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  1. Air Cargo Containers are no longer used since 9/11. They put all equipment on pallets and plastic wrap them.
  2. David, I've made the Executive of Local 695 aware of this issue. I will keep you informed of what transpires. Richard
  3. "Crackling' would mean you do not have your clocking correct. Make the 01V96 the master clock.
  4. Ironic that they seem to be an exact copy of the Ursa brand, with the cable pouches, the color coding at the top of the wireless pouch and the non-slip strips on the thigh belts. I'm interested in comparing the fabric used in the Viviana vs Ursa. I have just about every Ursa strap they manufacture. I'll demo these and compare.
  5. He was a brilliant designer and engineer and a terrific human being.
  6. I own and have tried all of the URSA brand belts and believe that the waist and ankle straps are superior to the Neopac brand. The material is lighter, strechier and operates cooler - which I've found that the talent, especially the female talent really appreciates. Don't get me wrong, Neopac has a great product too. But over the last two years, it seems that all the latest innovations are coming form Europe, Great Britain - URSA Straps, Greensleaves and Bluesleeves. The Piano from Cinela in France. Why are we not innovating these types of products here first, anymore?
  7. Currently MovieSlate can only sync with the Sound Devices 6 series of recorders --- according to their website. http://www.movie-slate.com/SoundDevices_Recorder_Sync/ I am only speculating here that there has been some push back from Zaxcom and Cantar?
  8. The Cinema Audio Society has an office number and an email address. If it were me I'd go to the source for the question, rather than ask for anecdotal information. Membership — CASMembership@CinemaAudioSociety.org CAS Office Phone: (818) 752-8624. I got this information by visiting their website http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/contact-us/
  9. The spring edition of Production Sound & Video is available on line. http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/
  10. I met Gregg at our production meeting on the ill-fated Midnight Rider. We talked about IEMS, Phonaks, his guitar amps and microphones he liked. Then tragedy hit a week later and Sarah Jones needlessly died. It seems the curse of death followed Gregg through out his career. None of it his fault at all, just bad luck, and bad choices. I last saw him and his friend and manager Michael Lehman at the Roxy over a year ago. RIP a great talent.
  11. Susan Ottalini of M.T.O. Unlimited the creators of ShooterSlicker.com make rain covers for cameras and sound carts. She could design a custom waterproof pouch, like the ones she makes for holding transmitters on cameras. https://www.audiodept.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=29
  12. The winter edition of Production Sound & Video is online!http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/
  13. The latest issue of Local 695's magazine, Production Sound & Video has an article on Fences written by Willie Burton CAS. I'll link to the online version as soon as we have it online.
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