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RRC 2054 Batteries with Audioroot charger


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RRC used to be a lot cheaper than Audioroot a couple years ago at large industrial resellers (60€ difference or more). So I decided to get RRCs instead of the (back then) new Neo batteries, which don't have a good reputation. The RRCs work like a charm with my Audioroot chargers and are as reliable as the original Audioroots (Inspired Energy). Unfortunately they went up in price, but still slightly cheaper than Neos. Afaik no company ever made restrictions with their smart batteries or charges, so every 2054 style battery works with every 2054 style charger.

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Great to know, thank you!! Indeed, RRC are not much cheaper compared to the Neos, but I rather see them in competition to the original Audioroot version with the 5 segment capacity bar: those are still available at a pricepoint of +100€ compared to  RRC.

Frankly I just hate the need to shake each Neo battery only to distinguish between full and emtpy, with an average of 10+ batteries used during the day it sums up to lots of stupid shakes to keep the overview! For worse, the tiny OLED disply forces me to put on glasses for a proper readout as well. That is why I'd prefer to go with RRC.

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