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  1. Good luck sorting this out. It's amazing that the recorder even still works --- the Deva II is a 20 year old machine! In digital/computer years that's got to be half a century at least.
  2. The files on the Deva internal drive are MARF files but the files on the DVD-RAM disc will be BWAV files that should be accessible files on your computer. It may be a problem that the file system is FAT 16 which may be unreadable by your current computer's operating system. Someone else who knows a lot more about this hopefully will chime in with an explanation and solution to your problem.
  3. Larry Fisher, you're not alone on this, Facebook makes it very difficult to just zero in on the thing you are interested in, or to refer back to something posted in the past --- it is like a giant toilet paper roll that is continually spooling out --- I have s real love-hate relationship with Facebook (people that really understand it may have a better time than I do).
  4. I tried to record quite a few plants when I worked on the movie "The Secret Life of Plants" --- never seemed to be able to get much out of them sound-wise. I did have a good time talking to them, however, and there actually were quite a few interesting things revealed to me about the plant world.
  5. I think this looks great! External standard power supply is a good idea (and later the ability to power from a DC source battery). There are few multi-unit chargers available and as more and more people are using Zaxcom ZMT transmitters and Lectrosonics SSMs, this will be a very useful product.
  6. Everything seems to be back to normal functioning. The last update had some problems, difficult to troubleshoot but I think it has been solved.
  7. Just testing after the latest update --- having some problems but I think I have fixed the issues.
  8. Good discussion with Glenn Sanders and Peter Schneider on Gotham Sound's YouTube site --- the URX 100 looks to be an incredibly useful tool for a whole host of IFB functions. I think there may be uses that are discovered that Zaxcom hadn't even considered.
  9. Hey, Jim, of course you have a vote! I put my concerns out there for a couple of reasons and I welcome comments from everyone. My first concern regards my reluctance to put up basically free advertising for companies and their products, weighing up of course the value to our members of the information. In this particular instance, I was not suggesting any legal/patent type infringement from this company, I don't think Inovativ has patents on the design (but of course I have not researched it sufficiently). My conclusion, now, concurs with yours --- leave it up for our members and not dwell too much with my original concerns. As you all know, I like to moderate with the lightest touch possible and my preference always is to follow the lead and the wishes of our membership regarding things like this.
  10. They do look just like the Inovativ carts. I had to approve the posting even though I was nor familiar with the company (located in Poland I believe) but I had some reservation worrying that it was providing free advertising for a product which may have been ripping someone else off. I finally decided I would let the post be put up and let our members sort out what's going on. Maybe I should take it down?
  11. I saw this backpack for the fist time at NAB this year, it is really well designed and well made, should be very useful for all those sound mixers that do the really challenging sort of work I never had to do during my long career. The demands on the production sound mixer for this sort of work, both mind and body, have reached epic levels in terms of the equipment that needs to be carried ---- anything that makes these jobs less stressful is welcomed. K-Tek has really created something special with this backpack.
  12. Wow, just wow! JWSOUND is blessed with your extensive Nagra knowledge, your dedication to the fullest understanding of these amazing machines, the history of it all, totally blows my mind. Thank you!
  13. Thank you, Daniel! You have stated another one of the reasons I had been hesitant to install Tapatalk originally but I did have ti running for some time because there were members who said they liked it. I never did and so when obvious trouble showed up this time I disabled it altogether. I am convinced now to just steer clear completely --- members will just have to use the site as is without any "help" from Tapatalk.
  14. The IPB software that runs this site is current. Tapatalk support seems to indicate that my installation of Tapatalk plug-in is also the current version but they seemed to be saying that they have had some problems with IPB. I have to say that I am not a fan of Tapatalk and I'm not sure what great value it has for the users of this site. The site is responsive and reverts to mobile interface when accessed from mobile devices with smaller screens. Tapatalk also keeps soliciting me to "upgrade" to some plan with all these great "premium" services --- things which I have no interest in implementing on the site. I'm open to discussing this with any of our members who typically use Tapatalk --- give me a little education on why it is so useful. Today I will get back into discussing this with Tapatalk support and see what we can come up with.
  15. I disabled Tapatalk because it was causing problems with the site and Tapatalk support was not helpful in sorting this out. I had always kept Tapatalk up to date with all current updates (updates were often needed because Tapatalk had frequently caused problems in the past) but rather than installing any new updates I had to disable the plug-in. I am reluctant to update, again, and worry that there will be problems again even with the current update. I will consider it but I'm not so inclined to have Tapatalk active anymore on the site, sorry about that to all our Tapatalk users.
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