/_php/product.php?prod=fmp Yes, also awaiting new MixPre 3.0 firmware - should be cool :-) Keep well! Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi All, Another MixPre 10T question : Can't seem to find the answer - when a USB backup-mirroring card is in the MixPre, is it possible to view the contents of this USB stick from the menu? There has been a couple times when I had the feeling that I should check the USB card to make sure that it was indeed functioning as expected and mirroring the main SD card. Do you have to check files from a computer only? I'd be pleased if there was some way to confirm the file backup process manually by inspecting the contents of the USB backup card in the MixPre menu. And another question I saw asked on the MixPre Facebook forum : with the upcoming ability to hook up an external fader panel (Korg nano Kontrol Studio, for example) to the MixPre, do you have to forfeit the USB backup card port? Are there plans to engage the bluetooth capabilities of the Korg to the MixPre and still be able to use the USB port for a backup card as normal? Thanks again. Regards, Dave
  8. Hi Everyone, Thanks kindly for sharing your experiences re: the MixPre 10T on firmware 2.21. Here's my latest situation : Re: the following message occurring on 10T bootup (even without firmware update file present - removed SD card) : " New Firmware Detected - Updating" after which unit restarts automatically : After experiencing this false firmware update routine with L mount batteries and even with being plugged in via hirose wall power, I tried removing all battery power (took the sled right out). I then connected the SD hirose wall power adapter and left it plugged into the wall for just over 24 hours, with the MixPre shut down. After the lengthy charge, I then booted the unit, still on wall power and I did not get the false firmware update message/routine. I first tried booting with no SD card or USB stick in the machine - booted fine. Inserted SD card and again - all normal. Added USB stick and all ok. Went on L mount battery power only and again - all ok. I have had the MixPre stored for approx 3 weeks with 1 fully charged L mount battery and sled in place and have booted it randomly a few times every other day or so. Still ok - no firmware update message. So from what I gather, ever since I gave the unit a deep and full wall power charge, it has been acting normally. Is there a small internal battery inside the MixPre that hold a small charge to preserve settings? Perhaps an issue with this?? Regarding the "timecode was reset" message upon boot up - if I'm not mistaken I believe I finally read in the manual that this is expected if you are set to "time of day" timecode setting - correct? I'm going to record some lengthy material this week and run down the L-mount battery and then see what happens. Will let you know. Thanks Danny for your offer that I send in my unit. I may take you up on that soon but for the moment can't be without my machine right now. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the new 3.0 firmware - sounds very cool :-) Thanks guys. Will chat again soon... keep well. Cheers, Dave
  9. Dave

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi All, Happy to hear about being able to add an off the shelf fader panel with the new MixPre Firmware Update. This Korg nanoKONTROL Studio https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/nanoKONTStu--korg-nanokontrol-studio seems like it might be good, as far as connectivity goes. I hope it would connect to a MixPre 10T via Bluetooth which would leave the MixPre's USB port available as usual for the USB backup flash memory. Looks like the nanoKontrol can be powered by 2 AA batteries - hope Sound Devices allows a direct Bluetooth connection similar to Wingman. Regarding the new Sennheiser Ambeo features/support, Sweetwater has an interesting series of Ambeo workflow videos here : https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AMBEO--sennheiser-ambeo-vr-microphone The 2 gentlemen in the videos did a very thorough job of showing the Ambeo process from beginning to end - love it when a manufacturer presents workflow so cohesively.... great job on this. When you watch the clip called "A Proximal Visit - TRANSIENCE", click, hold and drag your mouse cursor around to hear the sound perspective change with the video perspective.... kind of cool intro into the possibilities of VR audio. :-) Thanks all---- keep well. Cheers, Dave
  10. Good Afternoon All, I hope everyone is well :-) I have an upcoming location session with a solo harmonica player - quite a virtuoso player. I wonder if anyone has any experience or tips that you may be kind enough to share? This player is not a "blues harp" player, but a very clean, melodic player who does the classic melodies as a solo artist. His sound is not the raunchier "harp sound", but more of a vocal like, pure tone delivery. He uses an interesting array of approx. 6 mounted harmonicas in various keys, in addition to the chromatic style harmonica with the "plunger" type device on the side. He doesn't use the typical close hand-held mic/amp combo like a blues player would - strictly an acoustic player. His style is similar to this Toots Thielemans video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKnG_9q4crA I'm using my MixPre 10T and thought I'd use a large diaphragm condenser as the main close mic and record wider stereo tracks with pencil condensers to capture the ambience of the room (a church). There won't be an audience. Thanks kindly everyone. Have a good evening :-) Cheers, Dave
