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Joe Mullins

Wisycom RF Interference

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Had a shoot in a building that may or may not have had an FM radio station broadcasting from it in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Multiple frequency scans with my Wisycom MCR42S receivers with the latest firmware produced many clear frequencies with very low noise floors. Upon dialing up the transmitters (MTP40S with latest firmware), the gain level on the transmitter showed that the lav mic cable was acting like an antenna and picking up all kinds of stray RF. Here's a photo of the transmitter gain level in a silent room with a DPA 4061. Tried a B3 and COS-11 and got the same results. At the mixer, it sounded like the signal was gating (compander pumping?) and the gain level on receiver was almost nonexistent except in peaks of dialogue when the compander would fully open up. Tried both ENR and ENC modes. Made sure tone squelch was on. Raised squelch and no change. Tried multiple transmitters, all with the same results. Tried multiple open frequencies. Any solutions to this problem? Thanks. 


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Hello Joe, I'm Leslie from Wisy tech support in Italy. 
We saw a similar issue in the past and it was caused by security systems working with ultrasounds. Can you take a look around the location and see if there's something like a sensor on the walls or the roof? Let me know! Regards. Leslie

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