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Artificial stereo reverbaration on dialogue


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I just tried to watch David Finchers - Mank.

I immediateley noticed the artificial stereo reverbaration on the dialogue. But for my taste it´s way to much. In the first scene indoors the reverb doesn´t match to the size of the room neither to the materials inside. The next scene with a different room, the same. Way to large on the reverbaration side than the existing room. It bothered me so much, that I had to stop the movie. My brain suffered to match what I see and what I hear.

I noticed this circumstance in other movies too.

Does anybody of you had the same thoughts?

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I noticed it too but I thought it was cool and maybe a nod to film dialog processing of that era?  Maybe not, ha. It made the movie feel dreamy and vintage, and perhaps authentic but that is tbd. Hey I can’t imagine a better crowd to weigh in on wether or not the reverb in Mank is referencial !

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