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  1. He's traveling back to 1995 and wants to blend in! Or it's a statement piece. "You want to pay me rates from 20 years ago? You get 20 year old gear"
  2. Get the Sanken CSM1, $900 US, not sure what they go for in dollarydoos but I like it better than the 50
  3. I think you haven't paid attention to what I've posted. An SNA is 100mhz wide. Your gear is nearly 250 mHz wide. The SNA will attenuate the signal lower than what your whips do outside the set frequency. An antenna distro will just make the one antenna available to all of your receivers, it doesn't change the physics of the antenna attached to make it work better. Using an SNA tuned outside the frequency of your receivers as your antenna will preform worse than using whips. The correct antenna to use is a wideband antenna OR antennas (whips) tuned to the frequency of each receiver, an SNA is NOT a wideband antenna.
  4. A shark fin is a Log Periodic Dipole array. These antennas have multiple dipole antennas and each pair is sensitive to a tuned frequency based on antenna length and wave length (full, half, quarter) plus and minus some, but the center frequency is the best. They are wide band because there are multiple dipoles that when combined gives you broad spectrum sensitivity. An SNA600a antenna is only a single dipole and therefore is only sensitive around the tuned frequency (plus the roll off area) A dipole is like a whip antenna in that it is tuned for its intended frequency use.
  5. https://zaxcom.com/modulation-overview/
  6. Neverclip is on the transmitter. That's where the A to D conversion happens, from the pack to nova is all digital. So no, you aren't correct. With 2 MRX414 receivers, you can receive 8 mono signals (using mono, xr, or zhd96 modulation) which may or may not have neverclip depending on the source
  7. The sna600 has a 100 MHz bandwidth around the center frequency (as printed on your antenna). So you're not really using the right antenna for this wide of a spread of frequencies. The roll off is gradual, but with a range of 512 mHz to 760 mHz that's a 250 mHz spread. Use a sharkfin antenna as that is wideband
  8. ZHD 48 isn't supported by the 214 or 414 Yes, there needs to be a firmware update to make it happen but the RX12 and RX12-R will be able to output the 24 channels in AES mode, per Glenn at the announcement event last night
  9. That hak5 link is a .8 watt amplifier, so I'm sure it'll help
  10. haven't had a chance to test it yet, my work for the last few months have all been interview or simple doc where I'm within a few feet of talent and have just continued using the rubber duck
  11. If you want "the best" Look at the Nagra Seven https://www.nagraaudio.com/product/nagra-seven-broadcast/ but at this point a Sound Devices Mix Pre 3 would probably meet your needs just fine.
  12. http://www.l-com.com/wireless-antenna-24-ghz-5-dbi-omni-blade-antenna-sma-male-connector I just ordered one of these, planning to loop the antenna through the webbing on the front of my Ktek bag. With a right angle adapter on the SMA it should both get the antenna out into the open as well as take the stress off of the connector
  13. Was it working on set? A month later is a bit suspect, imagine calling up a producer and saying a transmitter broke a month ago on set and they need to replace it – unless there was an on set incident report or at least a conversation/email that something happened that claim would be denied immediately.
  14. That's my boom cart! MikeCorl is correct, that particular item came from the container store, though there are many like it. After using that on my little cart for a number of years, I've added a velcro strap that hooks over the front of the clip. The boom is secure when the cart is stationary, but if I hit any bumps wheeling it around the boom can (and has) bounced out, so the strap adds some needed security. I also have quickfists on another cart – they are much more secure, but you can't single handed stow the boom, so I feel they both have their place
  15. I'm sure that technology will work it's way into the smaller TXs as well. The first wideband TX was the LT (same size as the DBu) and within a few years the smaller TXs were released. I'm sure Larry will be posting his tiny tumbleweeds in no time.
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