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  1. That was at least with the 1st cantarem for X/X2 the case, if I remember correctly.
  2. CL12 does work with the 833 though.
  3. If I may humbly ask, what is the application of a 16 fader interface for a 12track 8input recorder. Yes, there are 6 busses or is it the screen, whatever it may do?
  4. The Chinese Boya BY-PVM3000M fits the price range. I have no clue, how that sounds though.
  5. What is cheap/your budget? Why shotguns? What is an example for "smooth" compared to an example for ... "rough?" ?
  6. Are you asking about the mixer (i.e. monitoring side) or the boom op (i.e. the person whose ears and attention are on whatever is going on on set with the ability to hear vour ppt voice) side of the system? 2 very different beasts! Many pro headphones have Headset variants, and yet many mixers just put a Mic on the cart/bag. What do you mean by "permanent line"? Is your question is about stuff we wear on heads or signal paths?
  7. You own a low budget kit, that probably does the job done (yours). You have a budget for 2 professional Lavs, but where do they plug into? Your recorder? You do not want to wire a person in front of camera to your main recorder. Especially, if you are the only tech person on set. Rent what you need (hint: wireless links, most rental places provide some lavs + accessories with it. It's out of your budget to buy), and make your own expieriences, or hire someone who knows what he or she is doing. You are on the wrong forum with this question.
  8. My humble suggestion would be, to make a call or email to Munich. They've been pretty responsive to me with support for out of warranty or small stuff and can answer your questions first hand and may even have disassembly tips.
  9. Humble question: Are u sure she is comfortable having this posted here publicly?
  10. Humble thought: Talk to Kortwich. Just looked. It seems, they do not advertise their bags any more, for whatever reason. Their inhouse tailor used to be very open to custom solutions.
  11. Schoeps Mini CMIT DPA 4017C Sanken CS-M1 or CS-1e Why so you want to use shorts shotguns for nature?
  12. It seems they offer Lectro and Shure compatible modes/versions now, so there are some bag friendly alternatives. They also have a remote not relying on Windows software, as I understand.
  13. Has anyone testest this Airframe thing for booming yet? It looks like it will not support any strain on the back.
  14. I've had more cable noise hassle with Sanken compared to the old stiffy DPAs. With modern DPAs with soft cables, things got more comfortable. However, a colleague who bought a new set in different colors together got the black ones with a semi stiff cable. All others specs where the same. I'd suggest you discuss stiffness with your vendor, before buying. PS: I never understood the target market for MKE2 (Gold) or why they added it to their evo line.
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