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Found 2 results

  1. Hi - I'm a post-production guy, specialising in sound effects and usually* working on bigger budget movies. I do as much field recording as possible - partly out of need and partly because it's good to get out of the studio sometimes - and record a lot of quiet nature ambiences, weather, birds, sea etc. Also crowds, urban spaces, public buildings and so on (often in stealth mode with mics/recorder in a bag). I own a pair of Rode NT55 and an SD702 which have done me pretty well for a while (usually in spaced omni mode), but yes; should really upgrade those mics. 😀 I've used MKH 8040 and 8020 pairs and been very impressed, also DPA 4011s (even better but wouldn't fancy risking them in a storm) and Schoeps CMXY (good in some circumstances but noisy and not wide open sounding). I'd buy 8040s in a moment but money's tight and I'm wondering which other mics might be worth considering slightly below that price bracket? Used to use KM84s in the studio a lot, thought they were great and tempted by those - never tried them outside though, so no idea if they're robust enough - but I'm wondering if there is there anything a bit less well know that's worth a try out? Gefells, Josephsons, Telefunkens .......how about those Lewitts with zero self noise? Many Thanks for any advice.... *Not at the moment !! 🙄
  2. Im looking to buy an 8050 for indoor use on tv and film on the end of a boom pole. Obviously handling noise is going to be an issue on the end of a pole. So Im wondering about the fact that you cannot put a basscut between the capsule and the preamp on the 8050, unlike the schoeps collete system. So my options are: 1 - to put in a bass cut made by sennheiser for the 8050 which plugs in just after the capsule+preamp unit 2 - to use Rycote's Tac!t cable just after the mic unit 3 - just to use the bass cut on my 442 mixer Obviously options 2 and 3 are a lot cheaper but I want the best sound possible, Im just not sure if spending 6 times the money on the Sennheiser bass cut is worth it if a simpler solution exists which doesnt affect the sound quality What are people's experience with the 8050 on the end of the pole and its handling noise? And what bass cut options have worked for you with regards to traffic rumble etc and boom handling noise? Thanks for any feedback!!
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