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    bag drop

    Thanks for posting the pictures --- looks like a much cleaner version of the InstaSnake from ETS. Over 10 years ago i discovered the InstaSnake line of XLR to CAT5 adapters, a really nice way to distribute analog signals over a single cable --- I don't think there wre any CatTails at that time.. I remember when I first got it I thought there must be a transformer like there is in the video baluns we had been using. Ran some frequency tests which were amazing --- no affect on the signal, wow! Turns out these devices are just a wiring scheme, no transformer or signal balancing, so no affect on the signal.
  2. LINK to Zaxcom Zoom Meeting -- Thursday, May 14th - 10:00 AM PDT
  3. That is very clever --- I was about to ask "where is the antenna" and then I see it in the video. I would worry about the antenna being right in line with the body of the microphone where you will be grabbing it. Also, I believe Zaxcom dose have a ZMT style transmitter with an XLR connector on it, designed exactly for this purpose, to make any microphone a stick mic.
  4. This is true but your coffee grinder mechanism analogy doesn't really seem to help clarify the issue we are discussing. It also further confuses this whole idea that we are helpless in determining if we are purchasing a product that infringes any patents. In the case of sound gear, I would assume that most of us are quite well informed about all the aspects of the products we are considering purchasing and using. Witness the volume of information here on JWSOUND even on just this topic.
  5. I really wish the mixing up of issues regarding counterfeit items, customs issues, and the issue of selling and using products that have patents awarded, could be kept separate. These are separate issues and are generally not dealt with in the same manner.
  6. As I understand it, you can BUY anything you want from wherever you want but if you USE a patented product in a country that is in the jurisdiction of that patent, you are in fact in violation of the patent. It is not a border issue or a customs issue as others have explained, but it is a legal issue (and I will add that it is an ethical issue as well). It is true that it is highly unlikely that the company that holds the patent would go to the extent and the expense of litigating this civil issue with an individual. As far as whether any individual has to " check every possible related german patent " this is why it is incumbent on the dealer or distributor of the product to inform the buyer. With that knowledge in hand it is then one's own personal responsibility and decision to either abide by the law, or break the law by using a product protected by the patent. I will add that any individual or company has the right to challenge a patent which they might deem to be "justified" --- there is a whole legal procedure, quite involved and quite costly, to do this. This sort of challenge was what Lectrosonics initiated in an effort to nulify the Zaxcom patent, and the Patent Court upheld the validity of Zaxcom's patents. It was a lengthy and expensive process.
  7. I have owned and used most all of the models of Nagra from the beginning of my career: Nagra III, Nagra 4, Nagra 4L, Nagra 4.2, Nagra SN, Nagra I-S, Nagra 4-S but never owned (and only used a few times) the Nagra-STC. The timecode Nagra really came into general use in L.A. with commercials since it was commercial production that started to use, then demanded the use of timecode for all shoots (these shoots, of course, we're all on film and generally used timecode slates). When this change came, television commercials were able to do away with the daily transfers of ¼" tape to mag film for editing and completion. The dailies could be assembled directly in telecine utilizing timecoded ¼" production track and film print. When all this happened, it cut out about 70% of the transfer work we had been doing at Northstar Media for television commercials. At that time, I was solidly doing feature films and rarely doing commercials, but I did have to rent a Nagra 4-STC (and learn how to use it!) to do those commercials. Northstar Media did purchase a Harvey-modded Nagra 4-S for transfers --- that's the closest I ever got to owning one. Feature films, at that time, rarely if ever utilized timecode --- I was able to use my Nagra 4.2 on every movie until I was no longer using it (served as a backup in the early days of DAT). I can 't remember what the first movie I did that required timecode slates.
  8. Great tutorial video for setting up Zaxcom Nova
  9. The official announcement that I had heard was April 10th to 13th, 2021. Plans are being made for the r.a.m.ps./jwsound party for Tuesday, April 13th.
