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  1. It looks like all 3 SRCs operate within the Hydra system. So with an SRC or other analog-out-only RX, the hydra is only there for remote control and does not provide AD conversion itsself?
  2. Form Sounddevices SL-2 introduction: "The SL-2 is the first model of a new range of SuperSlot™-based accessories which bring integrated multichannel wireless to the 8-Series" I'd guess, they'll come up with an SL-3 or even bigger thing hosting 3+ MCR54s in Superslots. The 40pins of the SL-2/XL-AES proprietary connection may suggest, there is room for more AES-inputs.
  3. You can use the mini-DA42 to an analog TX. It needs external power, so you'll end up with a cabled boom and some belt pack for the boom operator. Clumsy, but possible. The SuperCMITs off axis rejection is superb, which makes it hard or impossible to catch dialog with only one unit. At lest in mode 2, but even mode 1 needs getting used to. I've boomed a telenovela where 2 SuperCMITs are (or where) used by 2 operators this way regularly for outdoor and some studio sets. We used AudioLtd TX2020 at the time. This mic has a significant self noise. You can deal with it, but it's wort
  4. Hey Manuel, in case you missed it, you may take a look at Zeigermann Audios Testcenter 20/21 offer. They'll also talk you through all the hydra details. See you some time
  5. You might want to put this thread in the "Manufacturers & Dealers" section.
  6. Just received a few, here're my first impressions: - Lightweight but provide a feeling of value. They don't appear cheap. The surface coating has a nice velvety touch to it. Time will tell, how long that holds. - They are quite "open back" or trans-missive to surrounding sounds. Not like some tight on-ear phones like the HD-25. Good for most situations within their purpose. - They do fold, but not fully, like the Audio Technica M series. That does not make them as compact as one might imagine. The overall shape when folded is still a bit strange for storage, but not as big as no
  7. Used 7xx series are the most affordable recorders I am aware of, if you need AES input. But the 788 in particular is a heavy monster not only by itsself, but requires significant external battery weight in a bag.
  8. A regulator or simple resistor would work, just to be safe and remain in warranty.
  9. I've bought what is marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with modular adaptor & screws) in the 3 shore/stiffness variants (62/72/82) to use them in my Cyclone or an INV-7. For simplicity I'll only refer to 62 Shore variant here. Mine has product code 042255. There is a similar product, with the code 042250 marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with premodular adaptor & screws). Rycote also offers a Cyclone Pair of Universal Lyre with the product code 042270. The lyres that came with my Cyclone and my INV-7 look exactly the same as those I just ordered (just w
  10. Thnx, good to know. I'll keep it in mind, if I go to the farm. On the real race, there is hardly a position I can be without any unwanted sounds on axis.
  11. They have their "heavy duty line" but this is not a task to protect a few X00$ insured lavs but a few X00k$ animals, +some human athlete well-being. 😉
  12. Definitely. In this particular situation the horse needs to accustom to the entire car, including the boom sticking out.
  13. If I get some time at the farms training course, I'll probably boom out of a car (preferrably electro motored) with a SuperCMIT or a KMR82 and try a lav somewhere under the chin. A limiting factor will be the endurance of the horse, so I can't try out forever. I am sceptical if mounting a lav on the bridle will introduce the bribles self noise. The local rental place suggested sticking a lav on the animal at a comparably wind protected place, but I've never sticked anything to living fur before. I wonder what tape is appropriate, if any.
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