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RX Final Mix - Stem & bus processing plug-in for post production

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Hi all,

I wanted to share a new mixing plug-in we've created for the post production world! It's called RX Final Mix, includes an EQ with both Static and Dynamic functionality and a 7.1 surround True Peak Limiter and runs right within your NLE or DAW as an AAX, RTAS, AU or VST plug-in.

RX Final Mix is designed to be utilized on your stem tracks, and your master bus if desired! The limiter is designed to be transparent: it analyzes the incoming source material and uses a psycho-acoustically pleasing algorithm that reacts quickly to transients and reacts more slowly to lower frequency and steady tones; it is optimized to preserve transients and present them in a sharp, clear way, even when aggressive limiting is being applied.

The Dynamic EQ is designed to help carve out space for important things like dialogue, as well as add impact and power to effects, music, etc. Each EQ node can be set to either Dynamic or Static, and in Dynamic mode, the EQ responds and adapts to the incoming audio signal so that it only touches your audio when it needs to; transparency is key here! The shape and depth of the EQ curve will change and adapt in response to the audio it’s adjusting so that it can respond differently to, for example, a gunshot, dialogue ess reduction, and an LFE burst.

To see how RX Final Mix can help you craft better sounding mixes, download the free 10 day trial: https://www.izotope.com/en/products/pos ... final-mix/

Let me know if you have any questions!


Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.30.59 AM.png

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I moved it, Peter, thank you for catching that. I will also say that the above is essentially a FREE advertisement for a product. JWSOUND is a Discussion Group. I am pleased we have a new member, iZotopeEvan, who is a representative of the company, but in the future what is appropriate and allowable is a simple link to company website where our members can find out all about a new product.

- jw

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