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Lectrosonics LMb Power the same as LMa?


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Do the new Lectrosonics LMb Transmitters have the same power output as the previous discontinued LMa Transmitters?

There has been discussion that the older LMa were rated at 50mw but have a power output closer to 70mw.

Maybe Larry Fisher can chime in on this one.

Do they have the same power unit? or completely different,

Thanks, in advance

Ted Kinney / Soundman

Portland, OR

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It's true that earlier LM and LMa transmitters were not often as tight with the RF power as some of our other units (like UM400a for instance) so yes, they might have as much as 70 mW although most were closer to 50.

The LMb does have a very different output stage from the LMa, and in general will be closer to 50 mW in most samples.

All that said, the difference of 50 mW to 100 mW is only 3dB, so 50 to 70 is maybe 1.5 dB - hardly noticeable in field use. The variations in reception due to other factors are far greater.

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