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  1. +1, a B6 (or other sub-miniature mic) in a tee shirt neck seam.
  2. The production company is typically responsible and loss and damage.. (at least in a perfect world). Your deal memos should state production co's insurance cover L&D.
  3. Dual ear 'headsets' stay in place better than a (single point) 'earset'. Transpore (surgical tape) can help anchor them both down further. Cardiods are Inherently more susceptible to air turbulence and 'handling' noise, so that may be an issue.. depending. I always use Omni's unless there is a feedback issue from a live sound system.
  4. Sorry, I should have recolonized the name. duh.
  5. This is primarily a professorial production sound (acquisition) discussion group, many of us do not deal with post-production issues. Try the DVUser forum which is more of a semi-pro group and deals with a broader aspect of sound-for-picture. In either case. you could post the audio for download on WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google or other cloud drive. Someone may have some time and tools to do something with it.
  6. Sorry to hear this. I met Al at a NY studio in the 1990s. Nice guy and a legend in the music recording community. RIP Al..
  7. Use the iPhone headphone out to a DI and record on an external recorder, which is easier (and safer) than focking with Jailbreak and the subsequent apps.
  8. Search Jailbreak. or if the participants have access to Android devices.
  9. The (two-wire) wiring diagram for a Zax, indicates the plug pin-2 is floated (not connected), the white wire is connected to Pin-1 and the plug's shell. I do not have experience with Lemos, but have terminated more than a few, TA-3, 4, 5, Hirose, and locking 3.5mm TRS plugs.
  10. If I could only have just one recorder, if would not be the PCM-M10, no XLRs. otherwise it's a alternate pocket size all in one.
  11. As I recall for the SK-100 bodypack transmitter, on most three wire lavs (audio, bias and ground/shield) both the audio and bias current wires go to the Tip. Cable shield to Ring and Sleeve. I have 2 AT-899s, but they are wired to a TA-5 (Lectro) plug. Both have stiff cables, so I never use them. They are old and later builds allegedly have softer, more flexible cable.
  12. I use these (very) low profile RA plugs.. of course someone would need to solder them on.
  13. The POS Zoom H series have very noisy preamps and not that much available gain.. a huge factor when recording low SPL sources. The good sounding F-series Zooms would do the job nicely , but I would also go for the MixPre if a few hundred $ more will not break the bank. For a small pocket sized all-in-one package, the aforementioned Sony PCM-M10 is a really good option.
  14. The $600 Audio Technica 4053 is a good mid-priced option. Sounds very good and has high sensitivity (over 2x more than the Oktava's anemic 10 mV).
  15. The Zoom F6 has 32 bit floating point recording as does the SD MixPre II series. 32 bit is good for unexpected high SPLs and inexperienced users. The MixPre 3 is affordable if only a few tracks and inputs are needed. Stereo mic type/selection and manufacturer for S/FX is subjective and everyone has their favorites. Stereo mics are generally not used for dialog, though in some cases an M/S mic can be versatile.
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