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  1. Might want to delete this and move it to the manufactures and dealers forum. Jeff is pretty tolerant of companies repping their products here – but this post is an advertisement and it doesn't belong in this section. Move it there and support this site and buy a banner Ad, I'm sure they're reasonably priced.
  2. Just saw your follow up question – The battery "everyone" is using is the Inspired Energy NH2054HD34 battery, RRC makes an RRC2054-2 battery that is compatible, and Audioroot has a battery that is OEMed by Inspired Energy, but now offers their own version as well by a different manufacturer There's also a half sized 49wh battery, ND2054hd34, RRC2054, and 48Neo that have the same footprint and charge connector, but are half the length (and power) There are batteries out there with this form factor with Remote Audio and Sound Devices labels – but they are made by Inspired Energy with priva
  3. Audio is low voltage and low current, so you can use almost any wire to repair the headphones, Just contact your favorite local electronics dealer like Farnell https://se.farnell.com/ and search for your 2 conductor wire. You might not find the exact wire used, but it doesn't really matter.
  4. Comtek's headphone output is set up to play out of phase in stereo headphones – this is their workaround for making their unbalanced headphone amp work for both mono and stereo connectors. Bubblebee likely sums the tip and ring of the headphones as 99.999% of trs jacks are wired in phase (and if stereo, it'll sum mono), and audio 101 tells us that when you sum an in phase signal with an out of phase signal you get nothing. Using a mono adapter is the standard procedure for making stereo wired headphones play in phase with the Comtek mono connector. This is a Comtek issu
  5. I can't find the official specification but "Smart batteries" are what the Cantar uses, and what companies like Sound Devices and Aaton are using now as the NP1 is phasing out, RRC and Inspired Energy both make chargers that can be dropped into projects – AudioRoot, Remote Audio, and Sound Devices are selling OEM Inspired Energy batteries with their own label. AudioRoot also makes their own with their "neo" batteries, but I haven't figured out their OEM. So you shouldn't ignore this battery, as it is a new "standard" that is quickly replacing the NP1s in sound bag use, the "off the
  6. I've been using Descript for the podcast productions I've been doing. It uses google's transcription engine and creates a transcript that is directly tied to an audio timeline – so doing a paper edit does a decent job of editing the audio file as well. I would export it to ProTools to clean up the edits and do post processing and mixing, but it saved me a significant amount of time doing the first pass of the edits.
  7. Are you looking for a 'How to do Production Sound' explainer? I get that you're not working (most of us aren't or very slow) but there's a huge difference between live sound and production – including gear, workflow, set etiquette, skillsets, etc – and you may have taken a job you aren't qualified/experienced enough to handle...
  8. If every box had an LCR then he could cut the number of boxes by half – if a button is free add a phase flip option, and if panned center a "side" mode to decode an MS mic
  9. Schoeps killed it with this announcement – I could see myself grabbing one of these with a figure 8 and hyper caps. (Or DPA can make a figure 8 cap!)
  10. Off the top of my head: K-tek showed off their new Stingray bags Bubblebee gave a sneak peak of the sidekick 2 URSA showed off the "Maskie" and a new lav mount Schoeps showed off the CMC1L (CCM sized lemo preamp for colette capsules) Lectrosonics showed the 822 receiver Ambient showed off a new superslot receiver master locket Orca had some new bags I'm sure I missed something, but the live streams are still viewable on Youtube
  11. They aren't available yet – the small will be shipped to dealers in around 2 weeks, but they may only get enough to cover initial pre-orders, with more in November, JuniorX and their Scorpio bag are TBD
  12. I don't have any personal experience, but don't see why it wouldn't work, with the USB over IP drivers it just shows up to the computer as any USB device. Gotham featured this box in a video https://www.gothamsound.com/library/gotham-labs-building-poe-production-audio-recording-rig They used a program called Wave Tool which sends remote commands to the wireless receivers, and since that works, I don't see why the native app wouldn't also work just fine. If you talk to Peter at Gotham, I'm sure he has more experience to share
  13. Gotham sells one https://www.gothamsound.com/product/gigabit-usb-device-server
  14. Sounds cool, but to circle it back to our conversation – do you have NDI support in your multiviewer?
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