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    Well, RF power. You'll probably have checked, but did you set the right battery chemistry to lithium? I have only once worked with MTB40 for a couple of days, not sure if it was the s Version. IIRC we changed NiMh at lunch.
  2. If you are a well known manufacturer, why not make a Kickstart campign to raise some attention to an upcoming product/ product feature that you'll develop anyway. But if it succeeds... well a few thousand $currency in your dev buget won't hurt. What I am really cuious: Will scratches and marks on the nano be under warranty due to opening Augustiner bottles only, or all crown corks?
  3. Yes, I prefer the 633 gaining though as a powercycle means opening the windscreen and processing the button sequence. With the DA42, it raises the noise floor with it.
  4. My impression is, that their core market are videographers.
  5. + whatever latency your recorder has. Apparently, a single system can even be set to 40ms to increase stability, so this would add up even more. I am not sure though, If the setup you suggest would work or be advisable. As I understood, the DuoRX have a cable to permanently "negotiate" frequencies between them. The BP-TRX (in RX mode) seem not to have such a socket, maybe they do this wirelessly or via USB or not at all. So, so far it is unclear, if a setup with multiple RX (on different TX) in one room is provided. I guess, we'll soon get more info. Edit: The cable is called sy
  6. I operate the 633 with a lot more digital gain (mid 10 to mid 20ies dB) though It's rather annoying, as you need to do it within the channel interface and you can't assign a dedicated pot.
  7. Yes, that seems to be the case with the unit I have and a unit the reputable local rental place provides. All that, compared to the AES42 inputs of a 633 or 788T.
  8. Schoeps has this box to adapt the SuperCMIT. It's analog outputs have an unusual high noise floor, that one might not expect from a Schoeps product. I wonder, why that is the case and what Schoeps intended application, use case or workflow is. Also, I have not opened this box yet, but there may be mods/hacks that I did not stumble over yet. One rather expensive alternative may be the SX-M2D2 that appears to add a "digital gain" and a compressor.
  9. Well, what sort of performance are you thinking of, cablewise? Coiled or straight? Generally I prefer Ambient over Ktek for their precision, smoothness of their surface and durability of the foot.
  10. I have an older 5100, straight cabled, that I use for bag jobs and fiction booming. Does, what it is supposed to. When in a wireless setup, plugon TX fit on the QAPL. I do prefer a shorter booms for mixing though. Only the lately released 5Series from Ambient allows "solderless" (dis-)assembly. VdB may be worth a look, too. I think their 6-104 side heel is rather new and provides a needed option for me.
  11. Yes referring to the QAPL... I could not find the new end pieces on your accessories website, yet, but I trust this will change soon. Still good to hear. Looking forward to try it out.
  12. Will the XLR-Clamp fit on the straight cabled version? In the engl. video on the product page, Klaus states, that both QP and QXS series are replaced by series 5.
  13. I've experienced this while booming a production a few years ago. I do not remember if transmitters where Wisycoms (or what version) or some Sennheiser skp5X12(?) (the RX where MCR42) and I had no interest at that time of the brand of ultrasonic cam horns that produced it. The mixer in charge knew about the issue and was rather cool, as this apparently happens not relevantly often. If, he'd ask for a new take, period. With this experience, I did some time later a quick check on some present camhorns, pre shoot, with negative response, so these worries are a at background but I am rather s
  14. A 25$ headphone for Executives and VIP’s? SCNR Every other day I have this "wait what?" reflex in my brain when perceiving PR language. Anyhow, looks like an affordable product, that gets jobs done. I keep it in mind and might buy it some day if an application crosses my roads, probably not for VIPXecutives though ;-). Thnx, good luck and all the best with the HTEM
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