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  1. Love this! I could listen to Rachel all day long --- so clearly focused on our craft, understanding the workplace, always exploring the best ways to do things, relying on the power of listening. Seems to have a good balance between being a gear head, an artist and a worker. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk. thank you for posting it here.
  2. Constantin, if it interests you, you certainly should read the rest of the patent(s) that Zaxcom has regarding recording transmitters. The descriptive text you site is accurate and correct but your conclusion that this means the patent only applies to body-worn microphones is not correct. It is true that the description specifically sites "body-worn" but this refers most directly to the transmitter (which must be capable of being worn on the body, unobtrusively and concealed, but does not require that it be worn on the body). The A10 transmitter certainly qualifies as a body-worn or body wearable device, regardless of whether it is on one's body, held in the hand, mounted on a fishpole, etc. Additionally, "the respective performer's audio" is not specified that this audio is produced from a lavalier microphone --- how should we characterize the "performer's audio" when that audio is picked up by a boom microphone or a plant microphone or a hand-held microphone? Again, I am not a patent lawyer either and these issues will need to be resolved in patent court, not in the court of public opinion.
  3. I'm not sure Constantin is correct on this --- I do know that when recording function was activated (for units sold in the US) it would only record when used with a boom microphone (with a lav connected it would not record). When Sound Devices acquired Audio, Ltd. this was the situation with US models. I don't know whether units purchased outside the US had this limitation. Re-reading the original question, the original poster states that the unit was purchased at Gotham Sound so it is most probably a US model and would adhere to what Constantin said --- recording function would only work with boom microphone. I find this all sort of ridiculous because the Zaxcom patent says nothing about what sort of microphone or source is used --- in terms of potential infringement of the patent on recording wireless, the type of microphone is irrelevant.
  4. It is my understanding that all A10 wireless mic transmitters now have the recording function and will record any source that it is connected to. Using the A10 recording feature is a violation of the Zaxcom patent but I don't know whether it is a violation when using the A10 outside the US since the patent only applies to the US. Someone else may have more information on this than I do.
  5. Thank you to Matthew and to all those who have so generously donated to help me keep JWSOUND the active and vibrant online community it is. I am so pleased that we have survived for so many years and the site continues to be a valuable resource and meeting place for our sound community worldwide.
  6. I loved the Dick Dale interview --- so interesting when he talks about the relationship with Fender, also the affect that the wood used with the guitar creates a sound, and being a drummer he played the guitar like he was playing drums. Reminds me of how John Entwhistle (bass player for The Who), an accomplished French Horn player, played French Horn music on the bass guitar. I always liked The Ventures - Walk - Don't Run --- so many great instrumentals at that time.
  7. I never had the opportunity to shop at Production Sound Solutions, but Eric will always be a lifetime friend! The shop may be finished but you are far from over, I wish for you all the best for the future.
  8. That's a beautiful Follow Cart! Nice job.
  9. It is my understanding that the ZMT line of transmitters do have Lemo connectors with the exception of the ZMT Flex and the ZMT-X --- those specialized models have only microdot connectors.
  10. As I had stated in another thread, the Zoom video conferencing issue has been resolved (as of yesterday, July 10th) on two fronts: Apple did a stealth update that removed the web server that Zoom had installed, and Zoom updated the software to be free of the vulnerability with its Mac application. As long as you are running the latest version of Zoom video conferencing software everything should be fine. I will add that it is a rather odd choice for this DP to suggest using Zoom for this purpose but maybe they've had good success in the past. The Zoom video conferencing works very well for several meetings that I participate in (CAS Board meetings, Local 695 and Jan's Sounderday community get togethers).
