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    I am sound mixer based in Beijing, China. I have been doing sound for the past 8-9 years.
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  1. When I used Maxx, the gain is quite high… not max but almost, and with fader’s help for Cmit-mini. If you have sound devices , or zoom production. You could test it on different devices , see how it goes.
  2. I had that problem once as well. Couldn’t really finger out what caused that. Might be the SD card or recorder FW .
  3. Didn’t they mention that they have real limiter this time comparing the previous version … but nothing change on the headphone amp…
  4. In conclusion, Sound devices calls it a nunder warranty repair. Thank you Sound Devices for that.
  5. I got it from DingRun about 3 weeks ago as first owner . So purely legit purchase from official dealer. Talking to them and Sound Devices at the same time. Just got the answer last night from DingRun that Sound Devices thinks the user broke the jack, and the part is Not under wanrranty. Wiredly, the whole thing should be under warranty... but anyways... I emailed Sound Devices but they didn't reply to me yet. Hopefully something turnt good.
  6. first was claimed it was broken by the user. second, the part was not under the warranty. What to do! what to do ! Oohhh! I actually got one from my sound devices 302 package ! 10 years ago
  7. Just got my SoundDevices Mixpre10II for less than a month. I was swaping it from a Ktek small to a more compact bag Ktek junior. When I pulled the 3.5mm jack... It just came out. Like waking up from a sweet dream. Sound Devices claimed not under warranty and cost 300 fix it。 Please when you got yours... be gentle... not as solid as you think.
  8. Sorry in advance if that's the wrong place to put this thread. but I really need help on this. Are there anyone have Taiaudio's person-in-charge email ? I made a payment for two sets of Wisycom MCR54 bundle. and the sell person only told me they don't have any wisycom in stock. and I asked my money back. But no one really talk to me. Thanks in advance if anyone knows their emails. Hiro
  9. How does it sound comparing with a real one if you could borrow from someone? Just got a friend who bought one from Facebook buy and sell group. Had a doubt when it was being shipped. But in the end, he loved it after he comparing it with his mkh600. Of course there are few other reasons such as the serial no. Are all matched etc. The fake ones are on eBay for most of time. Bblist is one of the professional site. They wouldn't mess with professionals I assume. My2cents.
  10. Easy solution, use the rubber bands tight the zipper end, which makes the zipper dragger stands a bit.
  11. Got it from web. People might be interested to take a look.
  12. It feels like those camera companies keep releasing new models, Mark I, mark ii with improved add on features. They probably figured all out long time ago. But they wanna consumers as us to buy one, and more and more .... Not fair in my opinion as one of the first gen buyers. Now, I probably want to sell my mixpre 1, to get new II, because of the Timecode capability. Anyways....
  13. Linear ones seem to have those problems. I think the gain stage is higher than the old transmitter. My MTP30 is set to +4 for mke1, but linear 40s are on -6-8 to be safe. Thought was my ear problem hahahaha
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