  11. Hi All, Hope everyone is well :-) Just a quick check in to see if anyone has experienced this on your Sound Devices units, whether MixPre series or other. I recently updated my MixPre 10T's firmware to the current 2.21 version. I used the standard method of downloading the firmware update file to my MixPre SD card, using a card reader. I then inserted the SD card back into the MixPre and ran the firmware update - it completed and machine booted up in new 2.21 firmware. I then reformatted the SD card and backup USB card in the MixPre in order to erase/remove the firmware update file and generally reset and refresh the card. So far, so good. Soon thereafter, every time I would boot up the 10T, usually after a time of being powered down for a few hours or overnight, I would get the immediate pre-boot-up message "new firmware detected - updating now". The machine would then run through a "false" firmware update routine and after supposed completion would reboot itself and start up normally, though with the more frequent additional "timecode was reset" message. Thinking that this is weird because there was no firmware update file present on either of the MixPre's media cards - I had just erased and reformatted them. Next, I removed both media cards from the MixPre (main SD card and secondary USB backup card). After a period of time, (hours or even overnight) the unit sat in powered off mode with one or both hirose wall power adapter or charged L-mount battery in sled present. Upon booting the machine for the first time of the day, I still was receiving the message "new firmware detected - updating now" message. Once again, it would run the un-instigated update routine, reboot, briefly display the "timecode was reset" message and then appear to be back to normal. I wonder why the unit is thinking it detects new firmware when there is no firmware file available to it without any cards being present. Yesterday, I removed the L-mount battery/sled and connected only hirose wall power but this time left it connected (but powered off) much longer, overnight. Upon booting today from the same wall power connection, I haven't yet received the false firmware update message. I have turned the machine off and on quite a few times today at random intervals and have not seen the message reappear, which I believe is good news so far. I must also mention that early in this testing, I executed a factory "reset" of the unit, as suggested by Sound Devices - no luck - issue persisted. Tomorrow, I plan on disconnecting hirose wall power and mounting L-mount battery sled with a single freshly charged battery. I will then power on and off at random intervals to see if the anomaly reappears and if there is a pattern of behavior. I am wondering if there is an internal software glitch in the machine's built-in hardware memory, current firmweare file or an internal system battery issue that may be brought on by not having hirose power applied at regular intervals? I believe that this was a known concern with the timecode selection being grayed out and unavailable. The underlying thing is, that in addition to a concern of general operating instability, the delay in being quickly "record ready", due to the extended Firmware update - boot-up routine" is worrisome. Sound Devices has offered to examine the machine, which is great. After fiddling with my own different tests, I'll probably send it in. I welcome hearing if anyone has any thoughts or has experienced anything similar. Thanks kindly everyone - keep well:-) Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi All, Hope all is well. I've been trying different ways to gain stage a Sennheiser G3 (with DPA 4061 lav) into a MixPre 10T. I tried "line in" - sounded good but felt level hitting MP-10T was a little low - had to crank the 10T input gain a little bit high. I tried Mic level in and that seemed good as well, after bring the input level down a bit. Either way seemed to sound good but just wondering if you've discovered an optimum gain staging combination of lav into transmitter, receiver out into 10T, and 10T input level. Thanks kindly and cheers, Dave
  13. Hi All, Hope this hasn't been posted before. - didn't see it with a search...... camera friend thought we might enjoy this..... Maybe needs a Production Sound version? Could come in handy on a lot of gigs when all else fails : Cheers, Dave
  14. Hi All, Just wondering what your thoughts are about the role of audio mixers/sound recordists in the burgeoning area of video "Live Streaming". I'm beginning to encounter more need for sound people who can deal with audio gathering for multi-cam live-streaming. There are the higher end pro streaming hardware solutions and camera systems which presumably might be easier for interfacing traditional audio devices into. I am seeing the prosumer solutions such as Mevo, Sling Studio, V-Mix, etc which don't have "pro" audio interfaces but nonetheless would benefit from quality audio. Whichever live streaming hardware or software is used, audio has to be dealt with with - do you have any insight about sound capture for this type of production? I was looking at Sling Studio, for example : https://www.myslingstudio.com/features I see that the suggested camera feeds are WiFi wireless capable, whether pro-cameras or iPhones, etc. Do you see any merit to having audio mixers/recorders that could supply a wireless WiFi feed? As all this video technology moves forward, I'm curious about how you foresee audio moving along with it. Thanks for your input. Cheers, Dave
  15. Hi All, Did a live to "tape" sports shoot gig the other day feeding mono mix audio from MixPre-10T into a PC laptop running "V-Mix" video studio software. Just wondering if anyone else has used V-Mix and has any experience about optimizing the audio workflow. We sent an analog mono mix out of the MixPre 10T via single TA3/XLR output into a basic Roland USB interface into laptop and on into V-Mix software. The results were clean but final levels in the laptop seemed a little low for my liking. Need to get more familiar with gain staging into and inside V-Mix, I think. I was impressed with V-Mix generally for it's capabilities and features - too bad it's not Mac based :-) FYI : https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1103266-REG/vmix_scsi_vmixhd_hd_software_download.html/pcur/CAD?c3api=6329%2C109213537993&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk4Sohbj02wIVQtbACh3pTQnBEAAYASAAEgIxTfD_BwE https://www.vmix.com/ https://www.vmix.com/help21/ I can see the MixPre-10T being useful in that it should be able to stream multi-channel audio via USB into V-Mix - have yet to try this but hope to experiment. Thanks for any tips you'd care to share. Wishing you all a great day! Cheers, Dave