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Apple wireless keyboard + Sound Devices 970 / 6-Series?

Joe Mullins

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Sound Devices doesn't support Bluetooth keyboards, at least on the 6 series. I suspect the half-rack recorders won't either. Bluetooth pairing requires too much processing power for pairing and there's no way to address the pairing process in the user interface on the 6 series recorders.


There are a couple of threads about keyboards and Sound Devices gear both here and on Sound Devices' support board, and I've had pretty great luck with the Rii pre-paired wifi keyboard and dongle with both my 633 and 664, for what it's worth.


Have a look here or here. And consider joining the Sound Devices support board.

Best regards,


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I looked the Logitec K800 recently for use here at home on our media system. I think it's 2.4 GHz wireless with a pre-paired dongle on their proprietary Unify standard, not actually Bluetooth. The pre-pairing thing works as well (better, as far as I'm concerned) as Bluetooth does and that Unify with the ability to connect up to 6 different devices to the same dongle seemed pretty nice. Sadly there's no Mac version of the multi device paring software required to add devices, at least not yet.

 The Mini we use here at home as a media serve has a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse which both disconnect occasionally, a problem I've never had with the pre-paired variety. The distinction is important because Bluetooth requires a pairing process so Joe can't go buy a Bluetooth dongle, plug it in to the keyboard port of his 970 and use his Bluetooth Apple keyboard. I believe there's no way to address the pairing function in the 970's user interface and I'm certain there isn't in the 6 series recorders. It gets confusing particularly because there are Bluetooth keyboards which come bundled with dongles but they aren't pre-paired like your Logitech or the little Rii unit I use with the 633 are.



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