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Nicholas West

1/4 Track Playback Head On A Nagra IV-S

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I have a Nagra IV-S machine which I used to transfer quite a few 2 track tapes to digital.  However, the utility of the machine as a transfer and home audio deck would be magnified a thousand fold if I was able to play 1/4 track tapes on it, of which I have A LOT, as well as 2 track.  As a safe transport for old delicate tapes it has no equal. I was thinking that maybe a 1/4 playback head could be installed where the pilotone head is, and could be switched in and out of the playback amp. Has anyone ever heard of such a conversion?  Has anyone here ever converted a Nagra into a 1/4 track machine? Or know anyone who could do such a thing?  Has anyone here ever SEEN a 1/4 track conversion on a Nagra?  Any thoughts on the subject would be so welcome!

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Here is a guy who did replace the pilot head with a quarter track head:



The tricky part would be to find a head that is an exact physical match to the original Nagra head. It doesn´t look like a Kudelski head viewed from the front, so he might have fitted another type head in a Kudelski head casing. Which in itself is quite a feat...

 In the commentary field someone asks about the make of the head; there is no answer, but a direct question to the guy might give an answer (which I am eager to know...)



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