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Aggregating USB2 and FW devices

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In my increasingly desperate attempts to get yet more inputs for my under-powered Metacorder rig (G4 1.5 GHz), I hit on the idea of adding inputs via the USB2 port, since I really can't bog the FW (400) bus any more than I am already.  I've done a test that looks good adding 2 tracks from a USB interface to the rig I already had (22 tracks, thus 24 tracks in record 24/48), and am reticent to go farther (until I'm even MORE desperate, that is)--the test is 90 min continuous record.  Has anyone tried using combos of FW and USB2 input devices with Metacorder or Boom Recorder or anything else on a Mac laptop? 

Yes, I know I need a new computer.  Tell my family and loan officers.

Philip Perkins

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