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  1. I have a pair of these, They've become my primary mic for documentary interview shoots (Axios on HBO, ESPN, and several others) I don't know if I can stomach "wasting" it as a camera mic. I have a Deity Smic 2S relegated for that duty when the cam doesn't have their own. (I'd suggest getting the short version, that didn't exist when I bought mine)
  2. https://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm Just glancing at a few – it looks like they are 24 gauge, which has a max current of 3.5amps in chassis wiring, and half an amp for power transmission. (In a charging case, I think you can lean more towards the chassis wiring specification, but I believe they shouldn't be paired in that configuration, just free wires.) So the rating says no, but you can try it, and if it melts then you know for sure you undersized your wires
  3. Personally, I view the distinction of Production Sound Mixer vs. Sound Recordist the same as Cinematographer vs. Videographer.
  4. An inline transformer used to isolate his bag from any ground loop problems coming from the production truck. This is one from Sescom: https://www.sescom.com/products/view/product/productslug/il-19-pro-audio-hum-eliminator-inline-with-isolation
  5. I only played with it once, had to really crank the gain to get it sounding right. But the self noise didn't seem to be a problem (listening to a city street)
  6. Raw battery cells are the individual batteries (like the 18680 lithium cell in your photo). A battery package contains the required number of cells in series/parallel arrangement and a Battery Management System (BMS) board. A BMS is required in front of any multi-cell battery. The board protects against over discharge, hight/low pack temperature, shot circuits, uneven cell voltages, and a number of other things that can at a minimum impact the life of the battery and at most keep it from exploding.
  7. Your idea has a couple flaws – the first is that there isn't any fall over between the power inputs on the Nova – they will just draw from whatever battery has the highest voltage. So your "backup pack" will add to the battery life of your system but not work the way you want it to. The Nova has a power range of 8 - 18v. A 4S lithium battery (with 3.7v 18650 cells) has a nominal voltage of 14.4v and a useful range of 16.8v to a low voltage cutoff of 10v (but a safe cutoff of 12v) A 3S lithium battery has a nominal voltage of 10.8v and a range of 12.6v to 7.2v (with a safe cutoff of 9v) So with those 2 battery configurations, you can safely cover the voltage range of the Nova with a smooth handoff of current draw from one battery to the other (as the current will come from the battery with the highest voltage) The second flaw in your proposed batteries is a battery management system (board) as raw cells can be easily destroyed if you draw them down too low, which the Nova would happily do as it's cut off voltage is lower than the battery's discharge limits. Additionally "raw" cells aren't supposed to be used out of battery packs, they are, but it is risky. Something I've been considering (but haven't pulled the trigger yet) as I already use the smart batteries, is to get a small 3S battery as power backup, like https://inspired-energy.com/products/n-series-batteries/details/3/4-nc2040hd29 as it can be charged on the same chargers and use the same battery connector – and will work as a fall over supply but the other option, and probably more reasonably, is to just use that second shoe and just add a fresh battery when the first one gets low (as the new battery will take the load, as it is fresh off the charger, and the voltage is higher)
  8. @Fred SallesThe lowest-profile locking 1/8" connector I've found is from Cable Techniques. https://www.cabletechniques.com/product-page/mini-3-5mm-trs-lopro-locking-connector-moulded-assembly-39 It's a moulded assembly with wire attached, so you just need to terminate the one end, and you're good to go.
  9. I also just ordered one, should get to me end of the week, will report back my findings/opinion as well. I plan to pair it with a DPA 4017b and/or the Sanken CS-M1
  10. As with all of Proaim's products, that cart is a knock off of PSC's sound cart https://professionalsound.com/specs/soundcart.htm, their other sound cart is a knock off of Inovativ's "Deploy" https://www.inovativ.com/deploy-gen-iv/
  11. There are a lot of news articles so you can easily find this information. It had nothing to do with the strike, it was a low budget film who hired very inexperienced crew in very important positions. Crew was using prop guns for target shooting between setups, live ammunition was on set, a prop gun was given to an actor without any safety checks and called a "Cold Gun", unfortunately it still contained real ammunition. We know the rest. Union camera members walked off the set that morning due to safety (and pay) concerns.
  12. Found the time to get Joppe's charger into my charge case. Looks right at home, perfect fit!
  13. I use the GoButton ipad app for any Cue to Cue and soundboard needs (same people as QLab) https://gobutton.app/ It's free for one show at a time, but it's all one offs for me, so I've never felt the need to upgrade to pro for $100
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