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  1. Cross posting from Facebook --- Zaxcom Nova Rundown at Audio Dept. on January 25th (day of the CAS Awards). Eventbrite LINK for more details Date And Time Sat, January 25, 2020 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST Location Audio Department LLC 2700 West Burbank Boulevard Burbank, CA 91505
  2. I think "rack ears" refers to the panels attached to the left and right of the rack mountable gear --- it is the rack ears that provide the attachment to the rack RAILS. Rack railes of various sorts with standard spaced holes drilled and tapped are available in steel (and sometimes aluminum) from Starcase and a few other companies. LINK to Starcase rack rails. Another good source is LMB Heeger (best selection of aluminum rack rails)
  3. David is right --- absolutely an Electrovoice shockmount (suspension variety). I used that one extensively in 1970 up through beginning of 1980. Don Coufal also built some custom shockmounts and a rain "hat" built around parts of the EV mount. We also used a modified custom windscreen from EV (nicknamed the football) on several movies.
  4. I don't think we have any official Terms of Service agreements in place for the site --- everyone for the most part seem to govern themselves respectfully and honestly. All registered Members are free to use the messaging system that is part of this site. This has worked fairly well but has had some problems when people have used questionable email addresses that may typically be blocked by mail systems protocols. We do have some restrictions in place regarding the Want To Buy - Want To Sell section and we do have some rules that relate to people and companies posting unpaid advertising and promotion. I do not think you are breaking any rules to contact anyone who is registered on the site.
  5. Congratulations to all our Oscar nominees for 2020! SOUND MIXING Ad Astra Gary Rydstrom, Tom Johnson and Mark Ulano Ford v Ferrari Paul Massey, David Giammarco and Steven A. Morrow Joker Tom Ozanich, Dean Zupancic and Tod Maitland 1917 Mark Taylor and Stuart Wilson Once upon a Time...in Hollywood Michael Minkler, Christian P. Minkler and Mark Ulano
  6. If you're looking for a larger bag there are lots of choices from most all of the typical companies that make sound bags. The extreme light weight and compactness of the Nova will allow you to use a larger bag, if that's what you want, and there will be plenty of room for all the other things you want in a bag. There are many others here in this topic looking for the smallest bag possible, especially for Nova, and for now many of even the smallest commercially produced bags are not necessarily suitable.
  7. I think what the poster means with "extras" are those things that you need to have with you when working --- if you have another bag or a case that holds these things, like transmitters, lavs and mounting gags, boom mics, etc., then the bag that houses the Nova only needs the space for the recorder-mixer-receivers box and the battery. If you want to have all your stuff in one bag then of course a larger bag will be needed.
  8. Thank you, Rado, for the 100+ day update --- Nova continues to impress and your real world - real usage reviews are very much appreciated. Throughout my career I resisted doing "bag work" (and I am not demeaning the work because it is some of the most difficult and challenging work there is), I was fortunate enough to stay busy for 46+ years doing primarily feature films, working off of a sound cart. In retirement now, I realize I have missed out on the chance to use this amazing recorder-mixer-wireless, I might have even enjoyed doing work out of a bag. Zaxcom Digital Wireless did of course transform my world with many years of incredible performance, features and sound quality, but using Nova would have been a real treat. Truly deserving of the phrase I have only used appropriately a few times in my career: "Game changer".
  9. I wouldn't buy it without listening to the capsule --- some hold up very well over time, some don't. I continued to use really old Schoeps capsules as long as I fdelt they still sounded good (and I was, of course, very familiar with how it should sound).
  10. For my Follow Cart I used mostly 3 RU drawers and one 4 RU. On my main cart (several version, older one pictured here) I used a 2 RU for my stuff on my side and a 3 RU one on the backside of the cart (for easy access by my crew).
  11. It was Richard Lightstone and I that convinced Rackman company to produce aluminum drawers --- prior to them agreeing to build their drawers out of aluminum the only source I had was Star Case. Lots of us bought Rackman drawers but I don't think that's what drove them out of business. As far as I know, Rackman company no longer exists and we're back to having to rely on Star Case for aluminum drawers. LINK for Star Case
  12. My dear friend and fellow worker, Don Coufal, passed away this morning. Don was so much a part of my life having spent over half my life with him over the last 40+ years --- we did 67 movies together, countless commercials, co-founded Northstar Media Sound Services. I owe so much of my career to Don's incredible talent, his unwavering commitment to our work together. So often when I was offered a job or someone was recommending me, they would always say "get Jeff-and-Don" like it was one entity, and in so many ways we were --- so different from eachother, our strengths and weaknesses, but so incredibly complimentary as a team, so much more than either of us individually. Everyone we ever worked for could see this right away and Don truly re-defined what it means to be a Boom Operator. I know it is somewhat of a cliche, but Don was a true filmmaker who just happened to work in sound. It is a terrible loss for all of us, for the industry, he will be missed.
  13. One the first primary things I had to learn (48 years ago) when I started mixing was how what I was hearing in my headphones carried over to the screen. In the beginning I was using Beyer DT-48s since they were unquestionably (there goes that issue about asking questions) THE standard. But the thing I had going for me personally in this whole process was great friendships, primarily through my father, with picture editors, re-recording mixers, composers and just about everyone involved in the movie. It was also bucket the time that we went to dailies (I'm sure someone may ask "what are dailies ?") it was much easier and quite a bit more immediate to know how I was doing (watching and listening to yesterday's scenes). I soon realized that I was learning, quite effectively, how what I was hearing translated to the screen. Many years later, having gotten fed up with the "head clamp" of the DT-48s, switched to Sony headphones (not 7506s yet) snd just had to learn how these new headphones translated. Regarding EQ, in the earliest jobs in my career I was guilty of pretty excessive EQ and processing of the track (andI do mean THE track because everything was mono, single track at that time),buts graduated into proper union job with really talented and experienced people in post-production, I dialed it backbite a bit. Lastly, I do remember one re-recording mixer who thanked me for sending in wonderful flat tracks with no EQ (but of course this was job with a lot of scenes where I actually used a LOT of EQ --- so, go figure, maybe Just got lucky or maybe just did a really good job).
  14. Great review! This is very helpful for so many of us faced with having to use ear pieces ---- even on a good day in the past with the best of them it is often not too pleasant an experience, but necessary for many sorts of jobs. It seems like the 2.4 ghz ones will work quite well as long as you understand the nature of 2.4 ghz and can utilize additional amp and antenna systems.
  15. I am very much aware of this, it has happened to me and to many others more often than it should. I have been working with my host server technical support but have no gotten to any definitive answer or solution to this. Fortunately it can be cleared fairly easily and the site returns to normal operation but there must be a reason it happens (and I would love to find the solution).
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