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  1. +1 I use a standard foam windscreen along with the mic's HP filter which is usually adequate for interiors. if that is not enough, I have a Windtech US-2 Ultra Screen . I usually do not use the 4053 or my other SDC mics for exteriors.
  2. you can't clip with 32-bit float. You can clip the audio prior to the converter though and it will still be clipped regardless of FP32.
  3. I am not sure about the Cooper, but on many audio mixers, the 1/4" (unbalanced) insert jack is normalled, so the plug is inserted only half-way in so it does not break the connection to the output busses. however, inserting the plug only half way in, can cause it to fall out if mixer or cable is moved around. For the cables I use for direct outs from the insert jack, I made custom cables where the the tip and ring of the plug are bridged so it can be fully inserted.
  4. Actually Goyo worked relatively good on narration test files I created. It eliminated white noise almost completely. . as good or better than my other din type noise reduction tools. Eliminating room ambiance (early reflections reverb) was not as good, and generated a slight flange type effect. but certainly could be usable on some projects. I can post the files somewhere if anyone is interested. I usually use SpectraLayers Pro. iZ's RX Advanced would work good as well, but neither are far from free.
  5. Check out the Sound Redux Auto Align which is specifically for phase issues. Imager plug-ins are more for widening and/or creating a spacial stereo effect than a repair tool. The imager tool can be used to collapse a stereo field, but that would make an out-of-phase issue even worse. FWIW, iZotope has an free 'Imager' plug-in which is similar to the above mentioned. It is also included in most versions of iZ's 'Ozone'.
  6. I had the pleasure of talking to Eric on the phone few times . He was very knowledgeable about wiring adapters and a hell of a nice guy. I regret never having a face-to-face. RIP Eric
  7. I am not sure what you mean by 'pitch'. Download the data sheet. The NC _XX is a real nice connector and easy to terminate (solder) I recently built an 8-channel fan-to fan snake with the NC3_XX connectors.
  8. EQ wise, the human voice contains frequencies from 100Hz> 10kHz (including sibilant 'ess' and 't' mouth sounds. Many folks apply a high & low pass filters at these points. This does not indicate a singer's range though. For instance, on a good day, I can sing songs (full throat) with high notes up to around G4 (above middle C) which is 392Hz.
  9. How about a three or four-channel snake cable. I have an old 3-channel snake that is about 6 or 7mm diameter. It is not super flexible though. I will look at the model # when I can.
  10. I do not recall what model , but it was a main stream radio from a NY production rental house. The PTT had a 'hold' option and I had to solder together a custom cable instead of an external headset.
  11. I usually put the bag in the car with a Comtek or other IFB to the follow vehicle . On a few shoots with an unpreditable distance, I fed the IFB and and a walkie-talkie, the walkie did not sound as good but the range was over a mile, good enough the hear what was happening when the IFB crapped out.
  12. Can you post a file on We Transfer, Google Drive, One Drive or other cloud based file sharing site.. I usually receive files from video editors in the AAF or OMF format which duplicates the editor's timeline. If files are not compatible, I use AATranslate to convert to a Adobe Audition friendly format..
  13. https://www.coutant.org/ev644/index.html
  14. Rycote Undercovers, or Overcovers for even more wind protection. Cardioid mics are inherently sensitive to wind (and handling) noise, so use omnis if possible.
  15. Boundary mics at the edge or the stage are unobtrusive and can sound good. Cables can be run up against the walls in the isles. I have a pair of Sanken CUB-01 miniature boundary microphones that sounded pretty good for a quick choir recording. Crown PZMs are popular boundary mics, but are generally larger than the Sanken but are still unobtrusive .
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