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  1. Jeff Wexler

    NAB - 2021

    Just got the word that NAB live event has been cancelled. http://go.nabshow.com/rs/927-ARO-980/images/21LV-CoLocation%20Header.png To Our NAB Show Community: For more than a year we have worked tirelessly to bring our industry together safely in Las Vegas at NAB Show. Unfortunately, the pandemic and surge of the Delta variant has presented unexpected and insurmountable challenges for our global community. As we have always kept the best interest and safety of the industry as our priority, it has become apparent in the face of these challenges that we can no longer effectively host NAB Show or our co-located events, the Radio Show and Sales and Management Television Exchange, in person. NAB Show is the premiere destination for the media and entertainment industry and we will not move forward with a show that delivers anything less than the excellence our community has come to expect and deserves from us. While we are disappointed that we will not be together again in person next month, we look forward to converging at the 2022 NAB Show, April 23-27, 2022, to reignite our passion for our business and focus on a bright future ahead. Stay tuned for details regarding virtual options for accessing select 2021 NAB Show content through NAB Amplify.
  2. So few videos feature Charlie drumming -- this one from Tokyo concert in 1990 has a several really good shots of Charlie Watts.
  3. Drummer Charlie Watts, whose adept, powerful skin work propelled the Rolling Stones for more than half a century, died in London on Tuesday morning, according to his spokesperson. No cause of death was cited; he was 80. A statement from the band and Watts’ spokesperson reads: “It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Charlie Watts. He passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family. “Charlie was a cherished husband, father and grandfather and also a member of the Rolling Stones one of the greatest drummers of his generation.
  4. Thank you Mathew for posting here -- I wasn't sure you had any time to spend on these forums. I was pretty sure I got it right about the work on that show, I had forgotten that you were an Audio, Ltd. wireless user (the 2000 which is what I used for years until it could no longer function because of lack of frequency agility), and that the Deva II came into play at the end of the show. Stellar work on the Sopranos, always love to hear others talk about what sound recording was like before the digital multitrack wire everybody iso type work became the norm (where the boom was really the primary method) -- these days the boom is lucky enough to record the slate! I have done talks and shown clips from movies I have done and so many really found it hard to believe that a scene they just watched was boomed. In all fairness, production procedures have changed so much -- back in my day for the bulk of my career, it was always one camera, lots of rehearsals, there was discipline on the set (the least of which dictated by the cost of film raw stock!).
  5. Maybe Mathew might chime in here, but I'm sure the gear was very traditional (as were all productions) and it needs to be said, again, that until the digital era got under way almost all productions used the same gear and the same traditional procedures. I would like to know how you reached your conclusion that Sopranos had a lot of ADR -- I certainly did not feel this was the case when I watched the series, first run, many years ago. If you came to your conclusions because there appeared to be lip sync issues, this may very well be a factor of the specific broadcast you were watching (or, if you were viewing off DVD, possibly some bad DVDs). As far as I know, the Sopranos in general did not have a lot of ADR. As for being "recorded with boom only", many, many TV shows and movies were done with primarily boom and wireless only when absolutely necessary, and the majority of those shows sounded great and had little or no ADR.
  6. From my experience, filtering the music track is not the best way to go -- even if you have steep enough filters, what you are left with is often complex low frequency notes (in a song) that may not actually represent the beat effectively. Establishing the BPM (beats per minute) of a given piece of music, even if you do this "manually" by just listening to the music, then dial this into an oscillator to produce a low frequency thump for the dancers to feel. Ideally you should use a click track (often available since it was probably used when the tracks were recorded) and let that click generate the thump. Understand that this thump may not be able to be completly removed in post (and there may be other sounds generated in the room by the energy of the thump) but it usually is not a problem when the music is put back in and masks the thump.
  7. I am wiling to agree with you about the price (though many have expressed that it is properly priced considering the features, functions and build quality) but I cannot agree with you about the size. Have you actually picked one up and tried it yourself? It is quite compact and slim, can easily be put in the front pouch of a bag. I personally would not want it to be any smaller. Comparing it to Oasis doesn't make any sense (particularly if you're concerned about size --- Oasis is just about a full sized mixing console). Also, I may be wrong on this, but can't Oasis work with Nova?
  8. I hope to be able to make it to this "live" event -- been a long time since I've been out and about, lots of people to see. It would be great if you're in town, love to see you.
  9. Colleen with Zaxcom has posted this announcement: "Hello LA friends! Come join us next Saturday - July 17th - at Audio Department. Myself, Glenn Sanders, gear, tacos, margaritas, and *maybe* something new" Eventbrite LINK to Register
  10. “…I don’t care if you’ve got ninety tracks, what does it sound like baby?” - Ray Charles
  11. Fair enough. Please don't take an offense to my comments, I was just trying to sort out some of the reasons why lots of people seem to not want to do the investigation, research, etc., to discover what there is available for us.
  12. If you are itching to buy something new so that you have some functions and features you do not have with your present wireless, why not buy something from one of the other manufacturers? If the most important thing is transmit and record at the same time, buy Zaxcom. If real remote control is your priority, go with Zaxcom or Shure. If slot-in form factor is most important, you have choices, though Wisycom is still analog. Is it just brand loyalty that keeps you from purchasing from some other company? I understand that people that already have a large stake in one manufacturer do not have the financial resources to start buying new stuff, but you are suggesting that you would jump at the chance to buy something new from Lectrosonics if it just had some of the features and functions which other company's wireless already have.
  13. Well, it's "fixed" I guess but this last major update to the forum IPB changed the whole RANK system introducing new badges like the one associated with you now: "Mentor". These are based on the number posts, not the best metric to assign things like "Mentor", "Intern", "Veteran", etc. I am inclined to drop the displaying of Rank altogether.
  14. Along with various problems I am dealing with, the site has reset all members to "Newbie" regardless of their actual participation on the site. I am working on rebuilding the database (which will taker some time) and the correct rankings should again be displayed. This is the hope.
  15. Beautiful! Andrew Jones and Deity Microphones should be applauded for honoring the Zaxcom US Patents, and for acknowledging the innovative and pioneering products we have seen from Zaxcom, products with such a feature rich suite of game changing capabilities. Now, Deity users will legally be able to benefit from technologies protected by patents. In many industries, including ours, licensing is a vital part of developing and marketing products. Again, kudos to Deity for doing the right thing!
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