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  1. Is auxiliary power possible during operation? Do they charge via USB-C? Thnx
  2. I just took this pic today. The upper part is wide open by its HM design nature. The photo shows the connector outlet folded out like a turtleneck sleeve. That works in a way, but the actual connection and winding is unprotected, however relevant that may be. If I'd own MTB40 I'd buy this Lectro accesory, but it is quite fumbly to rig and the clasical dry condom or vaginal ultrasound probe cover will stay my quick and dirty option.
  3. How much do you need? I bought some 1804a (too much!) a wile ago at https://www.studiokonzept.at
  4. I 've walked into hearing aid shops maybe 20 years ago and they all would do it for around 150€ per ear back then, but needed to send it to some workshop with the system I would need them with, either electric or with a "soundhose". However, it seems, your client does not need the main feature of ear molds, environment noise supression. Ear molds are quite comfortable to wear, but last only around 2 years as your ears grow all your life. I recently got a bubblebee sidekick in stereo for booming, as I want maximum transparency and comfort to wear. They should be quickly available from the usual suspects, are a bit pricey but a very useful thing to have, not only for IFB.
  5. When I bought my 1g-wifi combo a long time ago, there was the recommendation for a 50Ohm termination not included in the package, when the thing travels through luggage X-rays. That however is a completely different beast than some antenna amplified or not, what it is made for.
  6. Mouser and usual suspects seem to list PFB.00.303 for various cable diameters that Tentacle refers to for their product.
  7. Originally, vaporware refers tosomething advertised that never made it to the market. However, I am sure you can buy some gazillion of a particular lemo connector in some 20foot high cube container to a local port near you. The fact that Lemo lists a product, is able to mass produce it or has done so in the past does not mean, you can buy small quantities from Mouser, Farnell, etc.
  8. Use the support chat on the Lemo website. They are very helpful and give you a thorough answer (that you can post here ;-)). They will guide you to their catalog and pages with naming conventions, including kink protections. I've done so, looking for a cabled counterpart for the FVB to make adapters for Wisycom/Sennheiser lavs to locking miniTRS. However when I knew the Lemo article number(s), I found out that they were more or less vaporware on the market. There were a few small offers from china and on ebay, but the best solution for my needs was: https://shop.tentaclesync.com/product/tentacle-track-e-microphone-adapter-3pin-lemo-to-3-5mm-mini-jack/ The connector at least looked resolderable to me and can be taken apart and reassembled without any special tools. However it's really fumbly and I don't recommend doing so in the field. Besides, Tentacle may be not very shy of telling what connector they used if you ask them.
  9. A thing I never understood is, why low cuts, either build in or as a module, are recommended here or there on boom mics. Most devices we connect a boom mic to, either a recorder or some TX provide a low cut, presumably in the analog input stage. Is there any advantage to have a low cut close to or within the mic?
  10. Schoeps also features the W20 R1 with a similar design as Leo and Baseball.
  11. Dumping this thread for reference: My 2 ct: I am pretty happy with my PCS Boom Cons and may expand my collection with other products of the PCS ecosystem. A feature no other system has, afaik. I prefet the Boom Con pulling operation a lot more to the QuickLock twist. Dirt/Sand is an obvious nogo for these mechanics. (neither is salt water, as they involve springs). If I'd work regularly on beaches I might prefer solutions from SGS or Panamic or alike.
  12. Here are two CMC 1 L with MK 41, one in a Rycote INV the other in a Cinela Osix. The bigger W 20 windscreen does not fit on the Cinela version, as it is too heavy and the mic is too short. The smaller B 20 S does work though. With the W 20 the back clip from the Inv gets loose from time to time and might need some modding or a B 20 S.
  13. Hey Constantin... Thnx for the input. I've researched some of these spy cams, but I'll stick to this particular action cam. mostly due to availability of accessories and since it is a camera that is made to be moved around.
  14. Hey Paul, many thnx for the input. I will think about it but it seems to have some disadvantages for my application. I work with different plugon TX models from different owners. Wisycom variants are quite popular though. On rainy days, we usually put ultrasound probe covers (basically dry condoms without a reservoir) over the thing. For those reasons, I'd want to avoid any permanent fixture on the TX. But the iOttie might be a solution to mount a small smartphone running the godforsaken Teradek VUER app.
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