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Nagra 3 belt change and top face screws

Thomas G Kovacs

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I am trying to change the belts on my Nagra 3. I don't want to deal with the magnet issue, and would like to know if I can drop the motor

assy by loosening the top screws. Are they reverse threads? I may need a T-handle screwdriver from Switzerland (Amazon) because even

a good Snap On screwdriver that fits can not loosen the screws. Thank you.

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The easiest way is to buy a screwdriver bit set with slotted screws that fit exactly into the screws. 
This is how I was able to loosen the extremely tight screws of my Nagra III. 

Important! If you loosen the bottle screws, you may have to readjust the tape tension. 


My procedure for my Nagra III was as follows:
Remove the power supply and/or batteries and switch the Nagra on to discharge the remaining current. 
(Then switch off again).

When removing the motor, make sure that they do not touch the tachometer head, otherwise, as far as I know, there is not really much more to consider.

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