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Tascam DR-40 Dual Mode Question


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Been searching everywhere for an answer to an issue with the DR-40's dual mode and was hoping someone could clarify.


If I run +4 line signals into my DR-40 with the EXT.IN gain set to 0, then there's no way to get a safety recording because I'm assuming it only attenuates the unit's preamps, and not the line input signal itself.


If I'm missing something, please let me know, I'd love to have that feature but I understand if the unit wasn't designed to support it like that.

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Yeah, the manual didn't go too deep into how Dual Mode handles different signal levels, and no one seemed to bring this up on the web.


My test had me believing that it only attenuates the preamps, but I'd love to be wrong or missing something here. It's otherwise a good recorder for my 442.

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I highly doubt it has or attenuates a secondary input stage.

As with most budget recorders, the record volume only affects the 'digitized' level.

Incorrect.  The dual mode 2nd channel level is adjusted before the A/D converter.   There would be no benefit to doing it digitally.



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