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  1. I hadn't noticed any change to the attachment procedure and I have, I believe, made some posts with images in line --- text followed by an image, then more text and possibly another image. I will look into this. My procedure was always to write some text then "attach" an image by dragging to the window that accepts attachments (sometimes "choose files..."). Then I check to see where the cursor is in the text, click it where I want the image to show, then back down to the attachment window and click on the "+". I will try and demonstrate this for myself and get back to
  2. Don made a few windscreens and shockmounts over the years as we were pretty much the first to use Schoeps mics here in the US. The general feeling amongst most sound teams at that time was that the Schoeps mic was a music microphone not suitable for production film sound. So, there were no windscreens available to properly utilize the Schoeps particularly for exterior work. While working in France, we went to a sound equipment place in Paris, AudioVisual I believe, and saw the first Cinela mounts. As Cinela developed their mounts and the windscreens, we never felt the need to build our own an
  3. Eric was a dear friend, founding father of the annual r.a.m.p.s. party at NAB, I think I met Eric first at the Lagoon Saloon over 30 years ago at the first party. I am going to miss him terribly.
  4. I have made a Zoom meeting available to members for use whenever they want -- you can join a meeting without a host. I put up links, both in the Sidebar and at the top of the site in the global header. Clicking on the link will take you to the JWSOUNDGROUP meeting (with the link you will not need a password). Feel free to invite others by directing them to use the link and you can then have a meeting together. So far, I don't think anyone has made use of this. Let me know if it all works and if this is useful for our members. LINK to JWSOUND Meet
  5. Actually, there IS an issue if you started this topic with a hidden agenda (well maybe not so hidden anymore) --- I welcome, of course, the majority of the posts here that have praised the site, celebrated its longevity and usefulness for so many, and those who have re-affirmed that it isn't Facebook and that is a good thing. From now on, at least in this topic thread, let's keep the personal battles or disagreements out of here.
  6. I really did not want to get involved in this dispute, if that's what it is, but from my perspective there is some blame to both parties involved by bringing this issue to the various sites, JWSOUND and Facebook. It is my feeling that this whole issue, right or wrong in terms of administering social media groups, banning members, deleting posts, etc., should be settled privately amongst the parties involved. Personally, as creator and chief moderator of this site, I have been very lucky to have been involved in only a handful of "disputes" or contentious posts and I have not found it necessary
  7. Thank you, Rado, for all your support --- it is the members here that make JWSOUND a great site. There have been times when I wanted it to be Facebook (I felt that we were losing a lot of people and had become less relevant). Now, I am happy to keep JWSOUND going, it is quite a bit different than Facebook in many ways and our core members seem to appreciate that. So, for me, I will continue to participate in all the social media, including of course the site that bears my name.
  8. This is interesting stuff, curious to hear what you are saying the people at Bioenno have said about this sort of setup. I can only comment from real world experience (at least 10 years working with the cart power supplies I built that do a float, not as charging circuit). My typical setup was a 40 amp hour LiFe battery pack (Bioenno usually) and a Meanwell medical grade regulated power supply rated at 10 amps. The regulated power supply is connected directly to the battery and from there the various access point connections (the load, the equipment to be powered). I found that in operation, I
  9. First question: are these fires being created for the purpose of the shoot or are you shooting a documentary that takes place where there is a bonfire already integral to the event? If this is a dramatic shoot, the fire is probably being created for the shoot and will be accomplished by a Special Effects person. Typically, bonfires, fires in a fireplace, etc., are created with fake non-combustible materials (logs, etc.) and propane gas. This is so there is control over the size of the fire, keeping the consistency of the "burn" throughout the duration of the scene. Professional Special Effect
  10. Remoting antennas and mixing log periodics and di-poles (which is what the RF Venue single unit does) is often a really bad idea. To weigh in on this it really depends on the type of diversity the wireless you plan on using utilizes. Most systems either use antenna diversity or receiver diversity, some systems can utilize either one or the other. There have been mixed reports from several people regarding the RF Venue single unit --- everyone agrees it is a really nice tidy package and easy to use, but performance has been less than stellar. There is even more evidence that separating the 2
  11. I have been following a guitarist on YouTube, Gabriella Quevedo, who does wonderful acoustic guitar covers of many of my favorite songs. I always marveled at how perfectly the recordings sound. She is usually in the same location, sitting on a sofa in what appears to be her living room, and I'm thinknig this must be a perfect acoustic environment somehow. Then, just recently, I found out that she records all the music in her home studio setup, multiple microphones, some effects pedals, etc., then she shoots the videos to playback! That explains the pristine sound achieved (even outdoors with a
  12. Final update (for now): I have tweaked one of the themes, now set as default, that displays properly on mobile. The MENU icon (the 4 horizontal lines/box) is visible now which is where you can sign in, sign out, show Activity (Recent posts, Unread posts, etc.) and it all should work. Thanks to all for help is sorting this all out.
  13. Looking at the site on my iPhone (via iOS Safari browser) it initially looks like there is no MENU (usually with mobile you see the 4 horizontal lines/box which is the icon for menu operation). We need this menu, of course, to sign into the site and other things. Well, it's there but it is very faint, sitting to the right of the jwsoundgroup title. I will tryt and work on why this is so light --- with other themes it is white color and quite easy to spot.
  14. I apologize to all, I hadn't even looked into how things look on mobile devices. I will look into this and try and get the mobile access (small screens) to work as well as it can. I think I just forgot that lots of our members access the site on their iPhones, iPads, etc. (but I almost never do --- that's the problem!).
  15. Well, that's weird... and annoying! I have no idea how any of the ad blockers work but it's quite odd that it would see normal posts as ads that need to be blocked. The overall core structure of the site has not changed as far as I know, the only change was the change to a different theme. If you would, Matthias, if you have time you could change the theme you are using (o to the bottom of the footer and look for "Theme" dropdown) --- then with the old theme, see if ad blocker behaves the same. If so, the change may have come from the update I did on the core software that runs this site.
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