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Izotope RX 5 Advanced on offer until Dec 31st

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Izoptope are having assorted sales until the end of the year and one of the items on deep sale is the Advanced version of Izotope RX 5, which is down to $749. Weirdly, if you already own RX 5 standard, the upgrade price to Advanced is $849 with no sale discount available, so it's currently $100 cheaper to buy Advanced outright than to upgrade from standard. No idea why this should be, but the same applies to the RX Post Production Suite, currently down to $999 for the full program, while the upgrade from RX 5 standard is still at $1,149.

I've had this confirmed by Izotope; see below.


Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. You’re right, the current promotion (through December 31) actually saves you more than the upgrade coupon, and the upgrade coupon cannot be combined with the promotion. Sorry for any confusion this causes.


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