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  1. How about placing an Airtag in your sound bag. If you are robbed, you can track it with your iPhone and retrieve it with the aid of the police (if there are any in Northern CA).
  2. It depends if the Mipro can be tuned to the same frequency as the G3 Tx, if the Mipro allows disabling the pilot tone and companding circuitry if there are any.
  3. Sorry, this is a tough room of non-established audio folks. You would be better off posting your query at https://www.dvinfo.net/forum/all-things-audio or https://www.dvxuser.com/forum/filmmaking/location-sound-post-audio. Some JW group folks also frequent those forums .
  4. I have recently fired up my old 185 system (193.??? mHz It seemed to perform better than in previous walk tests I did 10 or so years ago. I tested it on the NY/NJ boarder where I reside
  5. Sorry, I misread changing for charging.. duh Giving up alcoholic beverages may not have been such a good idea .
  6. The Energizer lithium AAs are a single use non-rechargeable battery AFAIK. Explain please.
  7. Assuming Sennheiser AVX transmitters use the same wiring configuration as the G2, 3, 4, a 3.5mm TRS plug can be soldered on replacing the XLR power supply/adapter. The body pack Tx will supply the needed bias voltage. The audio and bias are connected to the plug's Tip terminal, the ground/shield are connected to the plug's Ring and Sleeve. btw, Countryman's wiring guide recommends a 6.8k resistor between the plug's tip and sleeve terminals.
  8. +11. I had a 816 as well, but I can only recall using that on a very few scenes in 20 years, including many documentaries. Surprisingly, the 416 is also the favored mic for some big-name VO artists.
  9. That appears to be the case with the Cable Techniques RA plug. I use the straight TecNec/Calrad locking 3.5mm plug where the locking ring retracts enough, so using the locking ring is optional, It can also be used on conventional 3.5mm (non-locking) jacks. Unfortunately, there is not a RA version , so a DIY modification is necessary.
  10. I have a Sennheiser NB-2 universal headset which will hold most lavaliere mics. It is not super low profile though (like a Countryman H6), if that is a requirement. I think it is discontinued but they can be found on eBay and some retailers may still have some.
  11. Can anyone make sense of the 'new' Sennheiser frequency finder. From what I see, it now only states regulatory info. I usually use an RF Explorer on site, but like to see TV channel/frequency signal strengths in a given area prior to arrival. The discontinued online finder was quick and easy. The Shure Frequency Finder shows TV channels/frequencies for a given location, but not the dB modulation, distance and other pertinent factors..
  12. Fine someone with a 3D printer (and the software skills) if there ain't one already.
  13. "Support for high impedance headphones' usually means, the PCs headphone amp has more power to drive less sensitive HPs. The original (600 ohm) AKG K240 are an example of 'Hi-Z' HPs and needed at the very least 100mW (x2) to obtain adequate volume.
  14. I was never a fan of the Sennheiser ME2 mic that were usually with the G-100 series systems. There are a few versions of ME2 and they all suck IMO. btw, the ME2 and MKE-2 are quite different in sound quality and price.
  15. The OST (Oscar SoundTech) mics are highly regarded by most folks here as a good sounding low-cost alternative mic The 801 and 802 are identical in appearance and size to the Tram TR50 (in fact the clips and other accessories are interchangeable). The 4mm 'oil can' shaped end-fire TL40 has a flatter frequency response. OST mics are made in New Jersey (USA) so they may be a little over budget when shipped to your planet. btw, OST's customer service is exceptional as well,
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