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  1. Kart-a-Bag Tri-Kart Unfortunately I have not used it lately.
  2. As with Sound Devices products in general, I'm sure they are high quality. Kudos to the SD folks.
  3. Usually better than a bathroom though. Depends how much soft stuff is around to deaden the room and how quiet the household and outside environment is.
  4. "Please do this Received Max Level also applied to Sennheiser? " The G2/3/4 EK100 portable receivers at the maximum AF setting (+12) is in the vicinity of -10dB line level (nominal), which is anemic for most Sound Devices +4 line-level inputs. I would reduce the receiver's AF some and switch the input to mic level . Some other recorders preamps, for instance the 'F' series Zoom and Tascams line level is more sensitive, so the EK receiver works just fine in that case.. I have not used the EK series portable receivers with the 'H' series Zooms or Zaxcoms. Note: the EK100 portable receiver's output is unbalanced, so use a suitable unbalanced-to-balanced XLR cable.
  5. I have an center Auratone 5C wired to sum stereo channels together. Aside from that, most DAWs and audio editing software can down-mix at the click of an icon. Most have correlation, compatibility meters and scopes as well, there are quite few plug-ins as well, free and otherwise.
  6. I just heard, the April 15 tax deadline has been extended. Good for procrastinators like me. My motto: "Why do it today when you can do it tomorrow".
  7. If the goal is for a slap-back echo, I would not worry about the head stack. Vintage Space Echos and such never did have a primo response, but most everyone loves the sound.
  8. Rick Reineke

    Jay Rose

    So sorry to hear of this. I will miss his wisdom and comments here and on a few other websites I frequent. RIP Jay.
  9. Most mixers have multiple speaker sets. One of my 'sets' is Auratones wired for mono. Most DAWs have a downmix preview option as well as scopes. Plenty of mono compatibility and scope plug-ins available as well
  10. +1 Phantom Power blocking. I put a couple of caps in an XLR for a 100 series G3 Rx. A cam hop where PP could not be disabled. The EK100 portable Rx is unbalanced and Phantom Power can fry it, or just drain the batteries quick, as is the case with a 302 if PP is engaged.
  11. My first computer was a Mac SE, with a whopping 20MB hard drive. Someone gave me a floppy w/ MS Word and a printer which kept me amused.
  12. DSLR.s are notorious for awful sounding audio,..even with the world's best mics, preamps, mixer and boom op, it ain't gonna sound very good. Learn how to sync the audio to the video's reference audio track, which the F8's sub out is good for. In lieu of TC, many folks use PluralEyes for auto-syncing the production sound files with camera audio/picture. Some NLEs have a PluralEyes like sync utility built in.
  13. Sennheiser makes the NB2 headset boom mount. About $60 usd as I recall, With some Transpore, you could tape the mic on the wearer's cheek, at the hairline, or on glasses for a lot less $. I used an NB2 once, it was more noticeable and heavier than an E6, or other dedicated earset mic.
  14. With the 100 series G2, 3 and 4, the plug-on transmitter is not phantom powered, so a 300 or 2000 Tx would be needed, and they alone cost about as much as an entire 100 series system.
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