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  1. If recording a live music performance, I get a FOH console mix feed and a stereo room mics and mix the two stereo pairs together in post. The console mix provides the presence and the room mics give it the 'live room' sound, closer to what human ears hear. The 'house' mix is dependent on the FOH mixer and it may be vocal heavy, so having a separate mix or stems from aux sends or a matrix is a good idea. Many of the digital consoles can record a multi-track ISOs to a USB stick which is even better, but requires more post time and music recording/mixing skills.
  2. I have fed (mic level) audio to a walkie/talkie with a custom adapter cable I made. It was not recording quality but plenty good for monitoring. RF range was that of the walkie/talkie system. a mile or so. I suppose it could be done in reverse. Tx in the follow car and Rx in the picture car.
  3. I have seen an in-line high or low pass filter for unbalanced lavs, (which most are). If the noise is getting in through the mic/wire connection,I would try another mic (and/or channel.. It would likely be the same feeding a Lectro (or whatever) if it's getting in through the cable . I have never encountered security system interference noise working on many ENG with the G series Sennheiser or others on thousands of ENG and docu shoots (prior to sound for movies),.
  4. I do not think a few thousand Hz will make any difference. I just try to avoid having an antenna touch bare skin which can attenuate an RF signal significantly.
  5. I use the Neutrik Rean mini XLR (aka, TA) with the Canare mini cable which fits nicely through the Rean boot. The Rean are easier to solder and assemble than the Switchcraft TA series, which has about twice the number of parts.
  6. The Canare L-4E5C Mini-Star-Quad microphone cable is high quality, but the OD is larger than the Belden. Canare's L-2E5 2 conductor mini microphone cable is high quality as well and about 2mm smaller than the L-4E5C star-quad. Star-quad is not necessary for line level links IMO.
  7. For a specific voltage measurement, I use a multi-meter set to DC voltage and put a 100 ohm resitor to simulate load. On 9 volt batteries, a 330 ohm resistor is recommended for load. In lieu of a meter and for convenience, I put batteries in a Tx or Rx that has a gauge.
  8. Penny wise, pound foolish as the saying goes
  9. I have used a PVC pipe cap on other simular projects.
  10. My old Ampex 456 tapes from my recording studio days (daze) are a gooey mess... it is common.
  11. Blast from the past Ty. Many folks these days have never had the pleasure (or displeasure) of adjusting tape bias or doing a full calibration of a multi-track analog recorder (starting with the MRL tape).
  12. Markertek.com Broadcast Supply is one of the largest retailers of Canare in the US. They ship internationally as well.
  13. I am not sure about the HF noise. Did the mic come from a reputable seller? There were counterfeit 416s being sold on eBay and elsewhere a few years and they are likely some still around. There is information and photos to ID a counterfeit from an original. I do not recall a URL, but a search should be quick .
  14. You should post this query on the DVI or DVX forums. This is a pro PSM (production sound mixer) forum.. and a tough room if you are not an experienced pro audio person to begin with. That said, those items are low budget items and most forum members here would not even consider them in a primary audio chain.
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