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  1. I have a matched pair of Oktava 012s from the Sound Room, which sound wonderful. The Sound Room hand picks and tests the best ones.The Sound Room does not mod the mics and should not be confused with the Dorsey type mods from Bill S and Mike J. which is worthwhile IMO, but they still have a very low sensitivity (10mV), and other inherent issues. Not good for inexperienced users with or w/o the mod. I use mine for drum overheads or acoustic guitars and such in the studio. I can't recall the last time I used one for dialog, since I have better options.
  2. What are "no satisfying results"?. OMF never did not transfer the plug-ins and such either.. just the timeline, x-fades and in some cases the volume & pan envelopes.. the same with AAF.. AAtranslator worked as well as could be expected with Reaper and Vegas Pro in my experience. Directly importing an AAF never worked very well with the above NLEs for me unless it was originated in the native app.
  3. I do not think it's a placement issue or a damaged mic, likely some component being clipped somewhere in the signal chain. Is the lav wireless? Over-driving a transmitter's input stage can cause that type of sound. So can feeding line level to a mic level input.. a common mistake of inexperienced folks. Is the audio from a camera?
  4. In my music recording and live sound days (daze), I had some Sennheiser MD 421s which were good on horns, drum toms and other high SPL sources. Made a decent VO and radio show mic as well if the talent was up close. On a tight budget, an SM57 or 58 would surface.
  5. For my 19-20mm hypers, I use an under $10 foam windscreen for interiors, for a little more suppression I have a WindTech US-2 Ultra Seriesl windscreen, which is double-stage foam. I have a Softie and a Zeppelin for exterior shotgun mics
  6. I have not used the microDot adapters, how much length does the add to a plug. I had a Rode lav, and their plug-adapter lasted about a week, I chopped it off, and soldered on a one-piece plug.
  7. The B6 is a great mic, however it's susceptible to air turbulence and fiddly with the fishing line size cable. Not a desert island mic though, you must have other mics must be on-hand. OST mics are highly regarded if your budget is limited. We still have to try out the Deity lavs. I don't like the idea of using adapters though (according to the NAB video)
  8. A friend of mine I help out occasionally for school plays and such has six of the BLX-4R receivers, four body-pack Tx w/ WS-93 mics and two H/H Tx w/ beta 58 heads. The BLX-4R receivers are metal and rack mountable. They have BNC antenna connectors and 12v 'line lump' power supplies. The plastic body-pack BLX-1 Tx seems pretty durable and has a TA-4 input connector. The SW93 lav mic ain't bad either, they're slightly smaller than a Tram TR50 and less than $100. I really have no sound quality or RF complaints, and they operate reliably in the northwest NYC burbs. I have no experience with the lower-priced BLX4, which is plastic and has an internal antenna. I think the SW-93 mic may be an up-grade option.
  9. They are probably being 'drop-shipped' temporarily. Shipping will likely be free like most other Makertek items when there are 'in-stock'.
  10. The price at Markertek is $5.99 (usd) but they are currently not in stock. I suspect this will change soon as Makertek usually has a huge selection of Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors in stock, Additionally, free shipping with a $25+ order.
  11. I've had issues with the molded-on locking 3.5mm TRS plugs. The Switchcraft and TecNec (Calarc) are pretty reliable. Still not as tough as a TA (mini XLR) though.
  12. As far as I can see by the images , it appears to be an older Sanken COS 11.
  13. I also prefer an external cable on a long pole but internal on a shorter one (10' of less), especially for ENG/ docu run & gun.
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