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IATSE Pension Hours Accurate?


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I've worked a couple decades for IATSE companies under the 695 contract.  

I recently took a look at the Motion Picture Industry plan website, and noticed that there don't seem to be any hours recorded there for the signatory "payroll companies" that in the past have been a primary source of my salary payments.

It would seem to be a hugely onerous task to go back and review all of the hours recorded and employment.  When we're young we don't take the statements we're sent seriously, but as we approach retirement. . .well you understand.

Does anyone have any experience with the accuracy of the hours recorded with MPIHWP> 

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1 hour ago, RPSharman said:


I review my annual reports and know that all my days are on there. I trust those reports are then summed. 

I'm quite sure I don't have all, or many, of my annual statements in my files. 

Do you have hours listed from the "payroll services" that often acted as the "employer of record"?  I know that some productions were NPI, and other big payroll companies (who's names I can't recall at the moment).  



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I keep good work records and in my experience, the MPI accounting of hours has been completely accurate.  But the other thing you need to watch for is whether the employers are accurately reporting hours.  If they don't report, the hours don't get recorded.  There too, I've had good luck but from what I understand, that doesn't always happen.  Employers have shortchanged hours and whether intentionally or not, no one but you would know or be inclined to do anything about it.  So A) Keep good track of the hours you work, and B) Check them periodically on the MPI website, and C) Whether you suspect that the source of a problem might be MPI or the employer, call MPI immediately if you doubt the accuracy of reported hours.

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