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  1. I haven't managed to thank everyone personally but the last few days have seen an amazing amount of support donations from our members. Maybe my birthday, April 18th, triggered this, I don't know, but it is so appreciated! We have such a great group of sound people here who participate regularly on site and so many of our veteran members have generously offered so much good advice and help to many of our newer members. It is amazing that we can keep this all going considering how much "competition" there is from so many social media websites. I am aware that the legacy forum format is showing its age a bit but it seems to be still working quite well. So pleased that there is room in your lives for JWSOUNDGRIOUP. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart for all the generous support donations.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am going to try and get out more but still mer fairly cautious when it comes to large gatherings of people indoors. I do know that most people have had Covid, many have gotten it several times. I am as fully vaccinated as anyone can be at this time but I still hope to avoid getting it at all.
  3. Nice! How wonderful it was for me to actually be with people in the real world. I have been so overly cautious because of Covid I have missed so many events, so many people. It was great evening, I think one of the best Awards show we've done.
  4. You are only partially correct on this. Zaxcom did not patent (and would not have been granted a patent) merely for the use of 2 A-D converters. What Zaxcom DID patent, this is my understanding, is Zaxcom's specific utilization of 2 A-D converters in a unique way. The patent would never have been granted if it were merely the use of 2 A-Ds --- you are right that this is not new and predates anything from Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Audio, Ltd., etc.
  5. Zaxcom has introduced a new IFB device designed to be used primarily the way in which current IFB systems used. The sound quality is amazing, it seems to be a very rugged and hopefully indestructable unit, so important for a device that will be the hands of other crew, Director, Script, etc. It will be very easy to integrate this with almost everybody's existing systems since it is compatible with all of the Comtek transmitters. Gotham has done a really good video showcasing the VRX-1.
  6. Something is not right here --- I cannot imagine an aluminum drawer being heavier than an all steel drawer. Oh, well, I think we've given the poster some choices and the answer to whether it has to be aluminum or not is a personal one. For me, the difference, particularly in a follow cart as Johnny K. has said, was night and day. I would never have wanted 4 or 5 steel drawers.
  7. Actually, when I last checked there are very few choices for the style of drawer we're talking about in aluminum. I do know that people have used various other sorts of drawers, tool chest container types, plastic, etc., but for standard type drawer in aluminum, very few companies to choose from.
  8. Until they went out of business, several of us relied on Rackman because they were the only one doing aluminum. The Star Case stuff eventually was done in aluminum but you are right that it was inconsistent and not very well made. I looked into the Penn Elcom drawers but when I first looked into those they did not have aluminum - -- that was a deal breaker for me as I was always striving for lighter weight stuff. That's what drove me to be one of the first to experiment with LiFe batteries for cart power (easily a 10th of the weight of the very common sealed lead acid batteries).
  9. It ended evidently right up on one of the many deadlines the studios have been talking about -- it ids hard to say what productions will actually ramp up quickly this year considering the holidays coming up. I think we are assured that the beginning of next year is going to get really busy (just in time as we start to look at I.A. contract negotiations).
  10. Evan, not sure which piece of kit you are referring to, but thank you for directing me back to this interesting topic started quite some time ago. Primarily to show Bruce Bisenz's custom home made mixer and then moved into a discussion of Stellavox gear. I did get to see Bruce's mixer up close and personal as I had Bruce fill in for me on a few movies where I had to leave early. Never owned a Stellavox recorder or mixer but did have some working experience with both.
  11. I first saw the Stellavox at Bruce's house, I know he loved that machine. He was the only one I knew who owned one. I didl however, get to do one documentary with my friend Gerry Feil in New York he also owned a Stellavox. I remember before we went on location for the documentary, Gerry helped me build a "bloop light" from scratch to go with the Stellavox. Some of you may know that Kudelski did the IS primarily so that he could say they had recorder comparable in size to the Stellavox. It was, of course, larger, and I believe it was not a big seller (though I'm sure it outsold Stellavox certainly in the US).
  12. I loved my Nagra IS --- used it on many jobs when there was a lot of "over-the-shoulder" work. Also, nice to having with me as a backup (though my trusty Nagra 4.2 never failed me). I did not know many other Production Sound Mixers that owned an IS and everyone was always interested in seeing it on the jobs I was on.
  13. I don't entirely disagree with you ... Glenn's post was certainly borderline as regarding advertising or not. At the very least a bit opportunistic, I will give you that. For me personally, I was pleased to see this widespread misconception about Zaxcom that you have to go ALL Zaxcom to use any of Zaxcom's gear. What does still remain to be true is that if you are all Zaxcom you will have the best integration of wireless, recording, remote control, IFB, an extremely high level of integration and functionality difficult or impossible utilizing gear from several different companies.
  14. Doug, your post is bad behavior. I think Glenn was totally within the guidelines of the site and was in direct response to Joe's original post and specifically to the comment from Joe: "Zaxcom clearly answers my needs but sticking with SD for now. 888 user." Glenn was merely pointing out information to help Joe in making decisions by correcting the overall general impression that if you want to go Zaxcom you have to go all Zaxcom. Now if Glenn had done what some other manufacturers have done by claiming "we have the best range" this would not be appropriate. Letting Joe know that there are lots of sound mixers using recorders other than from Zaxcom very successful with Zaxcom wireless equipment. Individuals who are connected to companies that manufacture gear are not relegated to only post in the Manufacturer and Dealers section. For example, Larry Fisher from Lectrosonics has made many posts on the site, some may feel that this was to promote sales, but I always found his posts to be helpful and informative, in the same manner as Glenn's post. Additionally, if someone in an effort to help Joe had said that Sound Devices wireless only works well with Sound Devices recorders, I would welcome comments from Aaton Cantar to sort the record straight.
  15. I'm not sure if Gordon spends any time on JWSOUND but I wanted to re-post his formal announcement here for our members. Congratulations Gordon! "Well, it's official now! September 8th will be my last day at Lectrosonics. I started this adventure in late October 1988 - I was employee #32. And it really has been an adventure. Thanks to all of the friends I have made in the industry along the way, I got to become part of a world that literally created new worlds in motion pictures, corporate AV, television production, installed sound and education. Lectrosonic's, all our customers, and dealers helped me see the world. And though all those travels to places both famous and hidden, I got to meet the most amazing people whose passion for their work and craft raised the bar for me both professionally and personally. It just could not get any better. I will remain on the Board of Directors at Lectrosonics, so I'm not "out" entirely. But this team taking over is the best in the business and they will bring continuity, renewed passion, innovation, excitement and energy - I promise you will NOT be disappointed in the things to come. As for me, I won't have much to do except work on my British cars, build new furniture (my wife has a long list), learn to REALLY play guitar (and stop abusing it), pick up again on my photography (It's how I paid my way through college) and delve into astro-photography, improve the landscaping in my home (starting with a 70ft stone retaining wall), serve on the Leadership Sandoval County board, the Rio Rancho Community Foundation, and the Affordable Housing Citizens Advisory Committee for Rio Rancho, continue to install, document and train volunters for my church's sound, video and network systems, and expand my cooking skills. I do plan on throwing in a nap now and then........ Thank you to everyone with whom I have crossed paths in this magical industry - I cannot imagine an industry with nicer people with greater respect and consideration than the audio community. So many wonderful friends. My career has been, in short, a marvelous accident........"
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