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  1. I was always partial to the Canare cables... flexible, silky smooth and a pleasure to work with. If your build them yo'self, the Starquad L-4E6S is about $0.50 a foot and L-2T2S two conductor is a little less, add about $5 for a pair of the Neutrik NC3XX XLRs and your good to go . I have not heard any issues with the two conductor Canare but most of mine are Starquad since the price is close and XLRs are easy to solder. I use the Canare L-2E5 mini two conductor for cart and bag interconnects.
  2. Back when I had a 680, I bought some 6.8Ah LiPo 12v batteries on eBay for about $20 each. They ran the 680 and a 302 for about 8 hours or so. They were very slow charging though, so few are needed. I ran the Phantom powered boom mic(s) through the 302 and the wireless' direct into the 680 @ line level and the 680 HP out to the 302's HP return. FWIW, the 680 has a hardwired preamp bypass circuit, unlike most recorders that just insert a pad to the preamp when switched to line.
  3. You could give Trew Audio in Toronto a call. They would know the 'good' frequencies, and most shops ship rental gear if there is no one local.
  4. Interesting pics ,, thanks! I've been watching reruns of GS lately on INSP. Some of the audio is pretty awful and some ain't bad at all. I think GS was the longest (or one of) TV series. The early 1955–61 seasons were 30 min episodes. Most all were b&w until '66. Matt Dillon lives.
  5. Solicitations such as this are frowned upon here. Do not expect any business. In fact the post will likely be removed.
  6. You can get some Topstick and cut the strips to size. It's not as easy to separate the backing as pre-cut Stickies though, The original Rycote Stickies are a 3M double-sided tape product. The bulk product is not specifically manufactured for Rycote AFAIK. I've seen it in bulk sheets but I do recall the pertinent product name, number, or where to get it. I have used Sticky Dots, but not on bare skin. Your can get them in different sizes.
  7. I would not think any physical damage to the mic would occur. It would only distort the sound some if the SPL exceeds 135dB or so.. which is PFL (Pretty F--king Loud).
  8. Sanken states the max SPL as 137dB, so I doubt a loud voice is clipping the mic. It also has a sensitivity spec of 79mV (very high compared to most shotguns), so it's likely over-driving the subsequent preamp of other input stage. I'd take a real close look at the chain and settings.
  9. I assumed the TA3 line inputs would have the same +40dBu max. There are post fader limiters on all the 633 inputs.
  10. According to specs, the 633 can handle maximum input peaks of +40dBu in line level mode, which should be more than sufficient. If that ain't enough, something's not set right. If your just looking for something to build for fun, that's another story.
  11. Digital limiters do not limit the analog input stage. What mic pre amp and what recorder are you using? Connectors? Balanced, unbalanced? You can buy or make some attenuation pads. Just five resisters in an balanced audio H-pad and less for an L-pad. They can easily fit inside an XLR or 1/4" plug. Tight fit for a TA-3, but it's been done.
  12. I do not have exact duplicates, but my alternate mixer & recorder 302/744 can do the job if a catastrophic failure happens.
  13. Over the ear with hair clips and such. If they wear eye glasses.. problem solved.
  14. Looks like a nice mic and probably good for drum overheads and such. According to the spec sheet it may not be so good for dialog. Compared to most of the go-to interior mics and not being a hyper. It has no presence peak and relatively low sensitivity (8mV).
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