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  1. Hi Everyone, Sorry to hear about your MixPre 10T bootup firmware issue. I'm the original poster about this issue, I think. Same experience as you. Sound Devices were/are aware of this and wanted me to send my unit in, which I couldn't do. I agree that having the MixPre go into an unnecessary firmware update needlessly wastes time booting up, especially if you're needing to record audio immediately...a real pain. Not sure if there is an underlying hardware problem- Sound Devices kind of avoided this possibility. Anyhow, here's what I think is the "problem"... kind of : I don't use my MixPre daily or regularly. So it sits in the bag without being powered up for weeks sometimes. When I do power up again, if the internal system battery has discharged quite a bit I'll get the "New firmware detected" message on boot up and false update procedure. If the system battery charge is still somewhat ok, I won't get the firmware issue, but will get the "timecode was reset" message which I believe is normal if unit has been powered off for 4 hours plus. So, what I did was plug into wall power using the SD hirose wall power adapter and leave the machine turned on. It's essential that you leave the unit "on" when charging the system battery as it won't charge when MixPre is off - I didn't know this and the firmware thing kept happening. Seems weird that you can't just plug a MixPre in and have it charge the battery while turned off. Wish the manual was better and maybe mentioned this. As well, forget about AA batteries to charge the system battery... they barely power the unit. Fully charged L-mount batteries on the sled might juice the system battery enough to alleviate the firmware thing but I would highly recommend a good deep hirose wall mount adapter charge for a good few hours or better still overnight...leave the MixPre "on" though. If you use your MixPre daily and keep your unit fully/mostly charged all the time whether through L-mount batteries or wall power, the firmware thing should go away. It is dumb that a low charge can even cause this error - doesn't make any sense and I agree it should be "properly" addressed by SD. I hope it's just caused by a low/depleted system battery and not any hardware flaw. Maybe a batch of crappy system batteries were built in but Sound Devices hasn't said anything. Lastly, when I want info that is very specific to a MixPre or any SD product, for that matter, I absolutely HATE that Sound Devices has no running FAQ or decent troubleshooting info on their website. They rely so much on the horrible Facebook group crapola. This bugs me so much that it would really deter me from buying another SD product if another competitors' product had proper FAQ support. And the manual isn't very helpful as far as use scenarios...no mention of how-to audio for video streaming. Had to dug through Facebook junk to find a skimpy bit of video with zero step by step clarity...blah. Anyhow, let us know how you make out and if you learn anything further. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi All, Hope everyone is well :-) Was thinking about getting/purchasing the Musician Plugin for MixPre 10T from Sound Devices Plugin Store. I see they have a "coupon code" entry in their checkout. Anyone know if there are any current coupon codes for the Musician Plugin right now? Thanks kindly and have a great day. Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi All, Hope everyone is faring as well as can be expected, keeping stress levels down. With the current events, I am trying to set up the Zoom Video chat app on a recent Samsung Galaxy Tab A to facilitate internet guitar lessons with my students. I wonder if I can improve the audio quality and interface into the tablet using my MixPre 10T? I have no need to record anything, just want to have a mic for my speech, a direct guitar signal and perhaps a way to bring up my guitar students' incoming audio. Kind of working on the fly with what I have on hand. I have no idea about the USB audio capabilities of Android tablets.... will this work at all? How about a current iPad? Any fast track tips that you can offer are extremely welcome and most appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone. Wishing you and your loved ones good health and well being from Ontario, Canada All the best, Dave
