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Premiere/Audition export to Pro Tools

Thomas Farmer

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Hi there, I am pretty new to both post sound and Pro Tools software with pretty low-level/amateur knowledge of both. I have a film that has been edited in the latest version of Premiere with all the linked audio files attached. I tried to export both an OMF and an AAF however I can not get everything to transfer over correctly. 


This link provides what I am experiencing. Scroll down to Issue 4: "When an AAF links to source media, Premiere points to multi-channel audio files, which Pro Tools doesn’t support." Everything transfers over in sync and in the correct placements, but nothing is linked, all the clips are blank, and I am not able to re-link any of the offline files. 


It doesn't exactly provide a solution though. Or at least not that I have figured out. 


For additional info, I am on Windows 10, the audio files in the Premiere export are all polywav, and I am on Pro Tools 12.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Thomas,


If you are running PT12 Ultimate you could use EdiLoad in conjunction with the PT Field Recorder features to get PT to build the assembly itself - linking to the location poly WAVs.


This process requires exporting one or more EDLs from Premiere which are loaded into EdiLoad. EdiLoad can "clean" the edit (remove duplicates and non-location events etc) to export a "conform reference track" in a PT session. Pro Tools then uses this track to assemble the clips pointing to the original location WAVs which can be poly WAVs. Here is a link to a blog post that contains a video that goes through the whole process:




BTW I am the creator of EdiLoad, but have also worked as a dialogue and effects editor in film and TV post for over 20 years.





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