  11. Good article detailing the history and current state of Zoom software issue. excerpt from the article on The Verge website: After all of the drama over Zoom’s use of a hidden web server on Macs, Apple itself has decided to step in, TechCrunch reports. It is issuing a silent update — meaning your Mac will get it without any interaction on your part — to remove the web server, which was designed to save Safari users an extra click, from any Mac that has Zoom’s software installed. Although Zoom itself issued an emergency patch yesterday to remove that web server, apparently Apple is concerned that enough users won’t update or are unaware of the controversy in the first place that it’s issuing its own patch. It makes perfect sense not only because many users may not open Zoom for some time, but also because many of them had uninstalled the app. Before Zoom’s emergency update, uninstalling the app left the web server on your computer — so Zoom wouldn’t have a way to uninstall it with an updated app. That means the only reasonable and easy way for those people to get this patch would be for Apple to provide it. Apple reportedly believes this software update shouldn’t affect Zoom’s ability to function on Macs. Full LINK to article
  12. Thank you, Doc, for bringing this up, but this doesn't tell the whole story by any means. First of all, the vulnerability that this one person so publicly declared yesterday, came right on the heels of Motley Fool issuing a stock recommendation for Zoom --- there has been quite a lot of speculation that this public airing of a software vulnerability was tied to a stock scam (shorting the stock on the "news"). Also, after all the research that I have done over the last two days, there does not seem to be any reports of this vulnerability having been exploited. The person who made this all public has really only demonstrated what is referred to as a Proof of Concept after a very detailed analysis of the software architecture. I am not saying the vulnerability did not exist, I am just saying that it has not been reported to have ever compromised anyone's Mac. Additionally, the whole Zoom routine is application based, not browser based, and it is not possible to use Zoom from just the browser ---- browser access, with a link, is provided, but that just downloads the application to allow you to join a meeting. CORRECTION: Zoom DOES provide access with only the browser --- I was mistaken on this. There is some speculation (I have not confirmed) that depending on what browser you are using, Zoom may download and insert a small applet to establish proper browser access. Also, using Zoom via the web has limited functions, can only view one participant on screen, may not work properly with older version of Safari, and so on and so on. The application does not have the vulnerabilities on Windows based computers. Lastly, it seems that the current version of Zoom software application has fixed the issue so everyone is probably safe if you update to the current version. This is a LINK to most complete article regarding the discovery of the Zoom vulnerability. It’s a rather comprehensive read that you may not even want to bother with but here it is. Another article I just read made suggestions of other video conferencing software for those wanting to abandon Zoom --- problem is, with a little research I discovered that two of the recommendations have exactly the same vulnerability! Another article trying to promote other competitive video conferencing services said the following: "So there you have it--a look at three alternatives to Zoom that, in some cases, might deliver the same or even better performance than what you're getting now. Of course, if you feel like you can't leave Zoom, there's a good chance that the problems will be fixed soon. And if you turn off the feature that automatically turns on the webcam when you start a meeting, you won't suffer from the problem." I think we are all in more jeopardy just using Google and being on Facebook!
  13. To Kisaha, I strongly disagree with your assessment of this sort of topic/thread. Nothing to do with ethics and I really don't think any of us should feel threatened by one person's asking for advice and help doing a job. I remember early on in my career an seasoned older sound mixer told me that I needed to keep secret things in my "bag of tricks" --- all those things, including ideas and techniques I might have learned and put to use doing my job --- he said I should not share these things with others because they will take my job and I will be left northing. I did not take this person's advice, I saw no value whatsoever in not sharing my knowledge with my fellow workers no matter at what level they were working --- in fact, throughout my long 48 year career, some of my greatest joy has come from helping others, imparting to them the the things that I had learned (and many of those things were learned from others who were generous to me with their knowledge).
  14. Good luck sorting this out. It's amazing that the recorder even still works --- the Deva II is a 20 year old machine! In digital/computer years that's got to be half a century at least.
  15. The files on the Deva internal drive are MARF files but the files on the DVD-RAM disc will be BWAV files that should be accessible files on your computer. It may be a problem that the file system is FAT 16 which may be unreadable by your current computer's operating system. Someone else who knows a lot more about this hopefully will chime in with an explanation and solution to your problem.
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