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  1. In Zaxcom's infringement case with Teac NA, the Tascam recorder did not even have an internal transmitter, it only facilitated using it with a third-party external Tx. As I recall, a Sennheiser G100 series or Lectro. The 'Lectro' compatible model was discontinued and other was not to be sold in the US.
  2. Rode states a 600 foot range as well. but that is likely in absolute clear unobstructed conditions (on planet Mars). April fools day is upcoming as well. As Jim stated, I am curious of Zaxcom's plans on this.. another patent infringement case. Either way, I am not selling the Lectros.
  3. What? No white or green colored plugs? I will pass on them then and continued using the Switchcraft TA series type ..aka, mini XLR, which IMO are easier to terminate/solder than the unbalanced RCA.
  4. I had the pleasure of working on a number of Sir Rupert's consoles when I was a recording engineer in the 70's and 80's. I particularly loved the sound of those 80 series consoles. RIP Rupert, your name and work will live on.
  5. I think a pre-owned 788 is going to be at least twice the price of a new F8n. If you can find a 788 close to the price of a new F8n it's a no-brainer. That said, IMO the F8n is a decent recorder. Smaller/lighter, if that's a factor.
  6. I still have two 185 systems. the VHS blocks I have are more reliable now than in the early 90s. Finding a matched 185 Tx would be like playing the lottery. The wiring systematics above posted by Nathaniel in 2017 is valid for the old systems
  7. Contact Shure and/or Zaxcom for a wiring diagram. Most lavs are not balanced, The third wire, if there is one, is for bias voltage. If it has an XLR connection, it is balanced in the transformer/power supply module. btw, soldering a Lemo is challenging... at least for me.
  8. The Zoom F8n has (switchable) -10 / +4dB outputs via TA3 (mini-XLR) connectors. I think the 1st gen F8 had a max of -10dB on a mini-jack, not sure about the F4 and F6.
  9. Knowledge of pro microphone wiring, parts and soldering skills.
  10. I have used Countryman H6 headset mics for years.. An 'Earset' mic like the E6 could be used for less rigorous activities.
  11. I have not been in contact with (Dave) OST in a few years, but customer service was stellar, though it was all via email. A response was usually within hours.. or less.
  12. I have a couple of TL40s. It has a flatter frequency response compacted to the COS-11, Trams or other OSTs. I never noticed an objectionable self noise, but my old ears have been subject to many high SPL environments (FOH mixer). I don't know if OST states the self noise specs for the TL40.
  13. NYC (midtown Manhattan especially) is aka, RF hell. So certain blocks are preferred. Many NYC sound folks use RF analyzers (and pray to the RF gods). My typical workflow.
  14. My ucr 211 systems still work and sound good.. at they used to when I had work (prior to COVID).
  15. The 302 is great, I doubt I will ever sell mine despite the fact do not use it much. It only has left and right outputs though, it you are feeding ISOs to a H4n recorder and they still go through the 'less than stellar' H series preamps even in line level. The F series Zooms are good and have lots of quiet gain, same for the 1st gen MixPre.
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