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  1. If you are are involved with video as well, Magix Vegas Pro (formally Sony) has an integrated full featured DAW built in. btw, Vegas was initially released as an audio only app back in the Sonic Foundry days. The intuitive UI of Vegas was the inspiration for Justin Frankel's Reaper.
  2. I'm not familiar with the 175 Tx., The user manual states a "Twist-lock micro" which appears to be about the size of a 2.5 mm micro w/ a locking mechanism. Contact Lectro about a proper plug replacement or mic. My M185s originally came w/ Lectro 119s, but the M185 Tx had a TA5 (mini XLR) connection. Oscar SoundTech (OST) has decent mics for under $150 if your on a budget, Don't know if OST can get a compatible plug. btw, OST is in central Jersey and customer service is top shelf.
  3. The VHF range is clearer now then it was prior to DTV, I still have two 185 systems that work better now then they did in the mid 90s. Of course they are not frequency agile, so if there's interference, you're forked.
  4. Most of the lavs that I've soldered connectors on for transmitters, the third wire is usually just for bias voltage. Unbalanced, but the cables are short compared to most hard wired mic cable runs.
  5. But a $20-$30 portable battery HP amp and tie the L&R terminals together when you make the adapter cable. With a standard 3.5mm TRS patch cable, standad stereo HPs would only have sound on the left side.
  6. To late for me, my ears are shot. I also have and tinnitus and hyperacusis. Since in my early teens. I've played in bands, mixed FOH and raced loud motorized vehicles.
  7. I would look into 'iZotope RX Advanced'. It ain't cheap ($) though, and there is no guarantee it would help much on your specific project, many variables can affect the amount of attenuation of unwanted sound.
  8. NIce. The IKEA battery pack would not power a whole rig very long, but definitely could be useful. And you can't beat the $20 price. Stated specs: Capacity: 2600mAh/37.4Wh Input: DC 16.8V, 2.0A Output: DC 14.4V, 3.1A
  9. I would just call SD for the power sled issue. They are always glad to help folks with their SD products..
  10. I prefer open back HPs as well for private listening to music and TV. I use the Sony 7506 for dialog recording but do not like them at all for music in general. Headphones are a personal preference in sound and comfort, so I usually suggest the user audition as many as possible. In the $100 range alone, there must be at least ten contenders
  11. "could it be power hungry headphones?" > Low sensitivity HPs require a higher volume setting to get an adequate SPL than high sensitivity HPs, which in turn uses more power= shorter battery life.
  12. $221 usd is a real good price for an hardwired B6, The XLR Phantom Power adapter alone in well over $100. Most vendors state $299 for a B6 with just a Tx plug (a TA-5 for instance)
  13. I have some of the Ladda 2450 AA batts, and have not 'noticed' a difference with my Enloop Pros. I do not have a fast charger. As I understand, fast charging reduces the number of charge/discharge cycles.
  14. The Shure SM58 and Beta 58 need no lifetime warranty. They are inherently indestructible. I know this for fact, I played and worked at the Manhattan (NYC) New Wave and Punk nightclubs (CBGB, Max's Kansas City, Gildersleeves, ect.) The SM58 vocal mics were heavily beat on. Most of grills were no longer anywheres near round.
  15. The bass player in band that work with had an e835 vocal mic. It sounded ok but was prone to (monitor) feedback and they did not have a proper EQ to notch out the problem frequency, I gave him a Beta 58. Sounded better and less chance of FB.
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