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modulated drop out in dialogue to fix


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I recorded two lavs and one boom to a Zoom F8 in a remote location.  I didn't notice any audio problems when monitoring.  On the files, including each iso, there is a 'warble'.  It is on some of the tracks, and not others, though set up and location was the same during short interviews.  I say this because i don't think the interference came from the microphones, i think it happened in the recorder?  I would like to try and fix it, the spectrum analyzer shows deeper dropout from the 'warble' or 'modulated' tracks.  I don't know how to research it because i'm not what happened or what to call it. 



no warble.png

warble audio.png

Linden Intermodulated Boom .mp3

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If you are talking about the "tremolo" type sound on the speaker's  voice, that could be caused by a defective time base in the recorder.  Was it set for external sync mode?    It could happen over a very narrow range of temperature.  Repairing that in post will not be easy.  Your issue is similar to wow and flutter.     Google techniques for removing wow and flutter.    If you somehow?  can map the frequency variation and then create and add a tone with that variation and  then use "autotune" to remove the variation, then remove the tone?    Good luck.   Mark



A thought, is there any "hum"  or other steady tone in the recording that can be used as a reference to help  "undo" the wow and flutter?



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