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  1. Installing the 1816 retractor with W3031 gives impressive results. Its been on 10 weeks of shooting and booming with this is incredible. Cable wiggle is significantly less due to the permanent tension and the disks/washers. Cable wiggle takes only place at the top section, and not during action, so next time I'll service this, I work something around the cable in the middle of the top section. The center of gravity allows for 1 handed situations with an MBT40S and a far expanded boom. This is somehow a really new feeling and offers completely new possibilities. My back likes this A LOT.
  2. Keep in mind, a particular focal length produces different results in different cameras, or better sensor sizes and whatever cropping the camera is configured to. Let alone anamorphic lenses. It is always good to get a feeling for the very setup on the current production. So if the lens changes from e.g. 32 to 24mm after rehearsal, you know you'll have to adapt. Getting a bit off topic, but be very careful to trust your glance on the focus pullers monitor. Their picture may be cropped / "zoomed in".
  3. 230km/h is a pretty irrelevant condition (but might show strudiness in a way), Pia/ni vs Cyclone is a much fairer comparison in terms of rumble than Pia/ni vs Nano as the former have both effectively decoupled baskets. This comes with the price of more weight. Im my experience Nano is in terms of rumble in the Modular/Supershield/Blimp camp. In my case, a CD size for the SuperCMIT. The "rumbling issue" there may be in general, that low rumbling due to the eliptic basket shape was promised and that the rather small sizes that compete with the Cosi may have special rumbling effects.
  4. For what mics, length? What kind of wind conditiones? The original Rycote modular rumbles as well or more. Piano and Pianissimo rumble too but less than Rycote modular and I've seen minor mods at the joint fixture to improove it. Cinela does provide different fur length and a raincoat, the Nano comes with a well designed handle and is easier to fit to different mics and can loose the basket completely if you switch from outdoor to indoor sitiations. Cinela also may be a more sympathetic "designer run" company as of today. Pianissimo does have some parts that like to break, the Nano seems not to, though it may be still young to tell. (My magnets did come out, but that was not crucial) IMHO none is technically "better" but it depends on a number of considerations.
  5. I am using these for lavs and accessories https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005004044021124.html and these for accessories: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005004966963360.html
  6. Digging through the manuals here. What is the connection path for frequency and gain control from the Maxx to the QRX?
  7. My longest "dialogue" was somewhere above 70min on a fiction movie. That was due to the way the director worked with the teenage and children cast. Everything was running and then she let them be themselves until they forget they're on a filmset. Then she occasionally called in some directions. We shot a few scenes this way in 720p to fit the media cards in the Arri. Apart from that I had a few interview situations in that time range that are technically "dialogue".
  8. Not sure, if these crosses are actually marks for the speaking ppl as this X shape is rather odd and T shapes were pretty much standard when I was in the news business. But then they where probably not placed by TV production ppl but the event ppl.
  9. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda attend a European Union leaders' summit in Brussels, Belgium December 15, 2022. REUTERS/Yves Herman
  10. Just my 2ct. If I'd want to invest in a 2 to 8 channel wireless system, I'd probably pick the system/family that is most common in my city from rental houses and colleagues if I need temporary replacement or occasional expansion or rent out my units to others. In my case, that would be Wisycom.
  11. DanieldH

    SD A20 Nexus

    Just some lound thinking... Cantar Mini... Aaton implement gain forward... We'll see, never hope while spending money
  12. I've used an 8060 with it, in between an Xvive P1. This works. I have not deeply listened into it though or compared results with larger recorders.
  13. I came across this: http://www.uneeda-audio.com/pads/
  14. Ask your deal. Rycote/Videndum did produce some videos on how to upgrade the products and the carton, presumably for dealers. If you still get a unit that is not yet updated, it is likely, that Rycote will help you out (as long as they have upgrade sets).
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