  10. What's your point? The Covid-19 global pandemic is not an April Fool's joke. Are you aware that discussions in our sound community have been happening before April 1 and will be ongoing well after we finally go back to work --- it is undeniable that many things are likely to change with our standard procedures and practices regarding the use of body worn wireless transmitters and lavaliers. Most all of the manufacturers have been testing their products, working with various cleaning solutions and yes, disinfectants, and sharing their findings with the production sound community. I, personally, have had discussions with Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Sennhesier, DPA and others, and all of the companies have been very helpful in addressing these pressing issues. I believe Lectrosonics is at this very time testing most all of their transmitters to determine what the consequences may be of using various cleaning and disinfecting methods (affects on screens, buttons, body, etc.). Sennheiser, already with significant experience in theater (where transmitters and mics probably routinely get the most abuse) has published some guidelines for production sound mixers. Zaxcom is uniquely positioned with the ZMT-X3 to address many of these concerns as we contemplate what our practices and procedures will be when the work starts up again. The construction and choice of materials for the ZMT-X3 have been tested just as the other products from other companies have been tested. Additionally, the long battery run times and the comprehensive remote control functions, make it a good choice.
  11. By "t-slot" do you mean profiles like 80/20 and Item profiles (the German company)? I had to build the sliding shelves and fixed shelves myself for all of my carts --- couldn't find any commercially produced shelves that were aluminum and light enough. I built the shelves out of aluminum channel and tube stock and perforated aluminum sheets. There may be commercially available parts now that I am not aware of.
  12. I have made a meeting available to everyone at any time, but I'm grappling with how to promote a Zoom meeting without actually having to announce a meeting time, so formal. Think about ideas how to accomplish this. It works with Jan's group because we all got used to the time.
  13. Dear NAB Show Community, The COVID-19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation around the world. Our thoughts are with those who have been directly affected by the virus, and all of those who are struggling with the ramifications of this global health crisis. At the National Association of Broadcasters, we believe it is our responsibility to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and put the health and safety of our show community first. In the week since announcing that we will not move forward with the NAB Show in April, the landscape has continued to shift dramatically with major sports leagues, school districts, and other businesses around the country suspending operations. The governor of Nevada has also made the decision to close all nonessential business operations in the state. National authorities are imploring Americans to telework wherever possible. While we recognize that much of our show community is focused on other issues at the moment, we have heard from many of you over the last week who are eager for an update on our plans. For that reason, we wanted to convey now that, in light of the current circumstances, it is impossible to hold a rescheduled 2020 NAB Show this year. We will instead proceed with a two-pronged approach to deliver as much value as possible under these circumstances to our exhibitors, partners, and the broadcast industry as a whole. First, we are exploring a number of ways to bring the industry together online, both in the short and long term. We know from many years of serving the community with face-to-face events, that connectivity is vital to the health and success of the industry. That’s why we are excited to announce NAB Show Express, targeted to launch in April 2020. This digital experience will provide a conduit for our exhibitors to share product information, announcements and demos, as well as deliver educational content from the original selection of programming slated for the live show in Las Vegas, and create opportunities for the community to interact virtually—all of which adds up to something that brings the NAB Show community together in a new way. Second, we will be enhancing NAB Show New York with new programs, partners, and experiences. We have already had numerous conversations with show partners about expanding their participation, and have heard from numerous exhibitors interested in enhancing their presence at this fall’s show. NAB Show New York represents the best opportunity for companies to announce and showcase their latest innovations and comes at a perfect time for the industry to gather face-to-face to restart, refocus, and reengage as we move forward together. We will have more to say about these efforts in the coming weeks. This is a unique and challenging situation, but we are committed to working hard to deliver as much value as possible. We’re also committed to being an active part of the solution to the current crisis in the months ahead. Last week we launched a new public service announcement campaign on radio and television that will provide crucial information to keep communities safe. The PSAs are part of a comprehensive Coronavirus Response Toolkit that we have made available online to help broadcasters accurately cover the pandemic and prepare for the threat it poses to their staff, communities, and businesses. We’ll be doing more in the weeks to come to harness the power of our industry as a force for good in these difficult times. As we move forward, we will keep an open line of communication with our show community, and look forward to engaging with you throughout the year. We’ve already begun planning for our 2021 NAB Show in Las Vegas, which will take place April 11-14, and we hope you’ll join us then, as well as this fall. We look forward to connecting with you, and hope that you and your loved ones remain safe in the months to come. Best, Gordon H. Smith President and CEO
  14. Sorry, Eric, very much under attended --- lots of other people are trying to get online meetings going, take the sting away from all the "social distancing". I may schedule some get togethers (like Jan has always done with Sounderday) so they will be better attended.
  15. Just experimenting and most probably no one else was on at that time. I will work on doin g Invites so that people know it's happening.
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