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Frame.io testdrive, questions


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AWill be doing a testdrive of c2c on the upcoming project. 

Everything is set up and working under lab conditions.

But to make it work under reallife conditions with fluctuating or nonexistent network performance, there are some things quite unclear. 


There will be days/locations when LTE network will be weak or nonexistent. In the case of this project, the cloud backup wont be too time critical.  Files from different recording folders can be uploaded some days later without problem. Main goal: every recorded file is in the cloud by the end of the project.


Is it possible to mirror a whole project folder including all the subfolders in the cloud ?  So the system automatically checks, what files in the different subfolders are already uploaded and whats still missing? 

Up to now i only see the possibility of mirroring the currently selected folder. When switching to a different folder, the former upload queue is lost.


What about local metadata changes of already uploaded files? Are they reflected in the mirror? 


Greets Marco 



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so am i

cant put too much effort in this, there are as always plenty of other things to do... will just let it run in the background unattended (hopefully) and only as long as it doesnt mess with my workflow. but very curious about the outcome.

continuously uploading the audiofiles would be extremely handy on this next project, but it felt too early to present this as a possible solution to production....

will post my findings at a later date

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