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  1. RLightstone

    Viviana or Ursa?

    Ironic that they seem to be an exact copy of the Ursa brand, with the cable pouches, the color coding at the top of the wireless pouch and the non-slip strips on the thigh belts. I'm interested in comparing the fabric used in the Viviana vs Ursa. I have just about every Ursa strap they manufacture. I'll demo these and compare.
  2. RLightstone

    RIP - Chinhda Khommarath

    He was a brilliant designer and engineer and a terrific human being.
  3. RLightstone

    Ursa Strap

    I own and have tried all of the URSA brand belts and believe that the waist and ankle straps are superior to the Neopac brand. The material is lighter, strechier and operates cooler - which I've found that the talent, especially the female talent really appreciates. Don't get me wrong, Neopac has a great product too. But over the last two years, it seems that all the latest innovations are coming form Europe, Great Britain - URSA Straps, Greensleaves and Bluesleeves. The Piano from Cinela in France. Why are we not innovating these types of products here first, anymore?
  4. RLightstone

    MovieSlate and Sound Reports

    Currently MovieSlate can only sync with the Sound Devices 6 series of recorders --- according to their website. http://www.movie-slate.com/SoundDevices_Recorder_Sync/ I am only speculating here that there has been some push back from Zaxcom and Cantar?
  5. RLightstone

    CAS Comprehensive Letter of Recommendation?

    The Cinema Audio Society has an office number and an email address. If it were me I'd go to the source for the question, rather than ask for anecdotal information. Membership — CASMembership@CinemaAudioSociety.org CAS Office Phone: (818) 752-8624. I got this information by visiting their website http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/contact-us/
  6. RLightstone

    Spring Production Sound & Video Online

    The spring edition of Production Sound & Video is available on line. http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/
  7. RLightstone

    RIP - Gregg Allman

    I met Gregg at our production meeting on the ill-fated Midnight Rider. We talked about IEMS, Phonaks, his guitar amps and microphones he liked. Then tragedy hit a week later and Sarah Jones needlessly died. It seems the curse of death followed Gregg through out his career. None of it his fault at all, just bad luck, and bad choices. I last saw him and his friend and manager Michael Lehman at the Roxy over a year ago. RIP a great talent.
  8. RLightstone

    Rain and wind protection

    Susan Ottalini of M.T.O. Unlimited the creators of ShooterSlicker.com make rain covers for cameras and sound carts. She could design a custom waterproof pouch, like the ones she makes for holding transmitters on cameras. https://www.audiodept.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=29
  9. The winter edition of Production Sound & Video is online!http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/
  10. RLightstone

    Fences (2016)

    The latest issue of Local 695's magazine, Production Sound & Video has an article on Fences written by Willie Burton CAS. I'll link to the online version as soon as we have it online.
  11. RLightstone

    Mac-Mini Power Button Problems

    Yup, seen it thank you. Will try it...
  12. I have a Mac Mini (2012) and the power button has become intermittent. The mini will start after maybe the 10th or the 20th push of the power button. A while ago I replaced my internal drive with an SSD, using the OWC step by step video. The power button functioned perfectly after my installation, but now it's' problematic. Any local Mac whizzes in the L.A. area? Many independent computer repair places are either reluctant to do it or charge too much money. I'm sure the Mac Genius Bar will try to sell me a new logic board and it would be easier to just buy a new or refurbished Mac-Mini. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. The summer edition of Production Sound & Video is onlinehttp://www.local695.com/Quarterly/
  14. RLightstone

    RED fan

    This is from Simon Hayes: The Adaptive preview quiet mode set to 25% WILL NOT allow the camera to overheat- why would red design it if it did? It's design is specifically for sync sound. We are shooting on VERY hot sets right now with 4 cameras set to this setting with NONE of them overheating.(Jungle sets - no air con and no extracts to keep the smoke in). [Tarzan] The setting constantly assesses chip temperature while rolling and in idle and controls fan speed to keep the chip at the user determined chip temperature (60 degrees for us- the Red default). A lot of the time the fans will not even spin up to 25% unlike the old manual settings that used 25% even if it didn't need to. With the adaptive preview you also do not get the loud idling fan noise on rehearsals etc because the camera is constantly assessing what is needed. Don't worry that a constantly changing fan speed will mean less consistency and more difficultly notching it out in post. At 25% and less it is almost as quiet as an Alexa and you will be good unless in tiny room shooting super close up. If one of your Reds is noisier than the other it points towards one of the 2 fans in that specific camera being broken or full of dirt and not running properly resulting in the other fan having to work harder to keep the temperature at the desired level. Regarding a cameras temperature reading going 'Amber' on a long take- that will happen but the adaptive fan speed will just increase gradually to keep it from overheating- that is EXACTLY the difference between the adaptive setting and the old manual settings where if a camera became too hot it would kick in the fan at maximum speed. The chips are so happy running hot that there is actually a heater built into the cameras to keep them up to temperature when shooting in cold climates. What the chips do not like is to be constantly changing temperature. They like to have a target temperature that is achievable for working conditions set, the black balance set for that chip temperature and then the adaptive preview quiet settings 'job' is to keep the temperature within the correct parameters for the specified chip setting. The adaptive preview quiet is constantly assessing and reacting to stop overheating happening. Things should be fine but I would be interested to know what temp the chip temp is set to? It is on the same menu screen as the fan speed. Remember your ammunition on this subject is that 65 degrees is the red default setting ie how they come out of the box and the setting after a "restore factory settings" situation. If your DP is running say 50 degrees in LA if course the fans will have to work too hard. Again- so long as the black balance is set for the required temp it's all good. Hope this helps.
  15. RLightstone

    Production Sound & Video Magazine

    The Spring edition of "Production Sound & Video" our new name for the Local 695 magazine is available on line http://www.local695.com/Quarterly/