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  1. We're all showing up in just pink shorts, right?
  2. Shastapete


    Cedar DNS is a hammer, works well on many things, but you still need the right 'amount' of hammer for the job... too much or too little is just as bad as the background noise itself.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the techspecs on these. I've always loved ktek poles, but lately for me VdB has won out, specifically for the length vs. collapsed size ratio. Looking to add a 12' and 16+' pole this year and my magic number for collapsed length is 43" (which VDB is just over on their XL)
  4. the countryman B3s are decent and affordable. The B6 are super tiny, but also have poor frequency response and noticeable self noise. I've only wanted to use a B6 when nothing else would work.
  5. Anyone get their ears on these yet? Interested to hear how they sound vs the popular lavs like dpa and cos-11d. Is that dual diaphragm worth it or just hype? they also seem quite large compared to the current crop of extra small capsules
  6. Sadly the (loud) fan is the deal breaker for me, looks like a great idea and hopefully a version 2 will solve that issue
  7. Shastapete


    Each module has 2 AES connections to the Nova supplying those 4 channels, just like a QRX200, so 8 channels possible. Glenn said there will also be a module that breaks out those AES channels for 3rd party connections
  8. Gotham Sound will also be posting videos (maybe live too?) through out the show
  9. Lecro digital hybrid wireless will beat Sennheiser's analog compander systems (2000 and lower) every time.
  10. Rio Rancho, NM (April 1, 2019) – Bucking the trend towards making everything smaller and smaller, Lectrosonics is introducing the Big Series™ transmitters. The new BS transmitters boast multiple powering methods for extreme run times and a host of additional advanced features including language translation, on-board high-density data storage, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, a neural network, quantum computing, the Internet of Things and much more. The recently developed Multipower™ module allows a multitude of powering methods including three, four, or six D cell batteries depending on the model, and propane, kerosene, compressed air, and user-cranked flywheel. By offering these various powering methods, users will be able to ensure continuous operation even in remote, undeveloped and inhospitable regions of the world where standard batteries may not be available. Run time with 6 D cell batteries is 48 hours, and with one quart of kerosene or one pound of propane, the BS units can run for 12 hours. If the user cranks the flywheel once every few minutes, continuous operation can be achieved. To keep the weight of these units reasonable, Unobtanium alloy is used for all metal parts. By employing a neural network using quantum computing and fuzzy logic, the new BS Series transmits and simultaneously translates the incoming dialog or singing into multiple languages in real time with extremely low latency. The units auto-detect the incoming language and then choose the output language based on local area using GPS information crossed with a geolocation database. The optional MultiLanguageDiversity™ module enables multiple languages to be transmitted on several frequencies simultaneously. Latency for the translation and transmission is 0.001 ms. Information about the detected local language, translations chosen, GPS data and other information, but not audio, are stored on the BS Series units’ 20 TB solid-state drives on board. An IOT interface allows the units to be accessed by smartphone or other IP device from anywhere in the world. “We realized that we were limiting the functionality and flexibility by making our transmitters so small,” states Karl Winkler, VP of Sales at Lectrosonics. “People want features and so we’ve got ‘em in there! The large size makes just about anything possible.” Models available include the BSBP (3 D cell) and BSDBP (6 D cell) belt pack transmitters, the BSHH handheld unit, and the BSHM plug-on unit. Available to order now, pre-backordered to April 1, 2020. About Lectrosonics Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theatre technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. * This text and image content is for Editorial Use Only and may not be used in any kind of commercial or promotional material or advertising without written permission. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/lectrosonics-decides-bigger-is-better.html
  11. I vaguely remember hearing some distortion/compression on one of the early live set scenes... which I would find believable, otherwise audio sounded great (from 10 feet away playing on my Sonos sound bar)
  12. I think it is just (over) using the connector for double duty. Stereo audio AND 12v power.
  13. Looks like things are working for me as well Thanks for fixing it Jeff!
  14. Not sure if others are running into this, it is happening both on my computer and phone, multiple browsers tested... I’ve noticed over the past day or so that only new posts are being added to the forum view, and new comments aren’t added to the count or bumping the post up. The activity feed is current but as far as I can tell the forums aren’t keeping up. anyone else seeing this? Also, this post got an error when posting, code EXO. That would also explain the other recent multiple post issues
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