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  1. Zoom's 'F' series is a different animal. The 'H' series in general has a 'POS' reputation. Otherwise, I do not care what a device looks like, reliability, features, sound and the UI is what does for me .
  2. I received an email from Location Sound Corp yesterday about the H8. The stated price there was $400.00 USD as well.
  3. Sorry, I am not sure about the unused terminal on the Sony. On the Sennheiser's, it is tied to ground/sleeve.
  4. The manual mentions 'line level' in the "Attenuation" menu, so I would assume the plug is wired the same as a mic (Ring terminal = hot).
  5. The Sennheiser EK100 portable receiver has an unbalanced output, so assuming the camera's audio input uses the conventional balanced wiring scheme; the common (pin 3) and ground/shield (pin 1) on the TA3 should be tied together. On the Rx 3.5mm TRS output connector, the Ring terminal is floated (not connected), whilst the Tip is hot. Unlike a full size XLR, the bottom terminal on a TA3 is pin 2. Pins 1 & 3 are parallel. Pin 1 is ground of course.
  6. The SK100 bodypack transmitter is mono. if both sides of a stereo signal are wanted, tie the left & right signals together. btw, The SK100's 3.5mm TRS plug is wired Tip for mic level .. or .. the Ring terminal for line. The unused terminal is to be tied to the sleeve/ground. (a +4dB feed can occasionally clip the input stage in line level config, -10dB is recommenced)
  7. Search this forum, there has been quite a few posts regarding vehicle sound capture, Interior, exterior, engine exhaust, ect, including placement and preferred mic types. And many of us have done it at one time or another. There are other resources online that deal exclusively with S/FX capture.
  8. I once bough a set of the Sennheiser HD280PRO. The sounded and felt alien to me after using the Sony 7506 for twenty + years, They were also uncomfortable around my neck (in between takes). Lots of other folks like them though.
  9. I love the Garfield Softies (warm in the winter, cool in summer).. the downside is the HP's isolation is compromised some.
  10. "Does anyone know good and not too expensive lavs for Sony wireless units?" .Assuming they are still in biz... Oscar Soundtech in NJ. Their OST 801/802 are Tram clones, The TL40 is a 4mm oilcan shaped lav w/ a flat response. Decent mics for about $130 usd with most any type plug. Email them (Dave) for a price list and order info.
  11. T Ktek Traveler is less than 20" inches as I recall, but naturally the fully extended length is minimal as well Probably long enough for ENG though.
  12. I have a Weller WLC100 as well, however it not substitute for lack of skills.. Spend a few extra $ for a variety of different size/shape tips, The WLC100's included 'screwdriver' tip is a bit large for the small TA solder pins and forget about soldiering a Hirose power plug without very small tip and perfect vision (or significant magnification) XLRs are relatively easy with basic skills, a TA plug can be a challenge.. especially if resistors are needed.
  13. As I recall, LBJ was the first Pres to use the SM57 ('VIP' setup). When I worked as a nightclub sound tech/FOH mixer in NYC, a 57would occasionally be damaged by a direct stick hit to the head, which would become dislodged and necessitated a trip back to Shure for repair. I lost two 58's in a nightclub fire as well. they still 'worked', but the frequency response made them unusable. $35 and a trip back to the Shure mothership fixed that too.
  14. And an A55M shock mount. Basically the same combo used today by the White House Press Core since the SM57/58 was released in the mid-sixties. The 57 is also the go-to snare drum mic for many folks in the music/sound industry. Great on guitar amps as well,
  15. Thanks GlennP for the heads up if I ever do need to replace the HP jack.
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