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  1. I appreciate that Zaxcom has started to normalize their naming convention. [Transmitters received] [A number] [Output channels] so the MRX 214, receives up to 2 transmitters and outputs 4 channels of audio, a 414 is 4 receivers, and 4 output channels. which means the QRX 200 is really more of a QRX 204, and the URX 100 should be a URX 112, but I digress...
  2. Sounds like the lav is dead. does the connection come back/static happen when manipulating the connector, at the mic head, or somewhere in the middle? If it's the connector, that can be replaced and it'll be back to life, if it is in the middle, you can make a shorty lav by re-terminating after the break. Mic head, you might be SOL. There are a handful of companies that can repair it, but it might just be worth replacing at this point. It sucks, but lavs are expendables
  3. I also have a Weller WLC100 with a collection of aftermarket tips. I've used to to build a couple hundred cables and wire up a few recording studios over the past 15 years or so. I just got a Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron, runs off of 4 AA batteries, got it to go in my pelican tool kit as a portable iron was what I felt like I was missing for effective field repairs/custom cables. Still haven't had a chance to fire it up yet, but I'll report back on how it works. https://www.amazon.com/Hakko-FX-901-Cordless-Soldering-Iron/dp/B00FZPUA28
  4. I really like my VDB small, 50 cm (19.69in) collapsed/ 2.1 m (82.67in) extended. So a little shorter than the K-Tek, but it fits easily into a carry on pelican case
  5. They have a built in Charger and pass voltage when plugged in. I recommended it because he also wanted a UPS solution (and if he already invested in the smart battery format, he just needs one or a couple sleds, depending on draw, and he's all set) Still need to run a powersupply to feed the DC input, but this covers the UPS situation
  6. That's overkill for a sound bag, how many watts do you draw on an average day? If you are already using other smart batteries, you should get one of Inspired Energy's sleds, It won't pass the telemetry along (but it does have bluetooth so you can see the stats on your phone) but it can be tied to a power supply and fail-over to the battery when disconnected. They also sell them in a rack mount with 5 units https://secureservercdn.net/
  7. You can use a relatively inexpensive LDO 12v regulator, There's a small voltage drop from the input voltage, but above 12.5-13ish volts it'll hold at 12v (which is fine for the 16.8 volts of a lithium battery off a charger) https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Microchip-Technology-Micrel/MIC29300-12WT?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsGz1a6aV8DcP%2B6ey5cUOYkns8EB2YLuv8%3D
  8. They would turn that sine sweep (IR) into a convolution reverb and then that room/PA speaker would just be a patch in their reverb plugin
  9. Might be worth building some pin-compatible tails so you could use the cable as a 25' 4 channel snake too, always nice when an expensive cable can be used for more than one thing
  10. For best results, you need a broadband linear attenuator
  11. That may have been me/Silver Sound. Cory Choy hosted a mic shootout at Silver in June 2015 (I think). We had all the normal "highend" mics and I brought a pair of the monoprice mics for the hell of it. I picked them up for camera and "crash" mics – I've also used them a few times for audience mics – They've started to fall apart and get noisy if the pieces aren't all in the right place. The 2 surprises from that shootout were 1. the monoprice mics, and 2. You can't hear a difference between the CMIT and 4017 on axis, and off axis the CMIT was a tiny bit nicer, but not $500 nicer.
  12. Matt Bacon builds and sells carts in your neck of the woods http://www.soundcart.tv/index.html
  13. Not cheap, (but neither is 6 Phonak systems) but Gotham sells a system called Digitear that can do up to 8 discrete channels of IEM in one system. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/digitear-4-channel-2-zone-iem-system Not sure if they rent them out, but this seems to be what you need. The neck loop and IFB is certainly the cheaper option... depending on budget and what gear you can get your hands on, it might be best to get a combo of the above. Also, do they really need discrete channels? could they get by with 3 groups of 2?
  14. Well, that case was made exactly for that use... so many of us... I personally have the Pelican Storm iM2500, it's 5 KG empty and a little longer inside which perfectly fits a VdB QT small boom pole horizontally, and cost $160 US. The 1535 weighs 4 KG empty, and costs $195 US the Air also has a real top handle, where as the Storm only has the luggage handle (which it traded for a larger interior volume). The 1510 weighs 5.5 KG empty, also costs $160 US and (in my opinion) is the worst of the 3, it may be slightly more rugged than the others, but it is smaller and heavier So it all comes down to your specific needs when it comes to the different variations
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