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Boom Recorder error message

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I am doing some test with Boom recorder (BR) for a shoot and I have experienced some minor issues. My set-up is MacBook Pro with Mbox-Mini recording onto the internal drive also mirrored on an external firewire 800 drive as a back-up. It happens often that BR is telling methat the recording aborted when I am pressing the record button. It says: "could not open file 0 with file name ..., file exists"

I have tried different thing and nothing seems to fix that issue, after one or two record files the same message reappears again. How to set-up a simple one wireless and one boom recorded into internal and external mirrored firewire hard disk?

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In your "Preferences" - under "metadata". Do you have either (or both) boxes checked that say "Increment 'Take' after recording" or  "Increment 'Slate' after recording"?

Boom Recorder will give you an error message if the Scene and Take, or Slate number is the same for the subsequent take you want to record. The recording will be aborted.


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By default the filename template is set to:


This template will create files using the current date and time, and as such will never collide with files that where already recorded.

However, this will create file names that are difficult to read, so some people use a filename template like:


This template will create files using the scene and take fields. You do have to make sure you select a different folder for each project, or use a template that includes the project field, like this:


There are many place holders (letters that are prefixed with %) that can be used, the manual of Boom Recorder has a chapter devoted about this filename template.

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