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  1. Was it working on set? A month later is a bit suspect, imagine calling up a producer and saying a transmitter broke a month ago on set and they need to replace it – unless there was an on set incident report or at least a conversation/email that something happened that claim would be denied immediately.
  2. That's my boom cart! MikeCorl is correct, that particular item came from the container store, though there are many like it. After using that on my little cart for a number of years, I've added a velcro strap that hooks over the front of the clip. The boom is secure when the cart is stationary, but if I hit any bumps wheeling it around the boom can (and has) bounced out, so the strap adds some needed security. I also have quickfists on another cart – they are much more secure, but you can't single handed stow the boom, so I feel they both have their place
  3. I'm sure that technology will work it's way into the smaller TXs as well. The first wideband TX was the LT (same size as the DBu) and within a few years the smaller TXs were released. I'm sure Larry will be posting his tiny tumbleweeds in no time.
  4. this is great, I made something similar using the switchcraft locking BDS jacks, but I've since switched over to hirose something like this is missing from my "oh shit" case
  5. Get the power of four wideband Lectrosonics, Inc.receivers in a incredibly compact half-rack space with the D Squared Digital Wireless System! It fits neatly on your cart or even in your sound bag! Best of all, it works with most of the Lectrosonics transmitters you already own; the receiver is backwards compatible with the SM, LT, HM, SSM, HH UM400(a), LM, MM, and WM transmitters! The system sounds great, with 24 bit/48 kHz digital audio, and features two-way IR sync, three levels of encryption, and tuning from 470-608 MHz in the United States
  6. New modulation technology for higher density of transmitters in a block?
  7. the LM uses the older wiring spec The new spec for Cos-11 (3 wire mic) which is what your LT was wired for, is incompatible
  8. Just commenting in general. How does your F8 behave with a mic (or other load) plugged into a record armed channel? Sometimes things get funky when there isn't a load on an input stage. Just trying to give Deity the benefit of the doubt.
  9. I have a 3 year old F8 that has held up just fine. I even use a Zaxcom Zaxnet transmitter sitting on top of it in the bag that is known to interfere with other "more premium" gear
  10. Shastapete

    Wireless GO

    I want a set for the sake of problem solving, not used for anything critical but could make a handy tool to throw on slate to get the AC calling scene and take or for simple PL between mixer and boom or to throw on an iphone for those also-live-to-facebook gigs
  11. We're all showing up in just pink shorts, right?
  12. Shastapete


    Cedar DNS is a hammer, works well on many things, but you still need the right 'amount' of hammer for the job... too much or too little is just as bad as the background noise itself.
  13. Looking forward to seeing the techspecs on these. I've always loved ktek poles, but lately for me VdB has won out, specifically for the length vs. collapsed size ratio. Looking to add a 12' and 16+' pole this year and my magic number for collapsed length is 43" (which VDB is just over on their XL)
  14. the countryman B3s are decent and affordable. The B6 are super tiny, but also have poor frequency response and noticeable self noise. I've only wanted to use a B6 when nothing else would work.
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