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    I am sound mixer based in Beijing, China. I have been doing sound for the past 8-9 years.
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  1. Got it from web. People might be interested to take a look.
  2. It feels like those camera companies keep releasing new models, Mark I, mark ii with improved add on features. They probably figured all out long time ago. But they wanna consumers as us to buy one, and more and more .... Not fair in my opinion as one of the first gen buyers. Now, I probably want to sell my mixpre 1, to get new II, because of the Timecode capability. Anyways....
  3. Linear ones seem to have those problems. I think the gain stage is higher than the old transmitter. My MTP30 is set to +4 for mke1, but linear 40s are on -6-8 to be safe. Thought was my ear problem hahahaha
  4. Sennheiser mode, Mode 3. Wisy side also set to Senn compander
  5. I would say yes. Cos I got mine about 200 something, still burnt itself, and back to mothership to do the modification. You could do it yourself if you are capable with soldering. Contact zax, they will send you the manual on how to do it.
  6. If distance is not a big thing to you. 112P wireless kit with DPA lav makes great combo. Plus you have an extra ME2 lav for back up cod it is included in the package. Hiro
  7. I felt 8060 is much hotter, easy to clip itself. If it’s loud SFX. Of course, there are other mics. But if chose between these two. 416 for me.
  8. If you try to swap the antenna from one to another, see what happens. It might be the antenna or the transmitter side tho. Just a guess.
  9. Worked on the MM400C, simply because I was lazy to swap around the receivers, and seemed to be ok from my ears. I set a UH400a for Wisycom as well. but haven't had real world shoot yet.
  10. hiro nakamura

    Camera Hops

    Sony UWP D11 for hops, and IFB monitoring as well. Two AA, 12 -15hours running time. Not even bother to turn them off in the middle of the shoot. If it’s Fs7 or even A7s, their Sony hotshoe could go cable-less on cameras. And I could swap them around for hops and listening.
  11. Too risky to use the repaired ones, I have mine repaired once, they replaced the old cable to a Shure mic cable. In general, it sounds fine... but later on, it goes on and on with lots of problems, little noise like the cable with he capsule, or even RF antennas etc. best to get a new one or even a used one. Don’t repair it.
  12. Lots of factors affects the sound of lav while it is hidden. You might be the cable or sometimes just noisy shirt which you can’t do much about, if there is no chance to plan before hand. I would say boom and lavs combo. Sometimes you need to tell your associates, “for this one, I need my boom to be there, otherwise we can’t have it”. Or asking for changing wardrobe. I found if the costume is soft and cotton, micing is 90% done. You need to watch out hard shirt, suit, silk stuff. There is no formula for everything. Today you successfully mic a polo shirt, tomorrow same technic, might have problem with another person with same type of polo shirt. Just try and try and try make it the best out of it. End of day, you could deal with most of situation. Never end learning.
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