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  1. A regulator or simple resistor would work, just to be safe and remain in warranty.
  2. I've bought what is marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with modular adaptor & screws) in the 3 shore/stiffness variants (62/72/82) to use them in my Cyclone or an INV-7. For simplicity I'll only refer to 62 Shore variant here. Mine has product code 042255. There is a similar product, with the code 042250 marketed as pair of single lyre (19/25) (with premodular adaptor & screws). Rycote also offers a Cyclone Pair of Universal Lyre with the product code 042270. The lyres that came with my Cyclone and my INV-7 look exactly the same as those I just ordered (just w
  3. Thnx, good to know. I'll keep it in mind, if I go to the farm. On the real race, there is hardly a position I can be without any unwanted sounds on axis.
  4. They have their "heavy duty line" but this is not a task to protect a few X00$ insured lavs but a few X00k$ animals, +some human athlete well-being. 😉
  5. Definitely. In this particular situation the horse needs to accustom to the entire car, including the boom sticking out.
  6. If I get some time at the farms training course, I'll probably boom out of a car (preferrably electro motored) with a SuperCMIT or a KMR82 and try a lav somewhere under the chin. A limiting factor will be the endurance of the horse, so I can't try out forever. I am sceptical if mounting a lav on the bridle will introduce the bribles self noise. The local rental place suggested sticking a lav on the animal at a comparably wind protected place, but I've never sticked anything to living fur before. I wonder what tape is appropriate, if any.
  7. The sulky would produce a lot of body own movement and resonance to the boom. It would require a very stiff mic mount. It will require tests how the mic's position and direction changes regularly. Hmm... A mic inside these might produce a "canned" sound, but this is a good approach. However, I'd need to find a way to make it compatible to the snaffle. Great thoughts, thank you guys.
  8. So, I've been asked to record some wild tracks of horse breaths in a real trot race for a TV movie. (This is a questionable idea in general, as a real sport event provides not a very clean sound setting, e.g. constant PA and though the horse team will be very cooperative, I'd interfere procedures and routines previous to the race and potentially even introduce some safety risks. However I'd like to discuss the task to record racehorse breath in general and controlled setting.) I did wire sulkies on camera on staged races before for this production but these where conducted horse frie
  9. Their high value brand name for professional products and service started to crumble like an aged MZW 415 the day they focused on consumer products. Today a big chunk fell off for me. Update: My dealer just called me. Some longtime employee Sennheiser remembered my order and called them, as they were about to tidy things up and throw away their last unit. I am happy I'll get mine after all, but it is a tragedy, that they do not offer this option any more.
  10. I was just notified by my dealer, that my order placed in September was canceled by Sennheiser. Apparently, they closed the entire "custom department". Back in September they quoted me with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.
  11. Hey Karl, thnx, that is wat I was referring to. Not as deep as a relevant source for a dissertation, but may include some stuff to look further into for Michael
  12. My Cyclone (large) works for me in medium winds without fur, but it is good to have one if the wind becomes heavier. If you go down the Cyclone route, you might consider the large one as it fits your BP4029 better, optionally with a duo-lyre72 for the 4025. Maybe an option for you, there is a hack to make Rycote lyres work in the current Rode Blimp, so you could fit the 4025 in it, e.g. with a duo-lyre72. Also, there is a DIY project for a BBG style solution: https://www.zachpoff.com/resources/mic-windscreen-for-at-bp4025/
  13. Well, no, here is my experience within the Rycote world (or others) ignoring anything regarding attenuation, linearity or whatever "issues" from bad to good: Naked mic Mic + foam Mic + foam + some fur sock Mic + some Softie (I have not encountered the fabric surfaced softies very much. so I can't say anything about the furry vs the fabric ones) Mic within some old school corpus / "basket" like the WS series, the blimp and others The Cyclone and the Piano/Pianissimo The same as previous, but covered with some fur. However, you did not enlighten us,
  14. The advantage wind-wise is slightly better, as the cyclone has an overall bigger corpus and offers a more advanced outer surface when oerating without fur. This is my subjective experience with a WS4 and a large Cyclone. A more notable advantage is that the Cyclones produces significantly less handling noise than the WS kits and is a lot easier/quiter to operate on a boom. This is due to the Cyclones main feature that the corpus is isolated from from the booms structure-borne noise, whereas with the WS Kits and many similar products the corpus produces a resonance body to those noise
  15. IIRC KarlW did a quick talk on wireless mic history on the sound summit last year, but apparently, I don't remember correctly, as I could not find it scrolling through all the recordings on YT.
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