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  1. I had no idea you were one of the few of this select group that held out with the Cooper for so long. I was getting close to having to make the big change but managed to finish up my career still with the Cooper. The last job I did, episodes of Cameron Crowe's TV show "Roadies", I was worried since it was TV (and I had done so little TV work in my long career) that I would run out of inputs, so my solution was to gang together my Cooper 208 with my Cooper 306 (mini) --- built an outboard shelf on my cart for the 306. I knew it wouldn't be a lot of fun having to mix on two separate mixers --- it tuned out I was lucky and never had to use this setup, then I finished up and went back into retirement. Your new cart set up is glorious! Also, I would like toI put your current cart in the Gallery of Sound Carts
  2. This setup will work, obviously, but when I look at it, it seems as if this might be more intimidating --- the microphones are at eye level aiming right at the face -- no way to ignore or forget about them. The advantages I see with this setup might be that it is a little bit easier to rig the microphones (mics on overhead stands will require possibly securing that stand with a sandbag, etc.), shorter cabe runs, etc. I think if interview participants are going to feel intimidated, this particular setup will do nothing to alleviate that problem.
  3. So sad to hear of the passing of Alan Parker. One of the greatest directors, though I never got the chance to work with him, his films and his filmmaking inspired me greatly, helped sustain my love of the craft of filmmaking.
  4. If JWSOUND had never done anything other than host JBoind's amazing collection and his celebration of the Nagra and its history, I would be a perfectly content person --- this long running topic, the commentary, the history, all the fantastic images, has truly been one of the best things about this site. Thank you, JBond, for all that you do for us!
  5. UPDATED time, now starts at 9:00 am (PDT) LINK to Join Zoom Event - passcode if needed: zaxcom
  6. I don't think it would infringe on any patents --- I'm a little confused as to why you would want to do this (I guess it's also because I know very little about Lectrosonics' so-called remote control). It seems that your set up is just to expedite the acoustic method of remote control, right? This doesn't make the wireless transmitter a recording transmitter, it just makers it able to receive acoustic commands?
  7. The simplest answer to this question, a question which in some form or another has often been asked regarding how good some older shows sound, can be summed up as: much quieter recording environment (most productions shot on quiet sound stages, real sound stages), actors spoke properly with projection (and the good actors could do this without even seeming to be projecting).
  8. Totally agree with you, David. I guess I hadn't realized that the topic of conversation could or would include the idea of using non-profesional gear. I was more focused on the dilemma of choosing amongst several different brands of professional gear (and wanting to choose an item for its brand recognition factor).
  9. So, David, this brings up the problem of what is "standard". Standard should not be measured only by what most people use --- if you have a problem, for example, and you're using what everybody else is using, is that really a protection you can fall back on?
  10. That phrase is so true, but further reflection which I have done over the years, reveals that the phrase is also quite troubling. It is certainly the safe way to go but if everyone followed that way we would have had far less innovation in our industry. Remember, regarding computers, IBM famously stated "why would anyone want to have a personal computer, a computer in their home?" If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had really believed what the dominate company was saying, we might never have had Apple and personal computers. So, no offense to Lectrosonics, but just going the safe route and using the dominate wireless, may deny you the discovery of some other tools from other companies that can enhance your performance on the job.
  11. It's a very good question you bring up here. For me personally, I hate to hear that production companies would even be considering the gear choices over evaluating the person --- when making the choice who to hire, it would be most appropriate to investigate a person's past performance, reputation and work ethic, rather than what particular gear they use. I know my sentiment is, probably an idealist position to take, the simple answer to your question is, YES, brand name recognition does influence the hiring choice. In the old days, the beginning of my career, this would never be an issue because everyone on every job (sound for picture) used only one recorder --- the Nagra. The gear was almost never considered because it wasn't an issue. In a way, this was quite democratizing (is that a word?) in that all a producer, a production company, a studio had to go one was the reputation of the PERSON (independent of the gear used). Now, with so many different choices, so many different price points for the gear, all of igt varying degrees of capability to get the job done in the right hands, the hiring decision process has been somewhat subverted. I will add that the purchasing process, for the gear, has also been further complicated if you have to consider brand name recognition in your choice over real world testing and use. Think about it, what if I buy this amazing piece of equipment that very few people have even heard of, a piece of equipment which I know will allow me to do a wonderful job but could prevent me from even being hired!
  12. I worked with Kelly Preston on "Jerry Maguire" --- she was great to work with, totally professional, hard working and fun! I really miss her, died way too young.
  13. Jeff Wexler

    bag drop

    acdave said: "BTW, how did you see my post? I checked Unread Content and it hasn't shown up yet." I think if the post was made by you and you check up on posts using the "Unread Content" button, you do not see a post that you have made. I could be wrong on this. Either way, I did see your post and there were others who commented.
  14. Looks great! I love your materials and workmanship. I've never felt the need to change the height of any of my carts (maybe only because I couldn't do it!) but I know others that have talked about standing up while mixing. Some others have built motorized carts that can be adjusted but that always seemed a little overkill and probably quite heavy (I like things as light as possible). Keep up the good work!
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