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  1. I have the INV-6 (black) and INV-6 Heavy (Gray) depending on if I'm using a furry or doing more running and gunning. I also use the Gray INV-6 with my DPA 4017c, as the black has a bit too much flx even with foam
  2. Yeah, that setting is basically useless. I'd start at 60Hz and move it up until you like the sound. Mine usually sits around 80Hz, but sometimes with aggressive booming, windy conditions, or whatever else I've even had it up at 120Hz – when I did post mixing, I'd always throw another low cut on killing everything below there anyways
  3. You could get the Ambient QAT-ECO, I have these on all my wired shockmounts. The big end screws onto a Neutrik XLR connector, and the little end slips over the 3/8" threads. You could just screw it into an open 3/8-16 on a camera body, or attach it to some other clamp accessory to get it pointing in the right direction.
  4. Here's my charging case. I originally tried running everything off of a single 24v power supply, but the DC powered USB charger that claimed to handle 24v, didn't, and it let the magic smoke out. So, attempt two uses an AC powered USB charger, a small power strip and the 24v supply that came with the audio root charger which live under an aluminum plate that sits on the panel lip of the nanuk 910 case. Right now the panel is held on by gravity, but I can easily drill a couple holes and screw it down if needed. A neutrik powercon connector is on order as well as a short right angle IEC cable to make it a little cleaner. It's all pretty compact, but there's still some room to grow.
  5. Try looking at "Percussion Trays" on amazon (or your favorite business) there's a lot of different sizes and mounting styles available
  6. You don’t always need to transcode an entire folder, like room tone or other tracks – yes, one could select the files in the file browser and drag them in. But since the app shows useful metadata that you can’t see in finder, it would be more useful to click on/off a checkbox to render the selected file in the list or the ability to click delete and remove it from the list.
  7. I just updated to the last version (I was almost a full point behind) and since I can drag and drop files into the list I can manually manage this, but what is really missing from that feature is a way to remove files. The only way to clear that list is to select an unused track and click render or to quit and re open the app. That would also solve my workflow situation
  8. I've been chatting with Bouke about adding a feature to the Make Transcriber Files app, he suggested we crowd source some additional input here: My Original Request: His Response: So anyone want to add any feedback to this? And since he's going to charge me for this – hopefully we can make it useful for more people... Thanks Peter
  9. Remote Audio's brand of power distribution systems
  10. Based on the photo from trew, it looks like remote audio is now using the RRC OEM charger for the "HiQCH1 charger" https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-hiq1ch1/ And the batteries they sell are OEMed by Inspired Energy. Now, AudioRoot is manufacturing their batteries from an unknown supplier, and they may have added in some restrictions to only work with their chargers. Since your charger works with your existing batteries, my first guess would mean the battery is at fault. Have you tested it in another charger? can you get your hands on another "neo" battery to check with your charger? This is also the first I've heard of any incompatibility, so I think you just have a dud
  11. Add me to the list too please! I might not yet have transmitters that use these batteries... but I will eventually. Please let us know when you need a deposit. Happy to put up some money before it is ready to cover material costs
  12. The "Gold standard" would be a DPA mma-a and 4097 ' https://www.dpamicrophones.com/news/gene-martin-calls-on-dpa-4097-micro-shotgun-for-sales,-rentals-and-field-production Or for a 1/10th of the price you could look at something like Shure MV88
  13. I Worked with a multi-talented comedian/actor/cartoonist this week, and between setups he showed me one of his pieces published in the April 2019 issue of MAD Magazine, thought it was too good to not share with you all here. https://www.jasonchatfield.com/ for more of his stuff.
  14. FYI – this charger is OEMed by RRC, When the HiQ batteries first came out, the chargers they shipped were OEMed by Inspired Energy, so there are a couple different HiQ chargers out there
  15. I got a pair of CS-M1s last year and I finally had a change to use them on someone other than my wife or cat.
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