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  1. old school

    On My Radio

    Big fan of these people. CrewC
  2. old school

    Where is the Senator?

    Like JonG it was at an LA event sometime this year. I think? I hope he's well and happy. CrewC
  3. old school

    Sound tech falls on Tom Hanks "Mister Rodgers movie

    Sad on every level. My condolences to his family and many friends. CrewC
  4. old school

    Sound on A Star Is Born

    Indeed a great job by an outstanding mixer and a top crew. CrewC
  5. old school

    2018 Emmy Award skit

    A break from commercials last week. A skit for the Emmy Awards my son Case and I recorded last week at Universal. CrewC
  6. All good ways to record it. One question, no cameras? CrewC
  7. old school

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Nice memory Al. So many of my friends worked with him. Sorry I didn't I never heard a negative in town like too many actors carry. While I was never a fan, he did have what all the greats have, they play themselves. I salute that. Thanks for sharing. CrewC
  8. old school

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    Well done John. Cheers. CrewC
  9. old school

    Any Drummers out there

    Very cool video. CrewC
  10. old school

    Treatment in production

    "If you have performed the job well on set and turn in sound that is right for the project your true accolades come with the call for the next project. Then you can solidify your respect by working with many of the same people over and over and i bet some accolades will start coming. Its a process but one that is very rewarding," Don Coufal Indeed, the truth imo. Another thought to consider, let's say you get 15-20 years into a career, likely you've logged way more hours, films, and experience than most directors ever will. Take pride in what you've learned and use it to your advantage. CrewC
  11. old school

    Treatment in production

    I get what I give. Personally I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I'm responsible for production sound, CrewC
  12. old school

    Congratulations to all Emmy Nominees

    Congrats to all and their crews. Well done. CrewC
  13. old school

    HN-7506 or something else

    I've said we need a like button for years. As for the HN7506 cans, I own a pair but luckily I've had to use them only twice. They work well. CrewC
  14. old school

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    Happy Belated B D wishes J B. Big fan. CrewC
  15. old school

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    The UK sound teams who did this shoot get an A+'s in my opinion. As for the content, well Sir Paul and J C are top level talent. Really well done all. CrewC