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  1. Chat feature will be disabled as I work on installing something which I think will work better. Thank you for your patience. I installed the Chatbox on this site many months ago but it has gotten ZERO use by any of our members. I'm not even sure it is displayed in the navigation area on the main page. Is there anyone who wants to see if it is working (and more importantly I would like to hear if this is a feature anybody will want to use). Below you will see a screenshot that shows the button in the header for the Chatbox.
  2. Jeff Wexler

    Sound carts

    I pretty much settled into doing medium to high budget feature films and almost always had a transportation department that would deal with my cart(s) and equipment package. When I used to do commercials, I had a van which could easily transport my full size cart and cases. If I were to design and build a mini-cart (or what is sometimes referred to as a "bag cart") I would probably go for some variation of the Zuca cart (the ones that Eric Ballew does).
  3. Jeff Wexler

    Sound carts

    Philip said: "Those carts are gear-carriers. Our carts are personal workstations" I'm with Philip P. here, the sound cart bears almost no similarity to the carts that camera operators, assistants, DITs and Steadicam operators use except that they all have wheels. I'm referring mostly to rather high end sound carts that are used in major motion picture and television productions --- not your basic hand truck type cart that just serves to get your bag/gear to the set from the trunk of your car. A full sound cart is actually a specialized workstation, something which camera operato
  4. Your question is little confusing (not the part about needing help, that's kind of obvious) are you looking for a recorder or are you looking for a microphone? Why something that s rack mount? Try and re-state what you're looking for and maybe we can help you out.
  5. Quite often sound is the most under-appreciated aspect of filmmaking even though photography and sound are the two most important tools in cinematic storytelling. This is a workshop for those who want to explore the technical knowledge and set procedures required of professional sound recordists and mixers in a wide range of field productions. It will be equally attentive to craft and theory. Led by Oscar-Winning Production Sound Mixer Mark Ulano, the workshop covers the preparation, necessary equipment, processes and techniques for recording and mixing sound in the field. Studen
  6. Thank you Neil for catching this. I have informed the company that this sort of advertising is not allowed on the site, actually, not even in the Manufacturer and Dealer section (though as a courtesy I have left a brief announcement of its availability left up on the site). I have made available to this company a paid banner ad if they wish to put one up for this product. There are many other sites that can be used for this sort of promotion.
  7. Nice! Yep, that's my father! Not only a great cinematographer, a social and political activist, a great father. I really miss him -- made it to age 93 and was still shooting, still making trouble up until his passing in 2015. Here is one of my favorite photos, on the movie "Coming Home". We got to work together on several movies, hundreds of commercials and documentaries.
  8. Glenn and Colleen did a really nice presentation with Thomas Popp for Trew Audio, showing the URX-50 and URX-100. This IFB system really takes IFB to a whole new level with features and functions beyond anything your basic, standard IFB. Take a look: https://youtu.be/5iA_JtcQgjg
  9. This is a beautiful cart!! I hadn't seen the old version or this new one before. I like the solid hub wheels -- reminds me of the sort of wheels are on the vehicles designed to do land speed records. I have never considered having a cart that is adjustable height as you say this one is, too concerned about weight no matter how it's done. I think Simon Bishop built a cart that is adjustable to provide for mixing sitting or standing.
  10. Your statement is incorrect. The Tentacle-E has a headphone jack to facilitate setup monitoring and for playback of audio directly from the card. For the US model, Tentacle decided to disable the headphone jack during recording -- this is obviously done so as to not in any way infringe on the Zaxcom patent. From what I can tell so far, Tentacle has done a terrific job is designing this unit and for its specific market I think it will be very successful. I will also add that generally for its intended purpose, placing on a subject to be recorded, disabling monitoring while recording shouldn't
  11. Looking at the website, it appears that this battery is designed to be a drop in replacement for devices that would normally use a similar (physical dimensions) sealed lead acid battery. I have had experience with a few of these from other manufacturers and I have a few comments. They often are rated, amp hours, a equivalent to SLA battery in performance in the intended device (scooters, wheel chairs, solar installations, etc.) but sometimes turn out to be seriously underrated. This is difficult to determine in advance. Secondly, the website does not make any recommendation for battery charger
  12. Just to clarify, you are suggesting that you would like to see a Sound Devices mixing console that had inputs and the recorder is built in? This has been done a few times in the past and it has not seemed to be something that most people want. There is still a desire amongst some to have the mixer (panel) be standalone DC powered mixer that has all the physical inputs and outputs you would expect and ids actually performing the mixing function. This sort of mixer can, of course, be used with any recorder. What seems to be preferred these days by most is a fully featured mixer/recorder that h
  13. No problem, no harm done --- you are welcome on the site (I will contact you privately to discuss support for your company on the site). Regards, Jeff Wexler -- JWSOUNDGROUP
  14. Thank you, Shastapete for catching this. Definitely testing the limits of what is allowed on the site, This is full on advertising and should be paid for. If I do not hear from this company I may have to take the post down altogether.
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