  4. Hi All, I believe I finally have a bit of a handle on the MixPre 10T firmware update error message : if the machine has been sitting unused/un-powered for an extensive length of time with a low or depleted internal system battery, the firmware update error seems to frequently reoccur. The greyed out timecode menu seems to happen under these conditions too. If I understand correctly, the small internal system battery only gets recharged when the unit is powered on. I kept plugging the 10T into wall power via hirose overnight or days at a time, but with power turned OFF. I assume that the internal system battery wasn't getting recharged when machine power state was OFF. Therefore I kept getting the errors. If the 10T isn't used or charged/powered up regularly the depleted battery induces the errors. To address the issues, I charged the unit from hirose wall power with the 10T TURNED ON. I believe doing this overnight "power on" charge, managed to get the internal system battery up to a decent level, and since then I have have not had the firmware update error message or greyed out timecode menu button. Not sure if charging the 10T internal system battery via L-mount batteries works as readily as hirose charging but will try that just to know. I'm not sure how long a system battery will hold an adequate charge before depleting or needing another good amount of charging. Once I gave the internal system battery a good charge, my unit has sat unused for weeks but so far no errors when turned on from time to time. I think it's normal and expected that the timecode is reset after a 4 hour period, so when I power up again on a new day, I do get the "timecode was reset" message. So, try giving your unit a really good charge for a reasonable duration, hours or overnight with the machine turned "ON", probably most effectively via hirose power of some sort (wall or battery). Hope that works for your issue. Curious to see what others experience. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi to Sound Devices Users, I wonder if anyone with a Sound Devices recorder has an idea of how long it generally takes to "recharge" an internal timecode/system battery from a depleted state? I have a MixPre 10T and some functions go haywire when the internal timecode/system battery is low or depleted. I can't find a way to know what this internal battery charge status is in any menu so am having to guess as to when the charge is proper and how long to leave it recharging. After reading different posts I am told that in order to get this internal battery up to an adequate or full charge, connecting to hirose wall power is recommended. The thing I am finding odd is that since the internal battery can only be charged when the MixPre is turned on, you must hook up to wall power and leave the unit turned on - overnight recommended by Sound Devices. Apparently the internal system/timecode battery can also be recharged when the unit is powered by L-mount sled battery power, but once again the unit must be powered on for an indeterminate duration to do so. Would anyone know how long this takes. Is it normal on other recorders that while you are charging the internal system/timecode battery you have to stay powered on and are effectively depleting the main power battery? Lastly, how long are these internal rechargeable systems batteries supposed to last? Other than having malfunctions set in, is there a way to keep on top of this system battery's status and performance? Thanks for any tips. As always, much appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  6. Hi All, MixPre 10T - Firmware 3.02 Yes, same here with AA alkaline batteries - pretty much useless except in dire emergency or just to keep a temporary power trickle. I tried "off the shelf" AA alkalines in my 10T when I first got it - recording one track only as a test - brand new AA batteries depleted completely in 10 minutes with single channel with P48. Now using L mount sled, usually with one L-mount battery. Good runtime - haven't timed it with continuous long take recording and more than 2 simultaneous tracks, with phantom on - L- mounts and sled are what seems best when mobile, unless you have other main bag power system. Regarding the "firmware" update anomaly - after testing, I do agree that the cause of the erroneous firmware update procedure points to a depleted or low internal system battery. My unit didn't produce the false firmware update message when I gave the 10T a long (overnight) deep charge from a hirose wall power adapter. However, after not using the 10T for a few weeks (in fully charged state), the internal system battery must have depleted again and upon next power up, the firmware error message was back again. I recharged overnight again via hirose wall power and haven't seen the message again.... yet. Regarding the "timecode generator was reset" message ..... I'm still getting this upon boot up no matter whether unit is fully charged, on batteries or even hooked into wall power. I do have "timecode" currently set to "time of day" and I do recall that the "reset" message might be normal in the time of day mode. The big issue I feel is that if you are out in the field and don't have access to wall power, you might not be able to rectify the false firmware update message. Question for Sound Devices - is there a problem with the internal system batteries not holding or drawing a reasonable charge even when connected to a fully charged L-mount caddy and being powered off for short or long durations? I'm seeing this issue appearing with other 10T users over here : see thread started by George Vlad, February 21 at 1:22 AM https://www.facebook.com/groups/mixpre/ Hope Sound Devices can keep on top of why a "new Firmware Detected - Updating now... " message keeps appearing on boot-up even when there is no firmware file present on either the SD or USB cards.... something funky going on with that and does make you nervous when out in the field and not wanting to deal with unexpected anomalies. Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi Jacob, Welcome to Canada - what city are you in? I've had luck purchasing audio equipment on Kijiji www.kijiji.ca Trew Audio and Audio Sevices in Toronto might be able to help sell your gear on consignment or word of mouth. Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi All, Still think it would be extremely helpful if Sound Devices had product specific FAQs and current status bulletins (and a running archive) where all these kind of questions and solutions could be found on their own centralized manufacturer's official site. For example, all these big and little issues popping up lately with the recent MixPre firmware would be so much more readily and conveniently researched from a central FAQ and bulletin location.... preferably laid out by Sound Devices. Slogging through both the Sound Devices and MixPre user Facebook pages soup for current info is a big PITA when you are needing to know about a very specific product issue asap. I am not looking for "social conversations" when my unit has an issue - I'm looking for accurate timely technical information and solutions. Thanks for considering going back to the old but efficient FAQ method of information presentation. Have a great night. Cheers, Dave
  9. Hi Allen, Have you ever tried Sommer Cable USA for mini XLRs? Martin Ucik and Jed Larson at Sommer Cable USA have been very cool, sending me free cable samples quite frequently. I received a sample of their mini XLR connector and it seems well built. Anyhow, they may be an alternate source for you on the west coast - they're in Santa Rosa CA, if I recall. Phone number 1-707-200-4020 america@sommercable.com Here's the item on their website : https://usashop.sommercable.com/en/Plug-connectors/XLR/Mini-XLR-4-pol-HI-XMCF4.html Enjoying your informative posts :-) Cheers, Dave
  10. Hi All, I have yet to use the Wingman App with my MixPre 10T - need a more current iPad, unfortunately. I wonder how tightly linked the timecode shown on the Wingman display (iPad screen) is to the internal running timecode in the MixPre? Is what you see on the iPad screen frame accurate to what is current in the MixPre? Or is it a little "off" due to bluetooth lag? Could a Wingman enabled iPad act as sort of a basic slate of some sort? Just wondering about that since the iPad is showing the Mixpre's timecode. Thanks very kindly :-) Cheers, Dave
  11. Thanks kindly guys. Nice to know this is possible. The MixPre does have word clock - any advantage of this over standard timecode? Nonetheless, I'll hook up the machines and see how I fare. I thought if I was stationary and not working out of the bag, I might run the HD-P2 as a backup linked to the MixPre.... may be overkill, but just curious to see if the hookup functions. Appreciate all your help. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi Allen, Thanks for showing your G3 mount - very inventive. I like the back angle so the G3 screen is easily view-able. You've got a knack for product design for sure! I noticed some lav mounts on the thingiverse site ..... going to check if they have any for DPA lavs. Keep well Allen, Cheers, Dave
  13. Hi All, I've hung on to my old Tascam HD-P2 as a backup machine rather than retire it completely. I am going to try jam-syncing it to a MixPre 10T. Any tips re: engaging HD-P2 timecode function? Can I just jam, untether and have HD-P2 hold decent sync for a reasonable time? As always, thanks kindly for your thoughts. All the best, Dave
  14. Hi Allen, Finally had time to visit your low-profile XLR design page - very cool. Thanks for your generosity - very kind :-)) Our local library has 3D printers so your design will be my first experience with the process - should be fun! Your Sennheiser G3 riser looks very handy too - can't quite see how you've rigged it. How does it sit up upright in your bag? Cheers and All the Best From Ontario, Canada. Dave
  15. Hi All, Regarding fader panels for MixPre series - these would be nice. Not sure if they can be powered by battery or USB. Maybe pricey as compared to Korg, but nice though. http://www.jlcooper.com/_php/product.php?prod=eclipsemxl2m https://www.jlcooper.com/_php/product.php?prod=fmp Yes, also awaiting new MixPre 3.0 firmware - should be cool :-) Keep well! Cheers, Dave
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