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  1. Love this! What an amazingly thorough documentation of all those formats. I had personal experience with just about every one of them, watched how they gained favor then fell off, replaced by the next best thing. I did use MiniDisc quite a lot for music playback on movies -- the famous sing along in "Almost Famous" to "Tiny Dancer" I did with playback off MiniDisc.
  2. Exactly. My comment was in reply to the person who suggested the use of the CMR.
  3. -from Schoeps website: " Amplifier for pocket transmitters without phantom power ATTENTION: there are a limited number of compatible transmitters, including Sennheiser, Wisycom and others, see Downloads. Use with digital transmitters is not intended, as interference may occur."
  4. I had a long discussion with Glenn Sanders where he explained all the reasons for Zaxcom not doing slot-in receivers. Seemed to make a lot of sense regarding certain compatibility issues, powering issues, heat dissipation and quite a few other things. I do know that a lot of Sound Devices users that have gotten very used to the various add-on chassis to accommodate what they call Super Slot are hoping there will be more offerings in this form factor. It remains to be seen if Shure has found ways to alleviate some of these limitations of slot-in form factor. I know the Axient system generally h
  5. I thought that it was only Zaxcom and Wysicom that had 4-channel receivers --- it is not an easy thing to do and I am pretty sure it was still a considerable challenge for Shure to get their receiver for the Axient systems in a small package. I'm wondering what they have done regarding power consumption and heat (things which are all important in a bag-based receiver), things which they are not too concerned with their rack systems.
  6. Truly mesmerizing! I loved it.
  7. Well, this needs to be put into a time perspective --- for me, using the Cooper Mixers (starting with one of the first mixer Andy ever built, the 106) the first 30 or more movies we used very little wireless and everything was analog (no latency or delay). When I started using digital wireless (original Zaxcom fully digital wireless) I was aware of the delay but it never really seemed to pose any problem for me and my style of mixing a scene. It must have something to do with the way I mixed, or covered a scene, that I never understood the "problem" that people talked about (and still talk
  8. From what I know having talked to some of the sound mixers who have worked on these things for Apple, they are very well planned, they hire talented and experienced crews (who have to be totally secretive about the work) -- I am sure they employ every technique available (including painting out booms, shooting against virtual background (like Mandalorian) and of course ADR is necessary. I'm fairly sure there is limited ADR but we would never know for sure without talking to production and post people (and they generally will not talk about stuff, Apple strict policy).
  9. Glenn Sanders had a good presentation of the new ZMT-4 transmitter with Thomas Popp of Trew Audio.
  10. I didn't have a choice, which vaccine to get, I was holding out for Johnson & Johnson (so I would only have to have one shot) but went ahead and got Pfizer (at Walgreens).
  11. I hate shots as well, never even got a flu shot for this reason, but the Covid vaccine I obviously needed to get at this time. I'm in the right age group and somewhat compromised health-wise so I finally got an appointment. What a relief -- the injection was so nothing, I didn't even feel it! I felt the nurse rub a little alcohol on my arm and then she said she was done -- I said back to her "you're done?". No real side-effects after the first dose -- maybe will have some after the second, we'll see.
  12. I haven't been able to demonstrate what you are describing (but then I rarely use my iPhone to view). On the web, all browsers, you are able to configure the stream you want to view when you select "Unread Content". Pictured below is how my set up looks. Play around with the settings and possibly you will discover a setting that works for you. You might consider checking out the site on the web with full-size browser, play with settings there and maybe it will clear things up when you use your phone. Sorry I cannot be any more help on this.
  13. Zaxcom patents cover recording transmitters without timecode I believe. In any case, paying a license, increasing the price a little bit makes everything legal. Let's hope they work something out.
  14. As I see it, and I'm not a lawyer, it is an infringement on Zaxcom's patent. My hope is thatI Zaxcom will discuss this with them and there will probably be a reasonable licensing arrangement. I don't think anybody is up for any more lawsuits.
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