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  1. Rick Reineke

    Recording a three man band with a 664

    For six inputs: Kick, Snare, OH, Guitar amp, Bass amp (or DI) and Vocal. Option: you could eliminate the snare mic and use that for the room. Obviously you'll probably need a two or three external pre-amps since the 633 only has three mic preamps. Most lavs cannot handle high SPLs, so get some dynamics for close mic'd sources. 57s and/or 58s are relatively low cost and good for just about anything that's loud.
  2. Rick Reineke

    Recommendations for versatile PA speakers

    I had some Anchor speakers that are rugged, sounded good. The Liberty Air had an internal battery. The AC powered AN130 was small but put out about 100dB SPL I sometimes borrow a couple of 15" full range JBL EON speakers from a band I work with. I prefer their 515XT to the 600 series, the 600s's digital control module in one of them locked up, so I could change the mode from 'monitor' to 'main'. The 515XTs sound better anyway IMO.
  3. Rick Reineke

    Remote Audio Phantom Lav Adaptor Thoughts?

    My OST Phantom Power supply XLR adapters, result in very low output with my B6s (almost unusable). All my other lavs,,,, Sanken, Sennheiser, Sony and Trams are fine though.
  4. Rick Reineke

    USB power a Sound Devices 302?

    There are more than a few reports of rechargeable AAs getting stuck in the tube. I use regular alkalines, (which last quite a while) when external pwr. is not an option. I have not tried making a USB to Hirose adapter cable, which may work, but that's at the bottom of the 302's 5-18 volt range.
  5. Rick Reineke

    Wich smartphone audio recorder APP?

    "I've been using Tentacle recorder (without using the TC feature) and am very happy with the results." -- Same here.. Of coarse a 3.5mm TRRS plug input cable or ext. interface was needed for my iPhone 6s... bizarre wiring config., the plug's sleeve is the + input, ring-2 is shield/ground.
  6. Rick Reineke

    What is your spare recorder

    The F8n allegedly has an 'improved' HP circuitry. The 1st gen F8 was reportedly noisy, but that's something I could live with, (like the 1/4" line inputs) if I wanted to save a few hundred $$$.
  7. Rick Reineke

    Large Boom pole case

    I got a White River fly rod case from Bass Pro Shops for my KEG-100CCR, the case is about 28" inside. A nice case and perfect fit for my KEG-100 . They have longer cases as well .. don't know if anyone makes an off-the-shelf fly rod case any where near 63" though They
  8. Rick Reineke

    Setting Levels with Lavs>Mixer>Recorder?

    The transmitter sensitivity depends on the source audio's SPL, There is no 'one-size-fits-all' The G3 SK100 transmitters have meters on them, so anyone with grade school edu should be able to set the Tx input level. I recomend using the mixer for the boom mic and feed that to the recorder via line level. The radios (ISOs) can be plugged directly into the recorder.. line level as well, just set the G3 receivers' AF output to maximum. (+12 as I recall).. assuming you will have the EK100 series portable Rx. If the mixer has a return, that may be better for HP monitoring, the 680 has an anemic 50mW HP amp as I recall. The 680 also has an internal mixer for a stereo or mono mix track
  9. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8n.

    If you can live w/o some of the new features, you can probably save a lot of $$. Depends on what new features are important to you. For instance, I frequently need +4dB outputs for ENG work and the work-around would require some kind of line driver. "I believe that: headphone amp is the same" - Allegedly, the HP circuitry has been improved.
  10. Rick Reineke

    Deity Connect.

    Most systems of this type can only have one TX, one Rx. So IFB use is pretty much out of the question for now too.
  11. Rick Reineke

    Oktava MK-012 testing

    As has been stated 'All Oktava 012s are not created equal due to the factory's quality control (or lack there of). Aside for the handing and wind noise, the 10mV sensitivity is a little lower than I prefer for dialog, which can also be an issue with low-cost noisy preamps. The 'Dorcey' type mods can alleviate the handing/wind noise somewhat but the sensitivity stays the same. I have a pair of Sound Room 012s that sound nice, but I use them mostly for music projects, drum overheads, acoustic guitar, ect.
  12. Rick Reineke

    Zoom F8n.

    As I stated elsewhere, "Use the F8 3.5mm sub out jack in (-10dB) line level with a SK100 portable Tx with a line-level plug config. (Ring=positive; Tip grounded to sleeve/shield). Otherwise I do not think the low voltage bias current of the SK100 would do any damage, though you should probably ask a Zoom tech."
  13. Rick Reineke

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    AFAIK, The Sound Room does not do any modifications on the 012. They just hand-pick, test and match the best ones direct from the factory. The mod is definitely worthwhile, which lessens handling, wind and self-noise noise. It would not change the build quality or other imperfections.. or the sensitivity (10mV), which can be an issue when used in conjunction with the pre-amps found many low-budget portable recorders and cams.
  14. Rick Reineke

    Oktava MK-012 paint damage out of box

    Oktava 'had' a reputation for inconsistent quality control. I guess that may still hold true. I would ask for a replacement or refund. The SoundRoom was the go-to Oktava dealer for many of us, They thoroughly checked and tested each mic before sale. This increased the price a little, but was worth it IMHO. I bought a multi-capsule stereo set about ten years ago which sound very good, even without the "Dorcey" type mod. Though I rarely use them for production sound much these days There were also China made 'counterfeits' about for a while on eBay and such which were allegedly made for the Guitar Center, but that's another story. Search if that's of interest. BTW, that's Bill Stiller, who sells the mod parts kit, not Ben the actor.
  15. Rick Reineke

    Straightening Old Lav Cable

    Same as some of the above,"I hang them with a little weight and let them dangle for a few days". A little heat to cable can help as well..