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Nagra III Parts List


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I have read references from various sources referring to a Nagra III parts list. One that was included with the machine at one time. Does anyone know where / if such a list exists? I have found the American written owners manual, the instructions manuals 1963&1967, and the German service manual, which i am in the process of translating to English. I don’t think this parts list was a complete list with exploded views, but rather a text list of items such as pinch roller and belts. I own two N3s and wish to restore them as much as possible. It looks like no one is servicing units anymore, and i have a desire to create a manual closer to a “proper” one. I see various parts on eBay with 5 digit part numbers (such as 33032) but i have no idea if they are Nagra numbers. I understand that the factory no longer sells parts, but if a list exists i would like to include it.

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Aloha,  there are possible lists available, hopefully thru LSC in North Hollywood and Trew Audio in North Hollywood. Also Dan Dugan in San Francisco. Remember they well into Nagra recorders and service, however not any more. They may have in the files the list you are liooking for. Good luck hope they can help. Another thought contact Nagra USA in Switzerland

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Thanks for your suggestions. I have reached out to a few with no luck so far.


I’m not a “sound man” or tape head or audiophile. I made a living in the electrical / electronics field, at one point in the 80s repairing electronics at the component level. Electronics has been my hobby since i was 10yrs old, my first build was a crystal radio. I have a hobby machine shop and woodworking shop, and a collection of old tech, mostly phones. I recently “found” the nagra. They made/make some beautiful stuff, the combination of electronics and machinery spins my top. So i have bought a couple of Nagra 3 and some accessories. They are nice to look at, but i like everything i collect to function properly. The lack of a complete users and service manual for such a fine machine dismays me. I have collected a lot of information online as noted above, and have enough info to repair my machines current problems. Compiling a service manual including PCB layouts, schematics, circuit descriptions, test voltages, variations, etc. is feasible but a huge undertaking if from scratch. And then there is alignment, EQ and Bias, all of which I have only a basic understanding of and will need to learn.

 Much of what i seek may be sitting in someone’s files unused, and I seem to be 5-10 years late to the party. I’m willing to pay for copies and shipping. But then, once I have made this manual, would anyone be willing to pay $10 or $20 for a copy? Would they immediately scan and post it to the internet? I wonder if the old saying “there’s no fool like an old fool” applies to me on this project? Thanks again for your reply.

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Aloha, thanks for your reply. Contact TREW audio in LA. They have many years experience with Nagras. Some time ago an employee broke away from Trew and specializes in Nagra repairs, his name I recall was Forester. They could direct you to him.  Since he works on Nagras  he would probably have the info you need. Happy Thanksgiving and happy searching.

Aloha, more Nagra info. Contact Trew audio in Nashville, TNN. ( Jake Garrett ) There was a full time Nagra employee when Nagra had an operation in Nashvville. This person may have all the data you are looking for. Cheers

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