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  1. Sometimes it’s easier to shoot a beach scene at the beach without all the technology.;~) CrewC
  2. As it’s Thanksgiving here in the USA, I’d like to give thanks to my family, friends, and mentors who have furthered my lifelong quest for knowledge and wisdom as I seek the gift of sound and vision. Cheers to you all. CrewC
  3. My most sincere condolences to Don’s family and many friends. I was lucky to have Don and Jeff as my friends and mentors for fourty years now. Both incredible men who’s work speaks volumes about their mastery of the craft, the craft of filmmaking. I cherish the times we had and will honor them with maximum respect.
  4. El Mirage dry lake is a L A location infamous to all who have shot there. The last two days were the most pleasant I have ever experienced but.... CrewC
  5. Late to the Shinyribs but not too late. Here’s a taste. CrewC Another
  6. old school

    HHB Dat

    True Mr Teas, though I’ve never seen the machines that record and presumably play back archived data. Seems like there should be a better way, but what do I know? CrewC
  7. old school

    HHB Dat

    I still have 2 HHB PortaDats. One works well, the other is dodgy, but when I was using them many moons ago and I never had any issues. Certainly linear tape with digital data was a bastard format never meant to last the test of time and it didn’t. RIP DAT. CrewC
  8. I've jammed them all but I only own Denecke's. Super reliable and not power hungry and bulletproof. CrewC
  9. I can’t remember the name of the studio but I saw one online where they did it all old school with few mics and straight to tape. All ribbon mics. Players placed to get their sound. Be fun to try it that way. Dan Auerbach does it this way at his studio in Nashville. Please post a song or two Dan. Love to hear your band. CrewC
  10. Good question. Seems more Rockabilly or Santo and Johnny than surf to me but they all share elements. CrewC
  11. I was thinking vocal mics in live situations. We mostly used a variety of Shure dynamic mics way back when. Like those in my posted pic. Many through the amps which posed a host of problems. (Feedback) but we had little choice as PA’s were few and far between. All punchy mid range vocals. Like Surfer Joe. CrewC
  12. WoW!!! That’s a hell of a rig you’re playing Dan. Beautiful. It must sound fantastic. I wish we had a recording of us but no one I knew had a recorder. It never entered our minds to record our selves. Just didn’t seem a possibility or a thing to us. No band in our sphere did a recording. Looking back I’m not really sure why some kid in our town wasn’t a recording hobbyist. To busy surfing or looking for “chicks”, or cruising with our older siblings to do that? I’ll never know. Does your band rock any vintage mics from the era? An often overlooked component of the “Surf Sound”. CrewC
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