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Who can identify this clicking sound?

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Back story : Shooting a small little video series for my buddy last week with a DSLR and the Tentacle Sync Track E fitted with a Tram TR-50 for sound with a Sync E going into my audio port of the cam and using TC to sync in post. The first day of shooting my buddy didn't wear the Tentacle right away because he had some running around to do and it wasnt necessary to get audio so I just put the Tentacle pack on my rig and clipped the lav to the front of my rig for ambience. This is where this clicking sound was on the sound files. Can't figure out where this is coming from. This is a stand alone recorder and not wireless. There was nothing that could of made this sound on my rig. Later on that day he put the lav on and for the rest of the 9 days of shooting he wore the lav and there was no clicking or sound issue at all which leads me to believe it had something to do with clipping the lav on my rig?  


Anyway,just thought one of you guys might have  recognize this sound as something you have come across in your past. Thank you for listening!



click sample.wav

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I've heard similar sound from focus pullers ultrasonic distance sensors (forgot the brand) with older Wisycom TX. Apparently similar tech is used e.g. in automatic door openers. Also Induction cooking tops can be somehow similar, IIRC

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