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Lectrosnics srb and sl6 problem

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Hello, I have a problem with RF hits an inter modulation.  Receivers are Lectrosonics srb, transmitters are ssm ( compatibility set to hybrid on both, audio gain set to optimal on ssm) block 25 that are connected to sl 6 and SD 688. Receivers are not upgraded to super slot compatibility. I have found last night that I need an adapter to do that.   I have tried predefined frequencies, random frequencies but the problem persists. Frequency scan show no abnormal RF activity. Tuning to free frequencies, according to RF scan, did not help. Does anyone knows that these problems may be caused because of a firmware update, that I cannot do at a time because I don`t have an adapter? 


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What did you do to determine it's an issue that has to do with the SL6? It sounds like you didn't coordinate right if you experience intermodulation between the different frequencies you choose to transmit on.

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Hi Blags,

You can remove local intermod as a potential problem by separating the transmitters from each other by ten feet each, and simultaneously being 25 feet from the receiver's antennas. This will eliminate intermod between transmitters and between transmitters and receivers. These distances are overkill to remove the problem but it guarantees no local intermod. If you are still having problems, it's somewhere else. Frankly, intermod is rare compared to other problems (RF noisy equipment on cart or in bag, video transmitters, defective antenna setups, etc.) It is talked about so much, because if you can eliminate it by the proper choice of frequencies, it is worth the effort.


Also, you can try turning on only one transmitter and seeing if your range or dropout problem persists. If it does, it's not local intermod.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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