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  1. I didn't have a choice, which vaccine to get, I was holding out for Johnson & Johnson (so I would only have to have one shot) but went ahead and got Pfizer (at Walgreens).
  2. I hate shots as well, never even got a flu shot for this reason, but the Covid vaccine I obviously needed to get at this time. I'm in the right age group and somewhat compromised health-wise so I finally got an appointment. What a relief -- the injection was so nothing, I didn't even feel it! I felt the nurse rub a little alcohol on my arm and then she said she was done -- I said back to her "you're done?". No real side-effects after the first dose -- maybe will have some after the second, we'll see.
  3. I haven't been able to demonstrate what you are describing (but then I rarely use my iPhone to view). On the web, all browsers, you are able to configure the stream you want to view when you select "Unread Content". Pictured below is how my set up looks. Play around with the settings and possibly you will discover a setting that works for you. You might consider checking out the site on the web with full-size browser, play with settings there and maybe it will clear things up when you use your phone. Sorry I cannot be any more help on this.
  4. Zaxcom patents cover recording transmitters without timecode I believe. In any case, paying a license, increasing the price a little bit makes everything legal. Let's hope they work something out.
  5. As I see it, and I'm not a lawyer, it is an infringement on Zaxcom's patent. My hope is thatI Zaxcom will discuss this with them and there will probably be a reasonable licensing arrangement. I don't think anybody is up for any more lawsuits.
  6. Thanks, Moe, for the detailed and personal report. I appreciate that you preface everything with the statements about subjectivity, familiarity ands personal feelings --- after all, as you know I have said many times that our EARS are our most important test instrument. What you have stated here confers very much with what I heard from others --- Wysicom stuff, analog, is very good, possibly better in many respects to it's closest competitor, but the Audio, Ltd. (as well as the Zaxcom Digital wireless) has so many advantages over any analog or so-called hybrid systems out there. My pre
  7. Wow! I was just trying to get it together to respond to this question and then I get to read David's and Jim and John's responses! I am impressed and again grateful for their participation, their wisdom and generosity. They are what makes this site so great! Thank you.
  8. I will contact Patrushkha to get an answer for you and others in Europe who may be having trouble.
  9. Dear fellow Boom Operators, Mixers, Utility Sound Technicians, Film Schools, Film Students, Sound Equipment Retailers, Etc. After much deliberation, your old friends, Mark and Deb, from NeoPax, Inc. have decided to close shop for a variety of reasons, in these challenging times, and are liquidating our entire inventory. We have also decided that we’d like to offer you a chance to acquire all, or some of our remaining inventory, at 50% off the original retail price, plus shipping. These belts are still Brand New, in original packaging and are the ORIGINAL, attach, anywher
  10. LINK to Petrushkha's wonderful book, "Behind the Sound Cart" -- available now! This is a must read, for all of us, young and old, just starting out or already with a long career in sound.
  11. Chat feature will be disabled as I work on installing something which I think will work better. Thank you for your patience. I installed the Chatbox on this site many months ago but it has gotten ZERO use by any of our members. I'm not even sure it is displayed in the navigation area on the main page. Is there anyone who wants to see if it is working (and more importantly I would like to hear if this is a feature anybody will want to use). Below you will see a screenshot that shows the button in the header for the Chatbox.
  12. Jeff Wexler

    Sound carts

    I pretty much settled into doing medium to high budget feature films and almost always had a transportation department that would deal with my cart(s) and equipment package. When I used to do commercials, I had a van which could easily transport my full size cart and cases. If I were to design and build a mini-cart (or what is sometimes referred to as a "bag cart") I would probably go for some variation of the Zuca cart (the ones that Eric Ballew does).
  13. Jeff Wexler

    Sound carts

    Philip said: "Those carts are gear-carriers. Our carts are personal workstations" I'm with Philip P. here, the sound cart bears almost no similarity to the carts that camera operators, assistants, DITs and Steadicam operators use except that they all have wheels. I'm referring mostly to rather high end sound carts that are used in major motion picture and television productions --- not your basic hand truck type cart that just serves to get your bag/gear to the set from the trunk of your car. A full sound cart is actually a specialized workstation, something which camera operato
  14. Your question is little confusing (not the part about needing help, that's kind of obvious) are you looking for a recorder or are you looking for a microphone? Why something that s rack mount? Try and re-state what you're looking for and maybe we can help you out.
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