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Zaxcom at Coffey sound and 2.4gig IFB


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Zaxcom at Coffey sound and 2.4gig IFB

As many of you know I will be hosting a Barbeque/ Zaxcom Demo day at Coffey Sound on Saturday June 30th at 11:00 am.

I will demonstrate our now completed TRX series of wireless. The units feature internal recording, IFB audio return, RF remote control, stereo transmission and 100% digital RF transmission modulation.

The time code based audio recording facility to mini SD card (Pat Pend) was completed last year. We have now completed the IFB return operating at 2.4 gigahertz. The TRX900 and TRX990 2 channel boom system will be live and available for both walk tests and audio quality tests of program audio transmission with IFB return. The IFB audio quality and transmission range are excellent. This is an all digital IFB system in a band that will not go away and is available in all locations.

On view for the first time, I will demonstrate our new 2.4gig audio/time code transmitter (Model IFB100). This 125mW transmitter transmits time code and IFB audio on the same RF carrier enabling all Zaxcom wireless recorders to be in perfect sync while providing audio talkback capability to boom operators as well other applications the require high fidelity wireless monitor audio. (Pat. Pend.)

ENG Stereo transmission with return channel camera confidence monitoring and optional backup recording will also be demonstrated. This is perfect for reality show camera hops providing the total package of 2 channel transmission, backup recording and confidence return with time code using 1 stereo transmitter 1 stereo receiver and 1 IFB transmitter. The Zaxcom transmitter with recording function can “Auto-Load” the audio based on the time code reference received from the camera.

The new Deva5.8 10 channel hard disk recorder/mixer with internal DVD-RAM and compact flash media support and Deva MIX12 control surface will be on display and available for demonstration.

The now delivering ZFR100 stereo recorder with time code will also be demonstrated. This low cost recorder is perfect for applications where other time code referenced recorders are too big to do the job. The ZFR100s optional IFB receiver allows for time code reference of its internal recording and IFB receive functionality.

Hope to see you soon


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