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  1. Zaxcom launches Fader Motion Capture, further linking production and post sound Zaxcom is proud to announce Fader Motion Capture (FMC), a feature that records the fader levels and movements made by the production sound mixer in real time into a separate file. The file can be then imported into a post workflow where the fader movements are replicated in the workstation. This time-saving technology allows post production to edit and remaster the location mix without starting from scratch. “Today, many hours of the location mix can be discarded by post as the mix track is being remixed from isolated tracks,” says Glenn Sanders, President of Zaxcom. “Fader Motion Capture will allow the industry to utilize more of the location mix with the added benefits of a fully editable track and saving time.” How it works Fader Motion Capture is available on Deva 24 as a standalone recorder or when paired with Mix-16 or Oasis control surfaces. It creates a separate FADER folder containing “.FAD” files found on Deva 24’s recordings. These files can then be converted into AAF files using free downloadable software called Zaxcom Fader Motion Capture to AAF Converter. Once converted to AAF, the files can then be imported into the workstation. The new files can be added to any timeline where key frames generated by the location mix can be fully edited and remixed. To view the Fader Motion Capture key frames in the workstation change the audio view to “volume”. Workstation compatibility Fader Motion Capture is compatible with Media Composer, Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate. To use Fader Motion Capture in Pro Tools, users must first import the converted AAF files into Media Composer then export the audio through Media Composer to be imported into Pro Tools for further editing. basically only has Avid Media Composer compatibility (needing to open in MC and exporting for Pro Tools is disingenuous) Hopefully they can get direct to pro tools and Premiere Pro support working.
  2. Shastapete


    Announcing the 5PDR?
  3. Shastapete

    In ear Cueing

    Maybe they got their hands on a Bone Conduction hearing aid like Adhear https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/bone-conduction-system
  4. Shastapete

    Abetek 'RadCad' - 12 AA Caddy Charger

    can the charger take a direct DC input? this would be great to integrate into my charging case (12v would be ideal, 5v or 24v also do-able)
  5. Shastapete

    Pelican Case for Carry On

    I use the pelican storm im2500. The latches are much nicer in the storm series than regular pelican (or skb, hprc, etc) What made me pick this case specifically is that I can fit a small VBD pole horizontally in the case. Which means I can fit all the gear I need for a small doc style shoot plus a change or 2 of clothes in 1 case with my sound bag as my personal item and fly without checking a bag.
  6. Shastapete

    Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex.

    Sure will. I'm also imagining it being helpful in situations with tight clothes where this will be a big help, and with it bendable it could contour with the body
  7. Shastapete

    Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex.

    4.8" x 1.7" x 0.4" and 3 oz so about twice the footprint as the other ZMTs, but 2/3rds as thick - plus bendable, rubberized, internal battery, dual inputs...
  8. Do you intend to just stick to stereo playback? Quad? LCR? 5.1? You'd not do wrong with a pair of QSC K8.2s, they're small and powerful. The really important question is how large is the listening area (not so much how many people, bodies do absorb sound, but you can ignore it for this case) The Dolby spec says you need 105dB peak SPL at the "listening position" (center of the room, 2/3rds of the way back) Once you know the distance to the speakers, you can calculate the power of the speakers you need to meet spec (remember inverse square loss!) Once you get the speaker power nailed down you can figure out your speakers
  9. Shastapete

    4 channels audio over radio camera on OB

    It depends on the camera, or as ryanpeds suggested, embed the audio into the sdi stream after it comes out of the camera before it hits the transmitter. There's a box from Blackmagic design that can do it. $300 https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/miniconverters/techspecs/W-CONM-05
  10. Shastapete

    Setting Levels with Lavs>Mixer>Recorder?

    As with most things wireless, Lectrosonics have a video. Obviously specifically about Lectros, but you should learn something.
  11. Shastapete

    Cos11 Re-terminating

  12. Shastapete

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Another vote for a 19mm BBG, that works on short mics. That diameter has MKH8050, DPA4018C, and the Sanken CS-M1. All of which are short body mics that need a good wind solution. (The Cosi looks great, but steep at $529) If you can get close to $250 for the mount, bbg, and furry, you'll really have a winner.
  13. Shastapete


    the Cosi is up on Trew's site and is listed at $529. I was hoping for a $400 price point based on the LEO ($150) + Osix ($250) comment, and at $529 the step up to the Pianissimo isn't far away.
  14. Shastapete

    DPA 3mm lav mic

    That's what their specs say for all of their mics. but they behave just fine with the 3.3v of Zaxcom. very slightly higher noise floor, but nothing that impacts normal use
  15. Shastapete

    Favorite Slate

    And one more addendum, I don't offer a discount off the bat. But if there is negotiation, it is something that I'll be willing to commit to without much pushing... again as long as the rest of the rate is reasonable. For instance, if their equipment needs are $550/day but they say they only have $400/day for gear ($2000/week) I would say "Since the gig is X weeks long, I'd be willing to offer 4 day weeks - where the equipment rental is free on the 5th day" If they say yes to this, I still talked them up $200/week on their rate, and built in protections where if the last week runs short, they won't get a prorated discount.